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The loss of homes (and life-have not heard of any yet!) is horrendous. I think most Australian cope with bush fire, as most native Australian trees need fire to regenerate. I barely slept for 3 days, as I was concerned about friends and their famrs- as no one had heard from them. Thankfully they are all fine as are their livestock and buildings (just), they just had no way of communicating to let us know.

The brilliant part is how our fellow human beings are there supporting the affected people. People are doing whatever they can, I read this morning a region in Queensland (Lockyer Valley) that was destroyed by flood last year (maybe 2011) is raising money for Tasmania (my home state) because Tasmania raised money for them. The Lockyer valley is yet to get back on its feet from the flood.

The main fire in Tasmania has been going for a week, and is not yet controlled - but it has slowed down due to wonderful effort of the fire fighters. A friend of mine down there fighting the fires said for the first 3 days they had 6 hours sleep. Thank god for our friends in other Australian states and New Zealand who have sent teams over to help.

This weekend the sports body is Hobart, is starting its appeal to help people from the sport affected by the fire, by raising money and asking them what they need to help.

That being said, I do not wish a disaster on anyone. I hope all CF members, in this case, from Australia are all okay. A few days ago Australia as a continent recorded the hottest average temperature ever of a tad over 40 degrees Celsius (I think the range was 25-45+ degrees throughout the entire country)

We will recover, but it will take time.

Just to give you a visual imagine of the fire. The cluster of buildings in the foreground is the school that was destroyed by the fire. The fire front had recorded temperature of just under 60 degrees celsuis and wind of 80km/h.

We are into the 3rd week of the GPP2

Week 1
Monday 2 x 2 x 200m; 2 minutes/reps, 40 minutes rest/set
Set 1 25.8 and 28
Set 2 26 and 29
Weights session
Triset 1 Deadlift 3 x 5 x 75, Kettlebell Swings 3 x 12 x 20kg, Hip Hinge Jumps on Box 3 x 5
Set 2 1 Arm Kettlebell Press from Bridge 2 x 3 x 20kg, Pallof Press 2 x 30 seconds each side
Set 3 Boxing Focus Bags 3 x 30 seconds

Tuesday Big Circuit

3 x 30m Sleds with 15kg, 3 minutes rest
2 x 30m, 3 minutes rest
2 x 3 x 60m, walk back/reps, 10 minutes rest/sets
2 x 40m starts, 4 minutes

Friday Big Circuit

Sunday 6 x 30 metre starts

Week 2
Monday 2 x 300+150m (first 300m pace + honest 150)
Set 1 39 + 19
Set 2 39 + 21
Weights session
Triset 1 Deadlift 3 x 5 x 77.5, Kettlebell Swings 3 x 12 x 20kg, Hip Hinge Jumps on Box 3 x 5
Set 2 1 Arm Kettlebell Press from Bridge 2 x 4 x 20kg, Pallof Press 2 x 30 seconds each side
Set 3 Boxing Focus Bags 3 x 40 seconds

tuesday Tempo 300, 500, 600, 500. 300

Wednesday to Saturday - Athlete went camping with girlfriend

sunday - No training

Week 3

Monday 2 x (3 x 50m + 1 x 300m) aim was finishing 300 pace around 40sec

Set 1 300 time 41
Set 2 300 time 40
Weights session
Triset 1 Deadlift 3 x 5 x 80, Kettlebell Swings 3 x 12 x 20kg, Hip Hinge Jumps on Box 3 x 5
Set 2 1 Arm Kettlebell Press from Bridge 2 x 5 x 20kg, Kneeling Chop and Press 2 x 30 seconds each side
Set 3 Bent Row 2 x 6 x 50, Walking Front Hold Push Up Planks 2 x 40 seconds
Set 4 Boxing Focus Bags 3 x 50 seconds

Athlete did lots of walking whilst camping, but missed his speed session.

The Week 4 Monday session is being replaced by a Handicap carnival. He is entered in 3 events, 100m, 100m, and a 300m, so he will get between 3 and probably 5 races instead of the planned session.

