Plyo on EMS, also discussion on massage on EMS

This model:

have a plyo program

I know this is good quality EMS unit, but at 1250$+tx, this is not cheap at all!!!

Does someone know if such unit can be programmed to produce Plyo effect?:

Restauration massage 1-9Hrz / 15-20min / (reduction of pain 5Hrz)

EMS 6 (throwers, linemen, high jumpers) -10x10reps (If it drops off much at all, I’d go to 6 sec) width 300 35+ Hrz / Ramp 1s / ON 10s - OFF 50s

• 75-100 Hz, Maximum Force (sport event less than 30 min), fatigue resistance required, fast-twitch fibers 2a (aka intermediate);
• 100-120 Hz, Explosive strength, sport event duration of few seconds, no fatigue resistance required, fast-twitch fibers 2b.

Pulse Width duration:
• Upper Leg, 380 microseconds;
• Lower Leg, 430 microseconds;
• Abdominals, 330 microseconds;
• Pectorals, 280 microseconds;
• Arm, 250 microseconds;
• Forearm, 200 microseconds.

I have the Globus Speed Coach Plus and it works great. Although, at this point it’s mostly used for recovery and massage, it has probably the largest array of settings compared to Compex, and I believe it’s the only EMS device of this quality that is programable.

It also has up to 120 mA per channel, more available current output than any of the Compex devices I know of.

The custom “Speed Coach” model has Derek’s Sprint programing on it and the Speed Coach Plus has all the bells and whistles.
Derek has also put together a great training manual for it.

A different source with a little more information:

Also, for someone with the knowledge of proper use and a Doctors prescription, for an added $200.00 they will add the Globus Genesy 1100 programing to the Speed Coach Plus model, here is a link to the added programs:

Which, with even the added $200.00 for the extra Genesy 1100 programing, your still $50.00 less than the Compex, with much more capabilities.

Also, using the available “split cables”, allows you to effectively Double the number of electrodes on each of the 4 channels… up to 4 per channel, equaling up to 16 total electrodes used at once. This saves a huge amount of time, and for many, makes EMS possible.
With the 120mA of current available, this unit has lots of current reserves.

Thanks a lot, that was MUCH MORE than I expected

I finally bought the GLOBUS PREMIUM 200 AND the StimTec NEO Tens/EMS/IFC/Microcurrent Portable Unit at 150MA for strength, hope I will enjoy!

I got hold of a compex mi-sport device(got is relative cheap). But i am really lost and if anypone can help me with using the device properly. please help.
I would like to use it to try to get rid of my chronic stiff calf(lower part near achilles tendon), ip to now i do much self masage and 2x p/w 20 min, massage from therapist, but thats getting a bit too expensive for my wallet.
Also strength for hamstring is needed.