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FWIW, the rumor mill has it that Barwis will likely stay at Michigan. He’s been kept so far, unlike all the other coaches. Apparently the players love him and transfers could get bad if he left.

on who is coming in. A guy like Harbaugh is going to have his guy. RR has been quoted as saying that he would never go anywhere without Barwis. I would think the reverse would be true. Barwis if nothing else seems intensely loyal. As for his performance as S&C coach, I was less than impressed after all the hype. He didn’t win or lose games, but I saw very little of the supposed speed and conditioning advantage that he was supposed to give. If anything, his guys folded like cheap tents in the second half of games. That can be attributed to him to a degree. I still say he over trains athletes in a sport that it is imperative that you do not.

Barwis and staff are under separate contracts than the football staff.

While I think they are joined at the hip and MB wants to work with RR, unless he’s RR is hired this offseason, MB would have nowhere to work. So he’ll likely stay at UM at least until RR gets another job.

And the SEC West continues to dominate.

I wonder if the incoming guy would want to not have his S&C coach. I also would be interested to see how Barwis does things even if RR doesn’t get hired. He seems like a loyal guy, especially if he thinks RR got a raw deal. Will be interested to see how it plays out.

I think the last time around when Miles apparently was looked at but not offered (not sure what to believe), it was thought that Moffitt would not leave LSU since it is home for him-a La. native. Just a best guess, though.

For you guys in the coaching circles why do you say lane kiffin is a good coach. He really has very little legitimacy as a head coach if you look over his history. He reminds me of chizik except much more intelligent. Good bullshitter and recruiter. He left Tenn with substantial recruiting violations and also was a member of the USC staff that got them in trouble. He has a name and was connected to a great HC in Pete. Some seem to look at him as a Saban, Meyer or Brown. I just don’t see it yet.

If Moffitt was smart he would not follow that dumbass miles anywhere.

i guess i have no “proof” of kiffin being a good coach. He appears to be a great program leader, if you will. He’s a guy like mac brown. Very charismatic and professional. I loved listening to him speak. He knew lots of little secrets and tricks to get to the top.

Some may call that unprofessional, but cutting corners is the quickest way to the top. He said Tennessee was the most talked about program in his first off season. That leads to great recruiting classes according to him. Tennessee was a hot name. … He had a great game plan against UF.

The program in 2009 was not where it was under fulmer’s early years. I feel like Tennessee would have been a team like Miss State or even Arkansas this year had kiffin stayed.

Miles caused major drama while in ann arbor. That’s all I can say about it. As long as carr is active in program miles will not be hired.

If he is hired, it’s a sure sign that Carr’s grip is slipping. No doubt, there are those in the LC camp but Les does have a lot of supporterrs-among them many former players.

Brandon was critical of LM not being offered the last time around since he was apparently THE overwhelming choice of the board of Regents or so I’ve been told.

Someone close to the program told me there losing recruits as we speak because of the negative attention that they have gotten these past few weeks, not to mention I swore I heard Harbaugh along with a few other coaches say that U of M is not a top notch program anymore? Talk about taking a program into the crapper. Nice job Rich rod, Barwis.

When was Michigan a top notch program? They won a natl title in 1997 and before that the last one was in the FORTIES!

To me they are kind of like Notre Dame, historic but not relevant. All the historic programs that were down and back up again like Bama, USC, Oklahoma, Texas had a good deal of success in multiple decades since WWII.

Why in the world would Les Miles go to Michigan from LSU…Louisiana is loaded with talent, they are the only school in La, pretty much everyone in that State pulls for them. LSU has always been talented even when they were not winning. They use to have terrible coach after terrible coach Pre-Saban. Once Saban went there and started getting all of the talent in-state and coached them like he always does it did not take them long. Miles comes in, and for the most part maintains that talent level, not hard, however he is just not a good in game coach. Very disorganized teams and it is a year after year problem with his teams.

I hear Moffit may be heading to tenn

Why would he leave LSU?

Tenn sc took the texas job, miles is heading to michigan.

LSU fans would love nothing more than to get rid of miles. Dooley and Moffit have history so makes sense now…

Wonder who LSU gets now…

While I know some LSU fans don’t like him, there are many who don’t want to see him go.

Alleva is reportedly offering him 4 mil. with incentives getting him to, possibly, 5 mil. At least that’s what I read about an hour ago.

I haven’t met one that does like him. I spend a good deal of time in BR and their sports radio guys blast him constantly and every single call is a we want Miles gone call. Not to mention the random fans and former university employees I have run across.

Any thoughts on Stanford SC program?

Kevin Tolbert is the Head Strength Coach at Stanford University. He received his Strength and Conditioning education at University of Michigan. Mike Gittleson is his mentor as he is mine. If you watched the Stanford /Virgina Tech Orange Bowl game the other night , you know Kevin is doing an incredible job with his athletes at Standford.

As a young man he performed 23 reps with 375 lbs on the bench press and performed 30 reps with 600 lbs in the barbell squat. Kevin knows how to Get Strong.

Kevin explains, starting with blocks and starting without them are similar but they are not the same.

Start with your hand and foot as close to the line as comfortable and allowed….I mean close!
• First step should be well into the timing area
• Most powerful leg should be drive leg
• Head in normal postural position relative to spine
• Do not cock your arm
• Place hand in your pocket
• Drive leg should be at a right angle with space underneath your drive legs heel.
• You should have to fall forward
• Hips, head and spine, trail leg
• Trail leg distance minimal for quick drive forward