Athlete is starting to understand that we have not done much specific speed work, and have been concentration (trying to) on maximum speed and back end 400m speed. I am hoping the plan means he is hitting 400 personal bests by State Champs. To make the final you will need to be running sub 53 - his pb is 53.63 - based on last years results.

I really loved Australia as did Charlie and we knew the southern part was suffering from a drought which I am pretty sure has not changed.
It is hard to imagine how mother nature can make life very difficult for some people and it’s pretty cool how when the going gets tough some of the tough get going.



Start of two athletes.

cant see the vid…:frowning:

I am not surprised, that is the sort of thing that happens with me :wink:

I will see if I can find another way of doing it - although I might put up a better effort of the athlete next time.

Yesterday he run in a handicap racing for the first time. He run off the novice mark, and was behind a number of people faster then himself. The good things is he wasn’t blown out of the water, and nearly made the semi in the main race. He finished about 2-3 seconds behind a 49 second 400 runner who started 2 metres in front of him. My guy has a pb of 53.6. He also got 3 hard runs out. Once I know the times of his races, I will post.

The video is not viewable because it’s sourced from your facebook and only members of your Facebook can watch it.

I have found Facebook to output very poor video quality.

I used to use Vimeo, but it became problematic and also stopped outputing hi-resolution (I use 1080p60 video), which for a service that I was paying for, I felt that to be inexcusable.

Youtube outputs good quality video, it is easy to use, has lots of other uses and each video is as secure as you want it to be.

Yeah it is linked to facebook (I have my account as private), I will see if I can transfer some videos to my youtube account.

Your fires are really unbelievable. Here its -5 celsius.

How are you running at the moment.
what kind of shoes(spikes/trainers) what track(tartan/grass?)
I am in gpp1 wk 3 now. trying to run 300 below 40, but it isnt working for now. Could be the cold weather.

wanna be my friend :wink:

Hi Pindaman

We are 8 weeks from our Outdoor State Championships, which is this athletes focus. The handicap race he did yesterday was on lush grass, but has been racing and training on tartan with tempo on grass.

Most likely is the cold weather.

The fires have been tragic, but to give you an idea of the weather far north of Australia in Northern New South Wales and Queensland are in the middle of floods caused by ex tropical cyclone and a low pressure fronts off the eastern seaboard (I am thinking of my QLD colleagues)


I have found out my athlete is unable to compete on the 2nd day of the state championships (the 400m will be held) due to a family wedding. I want to give him a a shot at running a 400m pb before, but also allow the athlete to compete in the relays at the state championships.

Should I get him to race the 400 the week before the state championships or 2 weeks before?

Adv and Disadv of option 1

Adv - gives me an extra week in training
disadv - if he gets injured, he won’t get up for the state championships 4 x 4 relay

Adv and disadv of option 2

Adv - chance to get back from injury

  • can freshen up between 400 and state champs

Dis adv -lose a week (or more) in training

What week of training do I drop or how I do a modify training?

1 week before should not be a problem. Just cut some of the work the week after.
Why should your guy be injured, just be carefull not to push too hard in training than all should be fine

I don’t expect him to get injured. I like to control as many variables as I can for 2 weeks prior to peak comp - training in my mind is more controlable than competition.

My athlete is in white.

My athletes in in white. The guy in red has a pb of 10.95 (and started 2.25m behind), the guy in yellow has a pb of 11.9 (and start about a metre in front). My guy has a pb of 12.2. He finish about 2 metres behind yellow.

Nice grass…
in pic 1 there is no dorsiflex?

It was very lush, well watered for this event.

I didn’t notice the lack of dorsiflexion. Thanks :slight_smile: Now I will need to look at more photos to see if it happen in the whole race/day/all the time.

We made a late decision, actually before lunch yesterday, to compete today. Glad we did, good conditions 25 degrees celsius and around 1m/s tail winds

100m - 12.09
400m - 53.52

Both small personal bests, even though he competed on Sunday, Monday and did a full sprints session on Thursday.