Chris6878's journal.

speed day
Felt sore still. My achilles has been killing me for the last 2 months.
Decent session
My achilles is affecting my running. I need to get some therapy.

weights- pcleans-3,2,2,2 185,225,235,235
stiff dead- 3x6x225

My weight session was better than my track session.

5x200 4x100
push ups

Man I cant wait for my maintenance phase. I think all this is taking its toll on my body.
spec end day
1x150. I was gonna do 2 but the hamms and achilles was flairing up. Plus the time was terrible. I also did some platform jumps into the highjump mats x8.
WEight room
hang clean 5x135 .5x185 I was done after that. I couldnt even get 185. I was done.

Don’t be silly, trash your plan and do what your body is telling you.

Well some is my fault. I havent been stretching after practice and doing all the recover techniques I should be. I just started hitting the sauna and takin epsolm salt baths. My energy is good just havent been 100% in a while. I am gonna see how I feel at practice today. Then I am gonna do a real recovery week. With lots of therapy.

bs 20,30,40,50 I wanted to do more but the achilles was killin me.
Med ball plyos.’
Weight room-pcleans, squat, gm

12/21 weight rooom and tempo

12/22- saw the chiro and my stretch guy.
12/23 went to my parents house 3 hours away. hopped out the whip and did some tempo 1500m. abs.
12/24- I had planed on doing some starts and a 150 but they replaced the only rubber track in the city with a nice new road track. with new lines. I hate this city. Ended up doin med ball plyos. overhead x10, double triple and single 5 each.
Weight room-I had a good session in here.
Pclean-4,3,3,2 185,225,225,225,225
squat-4x4 365,385
Bench-6,5,4,8. 185,225,225,225 last set I felt strong so I kept goin. I was about to knock out 10 but I didnt have a spot.

bp 3x2x2x225
arnold press
pull down
row and pushups

speed end
felt decent. my achilles are still bothering me.

weight room
hclean 3,3,2 185 185 185
squat- 4x4 365,385
gm 8,8 185

12/30 rest

3x30 bs
3x80m 50hard 30 maintain
med ball-overhead x5 squatx5 single hop x5
Felt good today. This was a resistance day because of the amount of wind.

weight room.
pclean- 3,2,2 185,225,225
squat 4,4 385
I was tired after that. Had nothing left.

tempo 5x200
weight room
bp-3,3,2 225,225,245
pull down and row 3x8
push ups 120

Be careful with that wind bro it will fuk you up…

YEa I didnt push too hard in it. I just worked my form.

Speed day
2x(30,40,50) bs. DOnt remember all the times but I did run a 5.8 50. My boy said I caught a flyer. I think I would have gotten away with it. lol
2x50 20e 30fast. Timed the 30 at 3.2
5x overhead throw, squat throw, double and triple hop.

Felt pretty good today. It was cold out so I am pleased with the times.

The cold is hitting the dirty south, and it’s taking a toll on my body.

Yea Its bad. I had to change my workout time yesterday to wait for more sun. I dont know what ima do tomorrow. have to run with sweats on the whole time.

HAd a spec end day planned. That changed as the temp dropped. Cold weather and sore achilles dont mix. I warmed up and did about 5x10m bs and packed it up. The swirling wind and cold air influenced my decision.

Weight room
HC 3,2,2 185 I went to 205 but it wasnt as clean as i liked so i dropped back to 185
Squat-2x4 365 warmed up with 2 sets of 225 and 315
stiff dead-2x6x185
stretch and home

So cold!

Weight room
Bp 2x3 225
pull down, row 3x8
abs and 120 pushups

Sped end day.
3x30 bs felt good considering the cold
3x80m 60fast 20 maintain. Felt good on these also. Because of the cold I didnt try to run all out. I never took my warm ups off.
Med ball
5x superman 5x behind overhead. Temp started droppin so I left.
WEight room-
Im in a maitenance phase until feb
pclean-2x3x225- I felt real good i=on the second set. Got some great pulls.
squat- 4,4 225,315. I guess the cleans and track took its toll. I was just warming up but the 315 felt supa heavy so I called it a night.

Had a tempo day but some things came up. I decided to hit the wii fit for an hour. Shit was tough.

spec end
planned workout was 3x30 bs and 2x160. That didnt happen
Finished the 30’s. not good times at all. Then I hit a 160. Bye the time i got to the 160 my toes were getting numb from the cold weather. Ran the 160 in like 19 secs lol. I called it quits. THe temp was just dropping more and more. I never broke a swat once during the whole workout.

WEights were better. nothing special
hclean 3,2,2 185 195 195
squat- 4,4 365
I cant wait for the warm weather to return

5x200,5x100. Not bad. legs tight from yesterdays workout.

Pretty good day
4x30- 3.78,3.75,3.66,3.69
3x80 60f20maintain-8.7,8.8,8.7
med ball throws x5 and I was kaput
My legs felt a lil tight and heavy but I was running pretty fast. Took alot out.
WEight room
Pclean 3,3,1 215 225 235

I couldnt do anything else. Felt good about today. Cant wait for first meet

Awwwwwww, you boys cold down there? LOL!! Come up to Pa, (although this winter has been mild this year).