Hip Height

robert griffin from baylor said running when playing football was a lot less like running through a garden like he would feel like when running on a track.

if that makes sense.

sounds like the vertical propulsion is diminished from running on grass their whole lives.

Lack of upright running, grind mentality, overdoing the horizontal component, air time is a big negative when navigating through the box, etc.

They upright run plenty when the condition etc. Its an issue of rarely, if ever, being put into proper position etc. It’s a sport of staying low, pads low. RB, I agree, nearly all starting football guys I have, both HS and college, have this problem. Only a few have not, and they were track guys in high school with sub 11 100m speed.

Good answer!

How much hip height does anybody achieve when conditioning or performing tempo, especially relative to top speed sprinting? As a matter of fact, I’d add conditioning (gassers and the like) to the list of issues compromising hip height, specifically the death march technique that typically takes hold when fatigue sets in.

Wouldn’t you say it is mainly position dependent. A lot of WR look pretty good when they are opened up. Primetime was always a pretty runner.

Maybe, many of our athletes have this issue. Could it also be a mobility issue along with all the quad dom squatting?

I think it has more to do with the nature of running in football. I see a few ball players whoi get positive hip elevation after accel phase. Most have to keep their feet close to the ground and their hips low a great deal of the time. I think it becomes a pattern. It’s like taking a 100m sprinter and putting him on a gridiron. I imagine the guy would get smashed until he learned to lower his C.O.G. Then over time I would think that once pretty running stride would get ugly. Also, as far as DB and WR looking better, I would attribute that to the fact that they rarely have to play low. It is more about what you do most often becoaming your dominant movement pattern.

You may be right but with our guys I think its more hip mobility related then anything else…

I fell you. Some of my kids are super tight. ESTI has seen some superior results with his athletes doing deep tissue work. I guess I am going to have to dust off my massage therapy license and put my steel thumbs back to action. Hate doing a lot of it, but maybe doing 20 min sessions once a week would be highly beneficial. Some of my guys look like they would trip over a 6 " hurdle. Haha

someone disagrees, they suggest i take it easy.

i often wonder wonder how much hip height a track athlete will get wearing football boots and all the padding.:wink:

And someone trying to knock their head off every rep!

and if you try running wide someone on the sideline will take you out.

Foamrolling my friend - Takes the pressure of your sore thumbs - and you can get the entire squad doing it (or how ever many rollers you have…)

My friend we are not talking about in games - offseason/combine training.

What did you decide with Brown and Furr? No indoor season?

Head coach said no, Brown is the number 1 OLB for next years draft. :wink:

I think the total accumulated time from games and practice adds up over the years. I don’t think wearing pads has much if any affect but all those reps in peewee/junior high/high scool/camps/neighborhood games constantly staying low for cutting and taking hits really adds up. Tough to get tall after all that time being low.

On a related note I was watching womens college volleyball a few months ago and noticed for taller than average girls quite a few had serious anterior pelvic tilt. My guess is all that time spent in the “athletic ready” position i.e. quarter squat over the years has had an effect on them. I’m even starting to see this in high school with the constant year round club play, I figured some girls are getting 200+ days a year in, lots of them are chronically injured too.

i assumed he meant when the players move onto the track…

My guys foam roll some. trying to get them to do yoga class at the gym. One of my guys just was made Parade All American. Guess what he does, yoga. No I am just thinking I need to get the tissue where I want it, then easy to maintain.