Special vs. Speed vs. Plain

I just had a quick question to clarify some terms i see used on the forum:

special endurance is the ability to maintain an extrememly high intensity

speed ednurance is the ability to maintain a semi0high intensity

endurance is the ability to maintain low intensity

are these right?

In general -

Special Endurance - HIGH intensity over ‘longer’ distances. For sprints - normally for longer than 15".

Speed Endurance - HIGH intensity for distances less than 15" and more than 6/7".

Endurance - depends on what your goal is … it could be longer distances at a lower intensity with shorter rest intervals.

Hope this helps??

or the same thing in distance
special enduranace 1- 150m to 300m
special endurance 2 - 300m - 600m
speed endurance - 80m - 150m

ok, thanks everyone, i guess i had special and speed endurance kind of mixed up but i think i get it now!

this does bring a question to mind that how does one train speed vs. special endurance?

For examples and explanations, see the Vancouver or Edmonton downloads.

Charlie did not make a big distinction between speed endurance and special endurance, calling both SE often. Speed would something like 6X60 with full recovery. SE would be 80+100+120, and special endurance for many people would be 200s or 300s with recovery of 15-30 minutes.

Also, everything over 80 meters or 8 seconds qualifies as sub-max.

I think its important to clarify this is For high level athletes and as tghe level of the athlete decreases so does the distance/time that coincides with their maximal outputs

is special endurance relevant at all to the 100? bc i remember reading about cf raving about bj’s excellent special endurance, yet he seems to really only be known for his 100s

Wasn’t Ben Johnson if you were referring to Special Endurance. Probably was Desai Williams who ran close to 31 seconds for a 300m rep. Ben was known for his acceleration and max velocity. His speed endurance was improving as he matured, but I wouldn’t say it was in the same ballpark as someone like Carl Lewis.

i think it was in the thread where we were trying to guess bj’s max squat. people were speculating itd be over 700, but cf said it was probably his great se that allowed him to do the 6x660 or whatever it was

it was when ben did the large volume of 60’s it was like 6x4x60 or something like that

sorry… i don’t understand which q this is answering? :slight_smile: