KB's for Master's GPP

I’m not sure if this has been covered already but what are some of opinions on using kettlebells for GPP work?

I’m a master’s 35-39 sprinter and have found that replacing one tempo session a week with a light kettlebell snatch workout saves my legs (especially my achilles) and seems to give me the same “winded” feeling as tempo work does.

The protocol I’m using is a VO2 max protocol developed my a Kettlebell instructor named Kenneth Jay (from Europe). I basically do 8-9 light weight (only a 26 lb. KB for me) snatches with one arm every 15 seconds followed by a 15 sec. rest, then 8-9 snatches with the other arm, etc… this goes on for 10 minutes straight. I will then slowly build up to 20 minutes over time.

The thing I really like about it is it seems to work the same major muscle groups (minus the calf complex) as sprinting and really gets the heart rate up quickly.

Anyone else mess around with KB’s for tempo work??

Haven’t used KBs but weights are an especially useful tool for masters athletes where the reduced pounding is a blessing.

Im in the same age group as you… I havent messed around with kettle bells but it sounds like it would have the same effect as a light weight circut. I could def. help and as Charlie suggests the less pounding on your legs the better… I use anything for a cardio day. running in place med ball circuts (check out the med ball video in the store.) pool work is great too and some times just body weight exercises…

I have just started adding KB snatch myself as a method of tempo based training due to the cold weather and a recent injury which meant no running.
This is one example of a recent circuit which when kept at a good aerobic was good. 8 sets in total of 30 seconds of right arm KB snatch 37lbs, 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds of box jumps to 24" with step downs, 30 sec rest, 30 seconds left arm KB snatch, 30 sec rest, 30 seconds of burpees. Each exercise kept at a steady 12-13 reps per 30 seconds.

Trevor, I have also messed aroud with circuits similar to what you have mentioned. With on/off Achilles issues I have to get creative to keep my fitness levels up. Luckily, there are so many nice alternatives for the veteran or master’s athlete that can be used in lieu of tempo runs.

I know Charlie was not that concerned with measring heart rate for sprinters but I have been using a monitor for the past 2 years pretty consistently during my tempo/low-intensity days which I feel has been very helpful for me to ensure I don’t over do it on my easier days. My resting HR and blood pressure have gone down in the past year and I attribute that mostly to my tempo/easy days.