Coming back from chronic achilles

Came 4th the comp.

I haven’t updated my TJ for a while. I had a MCL strain from a butterfly fall whilst playing Ice hockey- Not serious I played 7 days later, however out caution I decided not to run track until April 2010.

Monday Speed skating repeat 500s x5

Tuesday Ice hockey game

Saturday Ice hockey training ( power)

Friday Speed skating repeat 1500x 5


Ice hockey training 4 hrs

Sunday Ice hockey game

Weights 6 sessions per week.

spent some time in Canada Vancouver playing Ice hockey

Back in Sydney, in very good shape just did’nt need race last season.

20th April

5am up
midday circuit full body
5pm track mondo
12x40 acce 90%
1x60 1x80 max blocks

focus was on stride length mid race

felt good for first 50m
6pm circuit full body
8.30 pm bed

same sleep patterns as 20th
no soreness after speed session yesterday, first time in years

I am doing back to back speed days- Tues & Wed, Sat & Sun
Thurs Friday, Tues no track ( lower leg circuits with compound exercises emphasis on good muscle pump)

Goes against CF grain but works for me.

21st April
midday circuit full body
pm track mondo 90 % 40x 6, 80x 3

22 & 23rd Thurs & Friday as per program circuits

Sat 24th/4

mondo track
40x6 90% 60x 2 blocks

Sun 25th/4

no track today ( hammis little bit loaded)
inline hockey 45minutes
randy couture circuit + single leg press 5x10 70kg
vertical jumps 5x5
standing long 3.30

Monday 26/4

good decision to skip track yesterday
inline hockey 45 minutes

hills 30x3 ( 4.2, 4.1 4.1 ) 2x70
1x180 95% 20.7 on grass

So you are in 21.5 shape for a 200m at the moment?

the 180 is in straight line and on grass , if you added 2.1 for the last 20 ( I tend to die at the back end of 200) and factor in the bend + 0.2 20.7 + 2.3 = 23.0 for 200 on grass-

I would be around 22.8 e shape for the 200; my pbs for the last few years is 22.2.

I am injury free at the moment- so I should be dipping inside 22s this season.

The plan is to dip inside 50s for the 400, 22s for the 200 and 11s for 100m.

Tuesday circuit

Wed circuit 8x40 blocks 90%

Thursday & Friday circuit


felt very stiff during warm up- felt fine once warm.

mondo (light gates and on high speed camera)
10x40 blocks
first 20 hard and sub max 20-40

20 2.97, 20-40 2.3 first 20 hard next 20 switched off.

5x5 verticals

I think he was referring to the fact that you described this time as a 95% effort. If 22.8 e was 95% of your max effort you’d be in 21.7 e shape right now.

Frid 6/5/11 dynamic day bench

sat 7 /5/11

acceleration 10x3,30x1, skipping drills 10x10 barefoot

sun 8/5/11 rest

mon 9/5/11

mondo SOPAC

skipping drills 10x10
1x200 29
10x100 75%
1x100 bend 12.4
1x400 75%
3x60 90%

Tues 10/5/11 recovery circuit

Wed 11/8/11 back squats dynamic 100 kg x2x2 , deadlift 140x5,170 x3, 190x2 , dynamic bench 120x2x2

terrible weather in Sydney at the moment, very windy and cold. I will have to adjust workouts as per conditions.

Will do track sessions on Mon, Thur, Sat,- intergrated with circuits and max strength & dynamic strength day

Thur 12/5/11 grass

circuit- good mornings 5x10
skipping drills 10x10, low intensity hops/bounds 5x5
400,300,300 42s, 200,

Frid 13/5/11 circuit

Sat 14/5/11 grass

windy and cold , felt stiff and heavy during warm up
skipping drills 10x10
400x2 strides , 1x300 39.2,
10x5 blocks, 40x3 blocks
low intensity bounds/hops standing long/ triple

Mon 16/5/11 grass

skipping drills 5x10
2 min run, 4 min run
20x3x3, push out blocks x4
1x300 41 , 60s recov 1 x 200 26

b) circuit
20 minutes Treadmill, increased speed every 1min, last min 18km hr.

Tues 17/5/11

deadlift 2x 140, 160,180 felt easy-
high snatch pulls 60x5x3
not lifting to hard right now, legs are under heavy load- achilles feeling good.
skip drills 10x5
treadmill 20 minutes , interval 15 minutes 70% 1:1 work to rest , last 5 minutes continuous 50%

Wed 18/5/11

-warm up
-vertical hops 5x5

Thur 19/5/11

-skipping drills 5x10
-starts 10x4, 40x6

  • dynamic day , bench 100x5x5
  • various abs
  • calf raise 10x6x80

Fri 20/5/11 rest

Sat 21/5/11

A) grass
skipping drills 5x10
starts 40m x5 4.40- windy wet and thick grass
1x300, 1x400 in flats 70%

B) circuit


A) synthetic
skipping drills 5x10
1x300 flats 70%
starts, 3x 10,20, 30, 4.04
11 min run + 6 min run

Lower back was felt tight during 11 min run, towards the last 2 minutes feet started to feel heavy, over all Achilles feeling good and legs still feel fresh.

b) circuit

Mon 23/5/11

A) 5 min run + 5 min run 60%
skipping 15minutes

B) dead lifts 4 x80,100,140,170, pullovers 30x10x3,