Tyson Gay / Lance Brauman Training

So there is quite a large topic on here about MVP and their training, and plenty of posts about Glenn Mills and the training that his squad do. However, after a quick search I found very little info on what Lance Brauman does with his training group. As this has lead to a 9.71 / 19.6 sprinter, I dont think it should be overlooked.

Any one have any knowledge?

There is a whole thread on there training, it’s hard to find maybe something will post.

hasnt Tyson been with Drummond since second half of 2006?

I think he’s back to splitting time between LB and JD.

Tyson never split with Lance, but Drummond takes over in June for starting block practice.
Lance had 3 girls in the women’s 100m final (Campbell, Ferguson and Bailey).
Great job obviously.

Why does he need Drummond? If I were him and looking for start work, I’d enlist the help of Shelly-Ann Frasier :wink:

I think that he’s have trouble beating her in a start due to the exceptional view he’d have if he was a bit behind. Oops did I say that out loud? :slight_smile:

shawn crawford would say brauman build the engine drummond tinkers with it

i thought ever since tyson began working with Drummond his start improved dramatically. when Tyson starts well he is not that far behind the leaders as opposed to 2006 and before he was much further back.

This is not supported by the analysis.
Drummond started to work with Gay after the 2007 Nationals.

Tyson’s times at 30m for his best races :
ReacTime - 30m - 100m Venue
0.151 - 3.85 - 9.84 Nationals’07
0.143 - 3.86 - 9.85 World Champs’07
0.134 - 3.85 - 9.77 Nationals’08
0.144 - 3.83 - 9.71 World Champs’07

Tyson’s start improve dramatically in 2006 between after Roma meeting in 2006. From this meet to the end of the season, he did 3 sub 9.90 times (9.84 in Zürich, 9.88 in Rethymno and at World Cup) with good starts.

How about if we factor out reaction time?

3.699 - 6.141 - 9.84
3.717 - 6.133 - 9.85
3.716 - 6.054 - 9.77
3.686 - 6.024 - 9.71

Looks to me like he’s getting more out of 30-100
than he is 0-30?

Is Lance just working with pros, or still employed in some Uni.??

Lance’s criminal record will likely prevent him from working at a university ever again.

He has a pro group down in Florida. Quite a big one I think, including Steve Mullings and Dwight Thomas, along with other names.

So does anyone have any info on the type of work he does?

Dwight is now coached by Dennis Mitchell (since he switched to hurdles).

I think Jon’s emphasis has been on execution of the “drive phase” rather than improving the speed of the 30m? hoping that tyson can reap the rewards further down the track? Is that not the theory behind the “drive phase”? I’m not sure how much tyson’s execution has changed though? But lets say tyson A can only “drive” for 20m and tyson B can drive for 35m but they are both running 3.80sec… would you not agree that tyson B is capable of running sub 3.80 if he got up tall and running at 20m? I don’t know if i’m making sense… it makes sense in my head??? :rolleyes: I would have to watch some clips of tyson and see whether his “drive phase” has improved since he started working with Jon. However I don’t think Usain at 6ft 5 should be beating tyson to 30m ??


Report on Tyson’s training with video.

A day in Tyson’s life (February 2010) :

  • 7:30-9:00 Weights in the gym (general work)
  • 9:30-12:00 Accels on track using sled
  • 12:00-12:30 Pool tempo workout

Thanks PJ,
That’s some wild stuff there: especially the rope work and some of the throwdown action with the heavy medball…generally it’s great to see the top people working out. He looked a bit uncomfortable in the deep water, but he was a rocket on the sled :slight_smile:

He is currently dealing with hamstring issue and spending some time in Germany. Bolt is supposed to be there as well…

Looks like he just went to a PerformBetter seminar and implemented every exercise.