Tyson Gay / Lance Brauman Training

Am sure that rope thing requires a lot of coordination. Especially the arm swing…

Number two, Mortac8, esteemed others. :cool: I could not agree with you more. I looked at the quote on quote workout and I said THIS LOOKS LIKE HE RIPPED OFF A PERFORM BETTER CLINIC DVD OR HE BORROWED THE IDEA FROM A LOCAL S/C COACH FOR A FOOTBALL TEAM. Trust me I’ve seen alot of those same exercises used at local gyms, high school workouts, even some college workouts. Like you guys said none of what he was doin had to do with speed. Even the so-called core work was shaky. Alot of my athletes ask before we start training how come I dont use alot of FANCY EQUIPMENT. 2 quotes, if i dont see it on sunday I probably wont use it on tuesday, 2nd, I ask them CAN YOU TRANSFER OR USE THOSE ROPES ON A TRACK OR A FOOTBALL FIELD? They think for a 2nd, then say ok lets get it! :cool:

There is a lot of stuff athletes do that cannon be transfered to track or football, how do you explain that?

Much of what we do in sprint training can be divided into two primary groups:

1 - Direct Involvement and Specific Adaptation (High Intensity)
2 - Indirect Involvement and General Adaptation (Low Intensity)

There may be an intermediate group as well. Let’s call it 1.5.

I would say the track work (sprints) comprise Group 1, with some help from jumps, throws and explosive lifting. However, we know that some high intensity work can be substituted (i.e. jumps instead of weights, throws instead of weights, etc.) Depending on how the weights, throws and jumps are performed, they may fall under my Group 1.5.

The garbage that you saw in the Tyson Gay video would fall under Group 2, with the exception of the sled pulls. Other Group 2 activities may include bodybuilding-type lifts, tempo runs, pool work, low intensity med-ball throws, etc. Of course, some of the Group 2 work would be considered useful for recovery, body composition and general well being. Some stuff we put in the program for entertainment value while accomplishing much of what I listed (losing body fat, stretching out the muscles, burning nervous energy).

As long as the Group 1 requirements are being adequately addressed, Group 2 work can appear to be superficially ridiculous. And, many times it is. However, as long as the intensity is kept in the low side of things, it can still accomplish the necessary end of active recovery and general conditioning, without adversely impacting Group 1.

Where things go off the rails is when the Group 2 activities take over the training, and Group 1 objectives are not being met. An example would be Reggie Bush goofing around on treadmills for his primary training.

Having said all of this, I would rather see Tyson Gay’s sprinting workouts and recoveries on video, rather than the crap being shown in the provided link.

Good stuff No. 2. :cool:

Apart from the sled work it appeared to be more like activation stuff and reminded me of CF saying Ben would sometimes do ‘beach work’ before coming to the track and if you look at the timeline that fits.

Very light stuff considering he runs 9.69… I guess for a GPP the sessions the trainer has him doing would be as no2 says, low intensity and should not interfere with the main sprint/power work… But man talk about cross fit/perform better BS LOLOL. Im surprised I didnt see 1 legged db arm curls.

The track that Tyson trains at is a very sweet set up… I raced there for a masters event. Very nice place to train.

is the clermont florida track a windy one? im thinkin of the one that may be alongside the bottom of a grass hill, or is it in like a bowl with hills on three sides of the track?

It’s SUPER windy… I went there in August and it was constant 2-3mph headwinds… Yes it’s a huge bowl with hills and trails too. As a matter of fact the meet I went to they had the distance runners running a XC race (this was for masters)It a nice set up… Dennis Mitchell is a trainer there… If you go in the fall/winter and very early spring you can catch a lot of top guys there even some guys that are not in the lime light stop by…

I dont know how you found this but I’ve been looking for info like this on Tyson Gay for a long time… Nice find PJ!!!

Anyway if you can give us some more info on anything Tyson does. Curious how he sets up his week… Or how he gets into 400m shape. The only thing I’ve heard Tyson say “I did some quarters” LOL

I’ve seen some videos that Lance Brauman has through Championship Video Productions but I highly doubt there is anything of substance on there…


BIGFISH THAT IS THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! I have had numerous conversations with others on this board and we all ask the same question, why! But I totally agree with number 2’s answer about group 1 and group 2 type training. My partner trains the heisman trophy winner so he’s always asking me about new supposedly revolutionary stuff that comes out about training (meaning he wants my opinion).

I thought Tebow was training with my guy Kurt Hester??

2008- 9.68w4.3, 2009-9.69w2.0, maybe 2010- 9.69w-0.5 or something. with the florida background training track and its winds, hills and whatnot it makes me wonder if contrast training of any notable significance has taken place over the past 3 falls.

i wouldn’t even leave the blocks lol

Lol naw my man I was referring to Mark Ingram. I should have said current heisman. Dont get me wrong I like tebow’s work ethic.

You must not be an Bama fan

Roll Tide!

Does anyone feel that Tyson’s back will explode soon? I don’t mind core circuits but the training technique sucked and the exercise selection was lame.

Athletics-Back problem keeping Gay off the track
Thu, 10 Jun 23:08:00 2010

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An old back problem is keeping world 100 metres silver medallist Tyson Gay off the track when he should be training and racing, the American said on Thursday.

“The past couple of weeks I have been mentally drained, tired, frustrated because I am hurt almost every year and it is not fun,” Gay said at a news conference for Saturday’s New York Diamond League meeting in which he will not compete.

Gay, who has experienced knee, hamstring and groin injuries in the past, is hampered by a tightness in his right hamstring, he said.

He has not trained for five days but hopes to resume practice on Friday.

“I think it is something coming from my back, something that happened to me years ago with the sciatica nerve that is causing my hamstring to tighten up,” said Gay, who does not expect to compete again until July.

A failure to do speed work in practice before running the world’s fastest time for a 200 metres straightaway in Manchester, England last month may have aggravated the nerve, Gay said.

“It could have shocked my body,” Gay said.

“It (the hamstring) was a little bit tight before Manchester,” he added. “It was a little sore after I ran.”

The frequent problems have left the U.S. 100 metres record holder so frustrated he plans to see a nutrition specialist this week.

“There is no reason why a 27-year-old should be getting injured every year,” said the world’s second fastest man behind Jamaican world record holder Usain Bolt.

“At this point in my life I am willing to sacrifice and do anything I can to stay healthy,” Gay said.

(Editing by Alison Wildey

Is he really willing to quit eating gummy bears and all the other silly things and actually get some nutrition into him? Is he really that motivated to beat Bolt? Hopefully he’s also willing to change his gym routine :wink:

BTW, he’s got one thing right. There’s no reason for him to be constantly injured :cool:

Stupid focking core training from his idiot trainer.