Coming back from chronic achilles

Tuesday circuit

Wed circuit 8x40 blocks 90%

Thursday & Friday circuit


felt very stiff during warm up- felt fine once warm.

mondo (light gates and on high speed camera)
10x40 blocks
first 20 hard and sub max 20-40

20 2.97, 20-40 2.3 first 20 hard next 20 switched off.

5x5 verticals

I think he was referring to the fact that you described this time as a 95% effort. If 22.8 e was 95% of your max effort you’d be in 21.7 e shape right now.

Frid 6/5/11 dynamic day bench

sat 7 /5/11

acceleration 10x3,30x1, skipping drills 10x10 barefoot

sun 8/5/11 rest

mon 9/5/11

mondo SOPAC

skipping drills 10x10
1x200 29
10x100 75%
1x100 bend 12.4
1x400 75%
3x60 90%

Tues 10/5/11 recovery circuit

Wed 11/8/11 back squats dynamic 100 kg x2x2 , deadlift 140x5,170 x3, 190x2 , dynamic bench 120x2x2

terrible weather in Sydney at the moment, very windy and cold. I will have to adjust workouts as per conditions.

Will do track sessions on Mon, Thur, Sat,- intergrated with circuits and max strength & dynamic strength day

Thur 12/5/11 grass

circuit- good mornings 5x10
skipping drills 10x10, low intensity hops/bounds 5x5
400,300,300 42s, 200,

Frid 13/5/11 circuit

Sat 14/5/11 grass

windy and cold , felt stiff and heavy during warm up
skipping drills 10x10
400x2 strides , 1x300 39.2,
10x5 blocks, 40x3 blocks
low intensity bounds/hops standing long/ triple

Mon 16/5/11 grass

skipping drills 5x10
2 min run, 4 min run
20x3x3, push out blocks x4
1x300 41 , 60s recov 1 x 200 26

b) circuit
20 minutes Treadmill, increased speed every 1min, last min 18km hr.

Tues 17/5/11

deadlift 2x 140, 160,180 felt easy-
high snatch pulls 60x5x3
not lifting to hard right now, legs are under heavy load- achilles feeling good.
skip drills 10x5
treadmill 20 minutes , interval 15 minutes 70% 1:1 work to rest , last 5 minutes continuous 50%

Wed 18/5/11

-warm up
-vertical hops 5x5

Thur 19/5/11

-skipping drills 5x10
-starts 10x4, 40x6

  • dynamic day , bench 100x5x5
  • various abs
  • calf raise 10x6x80

Fri 20/5/11 rest

Sat 21/5/11

A) grass
skipping drills 5x10
starts 40m x5 4.40- windy wet and thick grass
1x300, 1x400 in flats 70%

B) circuit


A) synthetic
skipping drills 5x10
1x300 flats 70%
starts, 3x 10,20, 30, 4.04
11 min run + 6 min run

Lower back was felt tight during 11 min run, towards the last 2 minutes feet started to feel heavy, over all Achilles feeling good and legs still feel fresh.

b) circuit

Mon 23/5/11

A) 5 min run + 5 min run 60%
skipping 15minutes

B) dead lifts 4 x80,100,140,170, pullovers 30x10x3,

Tues 24/5

power cleans + power snatch 70% 3 reps x 8 sets

Wed 25/5


Frid 29/5

inline 40 minutes

Sat 28/5

circuit -
dead lifts stopped at 170 felt stiff
2km easy run
short hills 40x5

Sun 29/5

a) 4km fartlek, felt good over last 1km

b) 3/4 power cleans, power snatch, no knee bend, 70% 3x5, calf raises 80x10x3

racing over 300 in late July, approx 7 wks out.

Mon 30/5

3/4 power snatch no knee bend 70% 3x3

treadmill 15 degrees continuous 20 minutes 7kmhr

31/5 Tue

25 km cycle
20m various core work



2/6 Th

deadlifts 180x3 felt very easy
30 min treadmill 15 deg 7k hr



4/6 Sat

2km fartlek, 2k cont 5 min k pace

5/6 Sun

45 min treadmill 15 deg 7kmhr

6/6 Mon

Two hard days over the W/E, will be giving 48 hrs for legs to recovery. Upper circuit today

7/6 Tue

Boxing 45 minutes, cardiovascular fitness starting to feel good.

  • pullovers 3x10x30kg
  • lat raise 3x10x30kg

Wed 8/6

25 min run medium intensity 5 min k pace
8x100 15 sec recovery
circuit- high volume of triceps extension to failure

felt good during run, legs were gone at the end.

Thur 9/6

upper body circuit

Th 9/6

deadlifts 180x3, pullovers 3x10x40,

Fri rest

Sat rest

Sun 12/6

45 minutes 15 deg treadmill, 4kg weight vest
standing CR 3x15