Sprinting Naturally: Are Sprinting Technique Cues Really Necessary?

Are there any downloads like this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Qavd0BskA

man the dude in the vid talks way too damn much lol

also I didn’t like his explanation of trying to ‘flick’ your heal up, however, is explanation of dorsi and general technique wasn’t bad

Were lucky at the mo in the UK, there is a lot of courses and lectures for sprints coaches with a lot of downloads and vid’s to enable coaches like myself understand not only what the ‘technique’ should be but also how to teach the progressions.

which reminds me I still need to get hold of a few of the downloads from this site lol

lol he does talk to much and I don’t like the flick your heel quote either…It should be more like there is a rubber band attached from your ankle to the insertion point where your glutes and hamstrings meet.


ok thanks John

It once more gets back to the first forum hind brain vs fore brain discussion…
So taking one step further how do we move from (relatively slow) fore brain actions to (fast) hind brain patterns? And what makes us stay there,in the end?

Your system has been by design of the British Federation who a few years ago hired one of Charlie’s former athelete’s ( worked with Charlie pre 1988) away from a successful program in Edmonton Alberta. The Canadian Federation were not providing ample funds or support or interest for this coach. Post 1988 this person worked closely on several occassions with Charlie going through training and coaching and trouble shooting. The coach then hired another key person ( from this site ) recommended by Charlie directly. None of this has been an accident.

The heel flicking cue is weird. I try to get into dorsi flexion out the gate. I have noticed in the past weeks of training that by doing this it becomes locked in and I dont have to even worry about it during transition. Once im am up and running tall the dorsi plus the knee lift automatically stops me from have the backside mechanics. MY cues are make first two arm pumps explosive out the blocks and dorsiflex. After the drive phase I gradually get taller and then i start to march.

I like that way of thinking. I just pick my foot up and put it back down. I guess I have focused on the step over the knee drive down cue so long that it is starting to become automatic.

A great deal too much information in this 12minute clip.
This coach means well. He is no doubt better than many.
Way too many ques as well and I don’t think I found one that made any sense what so ever.
I am trying to understand how the heck the athlete or anyone keeps track of those ques.
Proper drills are intended to put the learning as an invisible quality. If too much thinking goes on this is where coaches and the athletes run into problems.

So true…This is what lead me to so many problems before…Sprinting is very complicated from a scientific standpoint but our subjective sensations should make it seem relatively easy so with that being said I think he got caught up in the moment of demonstrating and trying to teach too much in a limited amount of time…This is what I took from it: Better posture equals better mechanics, poor posture equals poor mechanics, and you must step over high enough to be able to drive down with more power.

This computer has no sound card because I have a hearing problem.

The dude is showing nothing I haven’t seen before.

has he coached anyone.

well based on what he was trying to convey he is bettter than 90% of most hs and college coaches. I didnt learn about the correct sprinting positions until i discovered this site. No coach i ever had mentioned anything about how to run. Just hold a watch and give out workouts.

I totally agree with you Chris…I never knew about limiting backside mechanics or step over drive down.

Ange, its a big shame that Charlie carried a stigmata as its clear his knowledge was greater than 99% of all coaches. Its good in some way though that through things like this is knowledge can be shared.

Loren Seagrave, has been a ‘go to’ guy a lot recently in the UK, we also have a sprints master class next weekend if there is anything worth sharing I will post it

Yep so true…Hopefully you have some good info to share…I would greatly appreciate and I’m sure everyone else will too.

What I saw was a demonstration of what a slowmo video will show with Asapha and Usain at top speed. What I don’t see is reference to what they are doing to achieve the visual.

I’m like you guys, I like that way of thinking. I was never taught the heel flick. Running tall like you guys said stopped me from having backside mechanics.

Exactly!..this is a great discussion…I would like to hear more 1st hand experiences from what other athletes are feeling when they sprint not what the think they are doing…