Chris6878's journal.

Speed day
bs 2x10 2x20 2x30 2x40 2x50
MEd ball over head throwsx 5
Felt good today. It was cold out so that didnt help. I have been off of creatin for about a week and I feel less tight and lighter.
Times were ok nothing special. 4.0 for 30, 5.0 for 40 and 6.03 for 50. I wanted to go under 6 for 50 but it wasnt to happen. I have been working on driving to damn near 50m. I dont come up into transition until about 40-45. I know this race pattern may not yeild great indoor times but for the 100 it may be something special.

WEight room
pclean-3,2,2,2,3 185,225,225,225,225 got a burst of energy on the last set
squat 3x4 315,365

10x100 and abs

You should be sick of training.

trust me i am. I have a meet next week outdoors. I just hope its not freaking cold.

Spec end
2x10 2x20 bs warmup
2x30 bs
Med ball over head back.
FElt good today. The wind was swirling. The starts felt great. The 170s were pretty good. I had to drive through the wind on the curve.
WEight room
pclean 3x185 .5x225 lol I called it quits after that.

Good luck…

Thx. I am doing a lil taper before the meet. I found a massage school for 25 bucks im gonna check out. How was your last meet

Been lazy with my journal
Cold as shit. when it is cold my achilles kills me.
2x10,2x20 warm up starts.
2x30, 2x40,2x30mf 30m easy
THis was a garbage day. Too cold to get any real work in.
No weights just went home

Cold tempo
weight room
BP 3,3,2,2 225 225 250 250
pull down
row, abs and push ups

Meet saturday. So I did a few starts and runs
2x30 bs 1x30 stand 1x60 stand.
WHen I got to the 60 the temp dropped and My legs got a lil tight. SO I didnt push it too much
pcleans-3,3,2,3 135,185,225,225. THe 135 and 185 were just watm ups

tempo 10x100
and a massage


2/19 off

2/20 meet
60 in 7.1
I felt good. But in my race I panic-ed and came out my drive too early. I have been working on driving to about 40 meters. I came up at about 30. I also just watched the race and noticed that I came out the blocks left to right. I lost some time there also. At about 30 I was in 5th place. My gears started kicking in about 50 and I amde it up for 3rd. IF that was a 100 im sure I would have won. Oh well. First meet. Im not too mad.

Damn man, what was your goal?

I heard you got blown out in the 60 and 200, is this true??

To get a meet in before my first 100 in 2 weeks

Cool, mission accomplish.

Exactly what I said happened in my post is what happened in the 60. The 200 is another story. First 200 in 2 years. Haven’t even ran it at practice yet this season. To tell you the truth I was scared to feel that burn. So I didnt run like I should have. I plan on running the 200 for most of the season this year. Havent done that in 5 years. Just wanted to get the feet wet. BUt Yea I got blown up in the 200 but I didnt come in last. Im not one of those athletes that are Lie about results or make excuses. I tells the truth.

23.42, you have been doing speed end work for months now. Not a bad start, keep working bro.

Yea It was terrible. lol This was one of those meets that make you really get serious about training, diet and, therapy. I need to drop about 8 pounds and im gonna start banging out 200 spec end days. I want to get down to 21.5 by june. Today’s 200 took the fear out. Now Im ready to get it!

So was the 60m 7.18 or 7.08, my boy likes to play jokes a lot.

NAw it was a hot 7.1. I would upload the video but stevie wonder did the taping. It was a bad technical race. Maybe it was the first meet jitters. who knows.

HAd something I haven had in a while. Sweat. It was about 75 today. My tempo session felt great. Even though my legs were a lil sore.
lat pull 10,10,8,8
row 10,8,8,6
120 pushups

5x100 warm up

spec end
felt great today.
2x10 2x20 bs
I ran these 200’s faster than I did at the meet sat. lol I felt real good today. It started to rain so I didnt get my plyo’s in.

Weight room
pcleans-3,3,2,2,2 135,185,225,225,215
I was supa weak on my cleans. I barely got the last set of 225. I had to drop the weight.
I didnt have time to do anything else. The schools closed the weight room.

That 200 time will drop fast with some SE training. I’ve been the same way in the past, afraid to run any SE further then 150 in practice and just got to the 200m races scared as hell. The training will make a huge difference.

[QUOTE=syrus2001;231347]That 200 time will drop fast with some SE training. I’ve been the same way in the past, afraid to run any SE further then 150 in practice and just got to the 200m races scared as hell. The training will make a huge difference.

I disagree.