Westside baby


Damn, they getting me crunk!!!

Yeah awesome vid. Some D1 programs could learn from this one as far as the work environment goes. These guys were pumped up to lift!

That’s a nice post, glad to see you are using this underutilized feature!

“The superior man is modest in his speech, modest in his persona, but exceeds in his actions on the world stage”.

Looks like Mizzou subscribes to the “never lift over 80%” and “never lift clsoe to failure”. :wink:

What’s with the Dinner Bell in all these videos (UCLA and now these guys).

It’s call American football. :rolleyes:

Pat Ivey:

The information that we use comes from all different sources and experts in their fields (Tom Myslinski, Louie Simmons, Jay Schroeder, and others). We’ve also looked at all of the translated materials available by Verhkoshansky, Issurin, Ajan, Baroga, Bondarchuk, Medvedeyev, Roman, and others

In my humble opinion, I think that Pat Ivey and his crew do a great job. While I have seen their program (only on paper), I hear mostly positive comments about their treatment of the athletes and the emphasis they place on training readiness and recovery methods as an important part of training.
The only part that makes me cringe is the spotting of the cleans…

With that much stimulation you should be able to lift big. Nice to see teams getting involved in training (if not a little over the top) but for the other gym users this must be a nightmare!

The Dinner Bell is supposed to be for setting new records you get to ring it if you PR. Pretty “handsy” spotting on the bench.

Maybe for this program but you can’t be speaking for all programs.

They lift hard but what grade would we give them for technique?


That’s the beauty of big-time football. There are no other gym users!!:slight_smile:

That video is nice to watch. Our gym’s intensity is equivalent to a newborn eating a cupcake.

Does gym intensity = Greatness?.

Don’t think so.

No, but it equals an atmosphere that is more conducive to maintaining training intensity and motivation in your workout.

I didnt know i was speaking for all programs. Just the two programs in question—Mizzu and UCLA. In both programs the bell is used in the same manner.

I’ve discussed it with the football players at my school. We’ve decided we are going to get a “gong” for the weight room. :stuck_out_tongue: