Quickest American footballer

Since I live in the UK and don’t know so much about Football, I was wandering if anyone who is knowlegable about the sport could tell me who was the quickest over 10-20-30 Yards???.. Who had the best Acceleration???..

One name that gets thrown about alot is Jerry Rice.


That’s some question!!!

It could be anyone …
True maybe Rice - but what about …
The Juice?
The Legendary Sweetness?

Here’s something for Xlr8 and others to comment on …

The most successful football players where not necessarily the fastest but the quickest, i.e. the fastest to react.

Comment …

Michael Bennett has run a 9.90 100m. Jerry Rice isn’t very fast compared to other players. Randy Moss has reportedly run a 4.19 forty according to old coach Dennis Green.

Didn’t really know that Jerry was known for his speed.

Bennett, Moss

Barry Sanders: One of the quickest
Deion Sanders: Fast
Bob Hayes: Also, one of the greatest sprinters of ALL times.
Bo Jackson: Quick, powerfull, fast
OJ Simpson: Olympic 400m (45s) sprinter
James Trapp: Recorded 10.1f.a.t. sprinter
James Jett: Recorded 10.2f.a.t. sprinter

Only 39 people have run a sub10 100m -ALL were specialized world class sprinters. In Michael Bennett case, either:

  1. He ran the 100YARD in 9.90, and not the 100METER. Or
  2. He ran a WIND-AIDED (2.1/5.0+) 9.90.

OFFICIAL Sub10’s are extremely rare -even for sprinters- and should not be arbitrarily assigned.

I would look at the great running backs if you are interested in fastest times over a burst of 10 or 20 yards. My choices would be:

  1. Barry Sanders
  2. Bo Jackson

There is an interesting story about Pittsburgh RB Franco Harris and WR Lynn Swann. Word was that over the 40, Lynn Swann would regularly destroy Franco but was incredibly frustrtated because Franco woud always beat him to 10 or 20.

All of the muscle mass that running backs carry is highly conducive to first step explosion and short sprint times but it works against them as you move towards top speed.

Interestingly enough, the one test that was found to correlate most highly with football success was not the 40 yard dash, but the vertical jump.

Does TD figure anywhere guys?

Originally posted by no23
Does TD figure anywhere guys?

TD…Terrell Davis? He didn’t have the ‘suddenness’ that someone like Barry Sanders did and I think that suddeness is a expression of the explosion over 10 yards.

One other point on the older players …
I guess the game has changed too - for example in the way that Payton rarely avoided anyone preferring to rather beat opponents with pure speed and if not he didn’t mind taking (or giving the hit) and refusing to run out of bounds.

Not too many now have the same attitude …


Your story about Swan and Harris reminded me of another story regarding Franco Harris. When he was getting close to breaking Jim Brown´s record for rushing yardage, it was said that they couldn´t have a head to head 40 yard challenge race because Franco would always run out of bounds before he got to 40!!:smiley: :smiley:

Is TD Tony Dorsett? He was pretty explosive.

I was meaning Terrell Davis … but Sanders seems like the man getting the popular vote…

on the track and when a stopwatch is concerned i would have to differ to the other members on the board. But as far as on the field speed is concerned my choice would have to be Bo Jackson.
when he got into the open field or got one step from someone it looked like he got sling-shotted (if thats a word) past everyone, just pure explosion!

How fast is Micheal Vick?


you took the words out of my mouth.

mike vick is arguably the quickest.

hershel walker ran a low 10. 100m back in the day.

Darrell Green


Green was all-state in track and all-city in football at Jones High School in Houston. He has won the “NFL Fastest Man” competition four times over such notable track stars as Willie Gault, Ron Brown and Herschel Walker. Green earned the title of World’s Fastest Athlete" in 1991.

College Highlights
Green is legendary at Texas A&I, where he was named to the Football Coaches All-American Division II team with 56 tackles and four INTs in 1982. He was the Lone Star Conference Defensive Player of the Year. He had 76- and 96-yard punt returns for TDs as a senior. Also a legend on the track, his 10.08, 100-meter time was second behind Carl Lewis as a senior.

i was for Bo in flat out on the field speed, when considering quickness also, it opens up a whole new debate.
anybody heard the myth of the bo jackson and H. walker race? i love that story

without a doubt vick

bo was fast and when you consider the mass he carried (and how he carried it) imagine the force of impact?

bennett to me is a flat out joy to watch. he admits that hes not a track guy, hes a football player that ran track. too bad hes out for the season…

carson thats such a funny but true story about harris.

I have watched many NFL games live…Vick and Barry were impressive…I liked Deon’s smooth hips and Jerry seems to change angles without any sign of slowing down.

athlete was is the myth of the Bo Jackson Herschel Walker race?