100mph Pitcher's and Top Javelin Throwers

Insane core strength.

Maybe. It will be intertwined…

But I still personally feel core & rotational strength is a greater benefit & obviously good technique.

So maybe you could outline what type of program you would provide for a thrower and maybe the percentage of rotational exercises and repetitions compared to traditional strength training exercises.

Also consider doing hundreds of reps of rotational work each week along with throws. At what point is it too much and traditional strength work must take over

Actullay, top european throwers don’i perform many rotational movements, except for actual throwing, or loaded implement, heavy ball and med ball training.
Usual exercises are pullovers, bench presses, snatch, squat, cleans.
Sprints and bounfs are also abundant.

Number 2 i agree. I am a competitive long driver. I got caught up in all the rotational stuff and all it resulted in a slower swing speed and a sore back. I have gone back to the classic lifts and have returned back to form. You can do barbell twists all day, but at the end of the day it doesn’t compare to an explosive overhead shot put throw and oly lifts

Hence “lots” of rotational training. Don’t forget to add all the “gymnastic” iso holds, tightening/activating of the MAJOR deep muscles of the core etc. Which carries over.

Where is the power generated?. Core.

Awesome core strength/speed of core rotation has too have the biggest impact, surely. Look at the position/direction of his body/bellybutton as he releases the javelin. Its almost straight left. There is a lot of of torque there in that part of the body.

Go back & do standing Russian twists with a 25lb-50lb plate. 4-5 sets x 20-30 reps.

Come back & tell me that hasn’t increased rotational speed (given you a even badder back :D) & generating more speed in your golf swing, club & clubhead speed.

<<< 1 handicap golfer here (when I was playing competitively) :).

Barbell twists? You boys are crazy. Probably damn heavy too.

The med ball stuff is usually…multithrows…rarely used side throws
No rotational lifts…actual throws…well…Its their job, not a supplemental lift.
Everything you steressed except med ball ( I’d say 95% front back heaves), is just a variation of competitive exercise…so…nothing fancy…rotational stuff.

can I take advantage of you research?
In the sense of some interesting links.

Svincenz, you can find some interesting articles on athleticscoaching.ca and on the fidal archives on CD of Atleticastudi.
Plenty of med ball work, both front and back heaves , but also overhead.( lateral rotational work usually limited)

There was some info on athletics canada somewhere, not sure where i spent so much time on it. Also read a DDR book on track and field on their training for throwing events. Along with scanning google searches for workout templates.


Thanks guys.

Or maybe it could be because some coaches don’t want to open the “vault” to others. And who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

“Every athlete and fitness junkie spends their life searching for the magic bullet in training. It’s like walking to the end of the rainbow in search of the pot of gold”.

All great athletes & coaches have there little secrets. I reckon Charlie kept some hidden.

Closed doors???Very easy to see top athletes training.—

If Usain had a gym in his home, would you see him training in his gym?.

If If,…you can see MVP members if you want., Racers akso .John smoths practice are open,…so are most …just go to jamaica or italy in summer…we were talking aout throwers…it happens to share the facilities with top athletes if you are an athlete or a coach.

I don’t believe there are training secrets…at least so far. It is interesting to see how others organize training however and there are things to be learned there it seems. But like Ato said, “everybody does overdistance, big whup.”

Usain ain’t hitting the weights in a home gym.

The only secret you may see behind closed doors is something we can’t talk about on here.

I’m wasn’t referring to weight training.

Whatever dude.

Usain is drinking guiness and playing xbox at home. Plus he’s an outlier not even close to a norm.

His secret is his natural gift. He isn’t doing some kickboxing and yoga and if he is it’s like numbertwo said it is low intensity trash work to burn calories and recover. His meat and yams is out there on that grass field and track. It’s not in the dojo or weight room.

Keep chasing that Holy Grail.

Look at every great program they all keep it simple. Even one of the more scientific guys like Pfaff when you see his workouts and progressions it is simple logical progression.

At your peril.