the power suit

For over 22 years I have worked , trained and competed with some of the best coaches and athletes the world has ever seen primarily in track and field but also in football and hockey.
Never once did I hear support for this idea.

lol Yea thats why I posted this hear. I also got the spam email that said it was from rupert. I checked out the site and saw no signs of him. I guess this confirms my suspensions.

but Usain is using it…? ;)…and what happened to rupert

I got these like a decade ago.

They overloaded my hip flexors, effected mechanics & reduced my stride length. A plus point is you may find they increase stride rate initially, but I don’t use mine no more.

Can you please look into this “spam” email. Apparently it is from Rupert and it has been sent to everyone on The email starts with “after 10 years of involvement with Charlie Francis” and then goes on to promote the weighted vest.
I know Charlie would never endorse a weighted vest, or other gadgets so why would it be implied in the email?

Thanks for looking out for me and the site.
Charlie would like that!

My newest thread explains all you need to know.

One of Maurice Wilson’s (“The Jamaican Way”) videos:

I don’t think I want to get in the position of actually recommending this (I don’t have a weight vest) but the idea has been discussed.

I tried replying to the email, no such email address???

looks like he is just capitalizing on the popularity of the recent Jamaican sprint domination. I do have a weight vest. But it is only used for plyos never to sprint.

I have witnessed regular use of a weight vest by another coach and have taken note of its part in the destruction of an athlete’s technique and a catalogue of injures - enough said.

I actually preferred a full body wet suit (3/2mm) over a weighted vest. Careful and limited application has seen some good results from my athletes.

My understanding of Kelly’s usage was more in relation to VJ as opposed to sprints.

That video was interesting in providing a contrasting med ball protocol versus the one in GPP Essentials. VERY different angles! CF’s one looks more appropriate.

In his rate coding article, he recommends to do a 15-20 minute warm-up with weighted belt or vest equivalent to 5-10% of BW. Then take it off and run sprints. I plan on trying this someday in my 10-30m work.

I believe this product is to be used for plyos and NOT sprinting.

As a long time member of this site, I just found out that Rupert wasn’t associated with I contacted Rupert and he said the email was a glitch and wasn’t supposed to be sent the cf members. He went on to tell me that in no way was he inferring that or anyone associated with this site endorsed the product. He is working with the Power Suit as a new business endeavor. I don’t know any details between Rupert and this site, nor is it any of my business, but he apologizes for the glitch and has contacted the appropriate people to fix this.

QUOTE : “he said the email was a glitch and wasn’t supposed to be sent the cf members”

Sorry I dont believe this. I got this email as well, along with a load of other CF members.

Where else would he have got the email addresses of CF members except through a CF database ?? Nobody in CF would have handed over the database.

  • So the email adresses materialised at his new venture then magically got transmitted to us all ?
    Theft of contact details and abuse of my email details - I have authorised CF to contact me with offers, not for my details to turn up elsewhere through his dodgy practises.

I’m not buying that either. That excuse is pure garbage.

Easy enough mistake to make. Compose a new message, copy/paste everybody’s email address & then accidentally press send.

Enough with the conspiracies already.

the bit in bold is key. I got the email to 2 email addresses one of which set as a default at one stage on the store but never bought anything. I don’t recall any emails ever going to that email address.

Ange has no reason to mislead, was up front and honest about what is obviously a tricky matter. She has my support 100%.

I dug this out of my spam folder. Does what follows really look like a mistake to you?

Dear Friends, Athletes, Coaches

After 10 years of working with the legendary Sprints and Speed Coach Charlie Francis I have gotten involved with a great new company We are the producers of a revolutionary training suit that allows you to integrate a weighted vest and shorts into your speed training programs. I wanted to bring this exciting new product to your attention as the suit is currently being used by the reigning World and Olympic Champion Usain Bolt with amazing results.