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Hey DR has played his ass off, but you have to be delusional to think he would start over Pryor. I am not a huge Pryor fan, but he is very difficult to defend. He is DR just bigger and more experienced. He will be facing teams with far better secondaries who will force him to go over the top, not underneath all the time. Defense still looked like crap, and this is just Notre Dame. DB’s god awful. They better all kiss DR’s behind for saving their asses. I am still going to reserve my opinion til mid Big Ten season. DR has been best player in the country, but so far team has showed little else. It’s kind of nice to see them win again , but like the Lions, I will not get my hopes up til they win against a quality team like Iowa or PSU.

Not a chance! That 3-3-5 never could stop anybody even when he was at west virginia. I’ll admit they always won 9 or 10 games at wvu but they always outscored people.

I could careless who OSU or UM or any Big 10 team starts. I am saying who I would want for one of the current teams I follow.

For my other team…I wouldn’t trade McElroy and Richardson for anybody in the country including Pryor.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get the Pryor lovefest or the Cam Newton lovefest. They are just more athletic, less accurate, less inspiring/intangible qualities versions of Tebow.

Watched the whole game…DR is amazing, but let’s see him play against a top team.I like his playing, just hope that all those hits won’t limit his game in november and so on.

but it’s 2 games into his career. It’s 2 games against 2 so-so teams. Brian Kelly is in his first season, so ND is nowhere near what they will be 3 years from now. Their secondary was weak as well. Both UConn and ND moved the ball rather easily. U of M will need to outscore everyone to win. That defense is not going to stop quality teams. Any team with a ball control offense and a strong defense is a real problem for Michigan. DR is on bench, he is no threat from there. Like I said, Pryor is not someone I think is great, but he has proven himself to be a better QB than DR over more games. He is close to as fast and twice the size of DR. Trust me, RR would be starting Pryor if he was at U of M. I think DR has a bright future if he can stay healthy. I certainly wouldn’t want my QB carrying the ball 25+ times per game. He is small and it will take it’s toll. We have seen 2 games, and we have seen him writhing on the ground in pain for 2 games. If they don’t get some run game, he is going to get killed. I am optimistic, but it is 2 games and it’s 2 games against mediocre teams. I will come on here and tell you you are correct if he does it all season. I have my doubts whether or not he can throw accurately downfield. He was way off the mark on most throws over the top yesterday. Most completions were underneath on bail coverage. What is he going to do when a good fast D plays bump and run man and puts 8 in the box and forces him to throw downfield?

All great points.

What Big10 team has a fast defense?

Don’t forget ND was without their starting QB for almost an entire half, playing a true freshman and a walk-on in his stead. And their notoriously weak defense held Michigan scoreless in the second half until the very final seconds.

DR is a great runner but his inability to pass effectively will show against better defenses. Michigan is generally uninspiring at every other position. They started 4-0 last year before ending up 5-7.

Ohio St. Did you them swarm Miami?

Damn, you guys are such haters it’s like fighting with women…

Not really, turnovers hurt Miami. Where was the speed on special teams.

Lol, slow teams don’t create turnovers.

Lol, 1) starters rarely play special teams.
2) Punt coverage overran the play (too much speed? hahaha)
3) Kick coverage missed tackles (missed tackles = slow team??)
4) Lack of conversion in the red zone prevented that game from being about 56-24.

I’m not a Buckeye fan at all but their defense is solid.

Trent Richardson would mop the floor with the Buckeye defense.

Honestly, will the OSU defense be able to get a hand on DR?

OSU is a far superior team to U of M. RB34, it’s quite obvious you love you some Wolverines. You get upset every time someone questions anything to do with U of M. I love debating with you but you are a homer if I am a hater. I raise conjecture about U of M based on fact, not dislike. 1) DR has played out of his mind. He is the sole reason Michigan is 2-0 and not 0-2. They hardly blew UConn off the field. It was a fumble away from 24-17 and awfully uncomfortable vs UConn. DR bailed them out. 2) They had to come from behind to beat ND who isn’t exactly considered a national power. Again, bailed out by DR. 3) Their defense has been atrocious. They can’t pressure the QB, they tackle poorly, and they cover like crap as well. I think DR will keep the offense rolling so long as he stays healthy. Carrying the ball 25+ times is going to cost him. He took some solid hits and according to his own coach “is banged up”. He has made some nice throws underneath, he missed most poorly over the top. When a good D, Iowa, Wisconsin, PSU, OSU play them, they are going to make him work harder to force his passes down field. He has played unbelievable, but it’s 2 games. Nobody wins the Big Ten title after 2 games. Do you not think Pryor will absolutely demolish their D when they face OSU. He is DR, just better arm and bigger with better weapons. I love when our home teams do well, but I also am not a band wagon guy. Until I see them have a winning record for a few seasons, it’s awful hard to forget the last 2. 2 wins doesn’t erase the tarnish he has put on the program. Call me a hater, I like to think of myself as cautiously optimistic.

Rb34, Like speedcoach said, no haters here, just realist. And SERIOUSLY, all U of M lovers always are SWANGING on there Nuts the 1st 3 games til they get a reality check, so STOP SWANGING.

ohio state has the best tackling defense in the nation every year since they won that national championship. That is one well coached, talented team. However, the iowa hawkeyes have the best defense in the nation this year.

Trent Richardson is a stud and I think we’ll find out in the National Championship how the Buckeye D holds up against Bama. I think Bama may be in a league of their own, however, as Pryor and the Buckeyes are wasteful in the red zone.

I see very little between Bama and another title. OSU would have a tough time. I saw some of the game with PSU and thier defense looked sick, not to mention they would punch holes through 99% of defenses with their power running game. One easy way to control explosive offenses is with great D and ball control. Saban is a master right now. Peak of college coaching. Bama leaps and bounds better than every team.

Roll Tide!

The way to get them is exploit the youth in defensive secondary imo. I actually think we may lose one because of youth mistakes in the secondary in a tight game, say on the road. Just a guy being out of position against a good QB and you’re down. BUT the Fr and So corners are very athletic and rangy. Mallett is probably the only one who can do that in the SEC but Arky defense is still suspect so it may not matter. Plus…is it really possible to go undefeated in the regular season 3 straight years…

the SEC is down overall. LSU, Florida, Tennessee, etc. I think Bama is easily the class of the league. If they apply Saban ball, grinding it out with Ingram and Richardson, with McElroy occasionally throwing to Julio Jones to keep you honest, they are awful tough to beat. Mallett is certainly a guy who can exploit any corner. He probably has the strongest arm in the country. He can fit balls in spots others can only dream of. I say they have to poop the bed to get beat. Maybe Auburn. Rivalry game, but looking pretty good. Good young QB.

If the Big10 or gasp, Pac10 is gonna do it this is the year. Bama has young D, UF is young, Tenn is irrelevant, LSU has dumbest coach in the USA. Tejas is young, Okie has young QB. Bama will be young on O next year.