Go Blue

UM haters Rich crew looking good.

1-0… Keep up the great work Rich.

just a realist. Offense looked very good, but it was U Conn, not a great team. Defense looked pretty weak. U Conn did more to slow themselves than Michigan did. Was awful close to being a 24-17 game late. Robinson needs to be careful or he won’t see the end of the season. He took some pretty good shots. He isn’t Terrelle Pryor. He is about 185 lbs and they need him healthy. I would love to see Michigan become relevant again. Right now I will be cautiously optimistic. Lets see what happens over the next 4-5 games. Hopefully the Big Ten title is between Michigan, MSU, and OSU. Got a feeling Iowa and Wisconsin may have some say in that though. PSU as well.

1, Id never waste my time watching them. 2, just like speedcoach said along with a few other people UConn didnt look that good at all. 3, I did see some highlights an I always give credit where credit is due, they did look fast BUT, its only game 1 and lets not give them a bowl game yet. Wait til some teams with some size and speed come up on them and then I may think about giving them credit.

Robinson has actually gained 15lbs so he’s not 185, btw UConn was picked to win.

I agree with ESPN “UM strength and conditioning staff does a great job getting the guys bigger-faster-stronger”…

Yes and greg robinson does a great job coaching the defense.

Ok dont get me wrong ESPN reports alot of great stuff but Strength and Conditioning is something they and most people dont know alot about. Neither does U of M.

says. DR is well shy of 200 lbs. He is a strong, fast, muscular kid, but he already showed a little wear and tear at end of the game. Big 10 is way more physical then Big East. If he gets 29 runs against OSU or Wisconsin, he will get killed. I am happy they won, but they still showed a lot of holes defensively, just like WVU did under RR. They score points like they did last year, but I still saw a weak D. They certainly didn’t over power UConn, so I kind of think the strength comment is irrelevant. They showed good speed for sure. I know you and I will disagree, but I will reserve my thoughts until mid season on how good they are.

Michigan was the favorite in every sportsbook.

Wow, you looked at every sportsbook?

www.sbrodds.com hosts them all. I like to gamble :smiley:

Mich is young. If they manage not to run Rich Rod out of town they will probably win alot of ball games in the years to come. None of which will be against the Bucks of course :wink:

if the past seasons. Does anyone really think UConn can match Michigan’s talent? I thought Michigan would win, but I guess Vegas thought otherwise and that is based solely on Michigan’s past 2 seasons. Like I said, I will reserve my thoughts until they have played half of their conference schedule. Hope they are back so the OSU game actually has some suspense again.

Thank you…

Just watched the first 2 quarters of the game…has Tate Forcier played in the second half?

Can ND stop spread option today?

I’m thinking no.

2-0. The qb is the truth, I said last year he should have been starting.

I would take him at MSU over Cam Newton, Pryor, Taylor any day of the week. Run’s that style of offense perfectly.

Give Rich another 1-2yrs and U of M will have a chance at a national champ.