Quickest American footballer

What happened to Darrell Green??? :slight_smile:

gilbert brown? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that Rossum is the current holder of the NFL’s fastest man. He blew away the field this year. Darrell Greene has retired but I think was allowed to compete in this year’s NFL fastest man competition and still showed well.

I’m no sprinter or sprint historian, I just find this stuff interesting. But, I would bet that Hershel’s 5 fastest times in the 100 meters are consistently better than Bo’s fastest times. Wasn’t Herschel a member of the 1980 US Olympic 4X100 meter team that did not compete due to the Olympic boycott? If my memory serves, Stanley Floyd was the man back then.

Herschel also gave bobsledding a try.

As much as I like Herschel, I do not think he was one of the top 4 guys for the US in 1980. I think he was barely one of the top collegians.
Regrettably, both Bo and Herschel fall into that great “What if” category when it comes to sprinting.

Interesting point about Herschel as I saw him lose some collegiate meets. So how did he end up on the Olympic team? I was kind of young then so I don’t remember. As I recall, the 4th place finisher in the Olympic trials was usually the alternate for the 100 meters and the 4th member of the 4X100 team. Did Herschel finish 4th at the trials that year? I believe he would have been coming off of his freshman year at UGA, having played one year of football and running track for one collegiate season. Is this right?

i remember a guy, Bates, who finished 3d (200 m) in Barcelona

As I indicated earlier, I’m a huge Herschel fan. But, according to t&f news, Herschel was not in the top ten in the US in 1980. In fact, he was not the fastest AT HIS SCHOOL.
Having said that, Herschel did finish behind Stanley Floyd in a 50 yard dash in which Floyd did 5.22 while Herschel did 5.29.

In terms of quickness I would have to go with Vick.

Here are some vids.




Football players usually are not getting timed coming out of starting blocks, wearing spikes on tracks, don’t forget the difference that makes.

Most people forget that Moss was the M.A.C. conference 200 meter champion. I definitely think it was his long stride personally. Some others to mention: Tim Dwight, Terry Glenn, Joey Gallaway, Santana Moss, Steve Smith. These are all guys of recent. My all time favorite is still Deion. Best story of all time, supposedly he got timed in jeans (he just showed up for a meeting with the cowboys) and ran 4.19 handtime.

don beebe ran a 6.1x FAT in the 55 dash at Chadron State. Some other 6.6 60 meter guys in the NFL are warrick dunn, allen rossum, deangelo hall and ahmad carroll just to name a few. and football was first, track came second. just imgine how fast they could be if they were track only !!

jeremy bloom beating ahman green, charlie garner
and others


Don bebee racing Mike Powell and others in the 100 yard dash


anyone faster than chris johnson these days? ever? a guy like jeff demps looks amazingly fast on film, but thats against college defenses obviously.

Many have been in the past and currently. CJ is overhyped

I think Johnny Knox deserves a mention?. A legit 4.25 at the 2009 combines.


Deion running 4.19. Wasn’t that speculative?, or Bo running a 4.05?.

To go from a 4.25 to 4.05, I can’t envision that.

deion also ran a 4.5 … backwards


deion butler runs 4.28 with the wrong hand up… what does charles davis mean about “the athlete who holds his top speed the longest has the best time…” Seems incorrect to me. Its only 40 yards, 30 yards of that is acceleration. unlikely that they cannot hold their speed for the remaining 10 yards…

Timing cornerbacks in backwards running might really be relevant.

Charles Davis made a ridiculous comment. What guys at those levels -4.2/4.3/4.4 and somewhat above that are slowing down at 40y?

just another guy talking out his ass. unfortunately he’s on national tv!!