Texas Invitational -- Gay 45.57

Not many meaningful results because of wind, but Gay is right there in the 400 with Bolt and Powell. The top 3 times in the 400 all beat the stadium record.

Name Year School Finals Wind H#

1 Edward, Alonso FR Barton County CC 9.97 2.3 1
2 Mullings, Steve Pure Athletics 10.00 2.3 1
3 Rodgers, Michael Nike 10.01 2.3 1
4 Christian, Brendan API 10.02 2.3 1
5 Phiri, Gerald SO Texas A&M 10.15 2.3 1
6 Kimmons, Trell adidas 10.17 2.3 2 10.161
7 Armstrong, Aaron API 10.17 2.3 2 10.167
8 Gailes, Tyree SR Unattached 10.26 2.3 1

Name Year School Finals Wind H#

1 Christian, Brendan API 19.98 2.1 1
2 Mullings, Steve Pure Athletics 20.14 2.1 1
3 Harts, Trey JR Baylor 20.33 2.1 1
4 Dykes, Chris SR Texas A&M 20.43 2.1 1
5 Willie, Kelly Nike 20.45R 1.6 2

Name Year School Finals Wind H#

1 Henry, Tabarie SO Barton County CC 45.09S 1
2 Larry, Lionel adidas 45.27S 1
3 Gay, Tyson adidas 45.57S 1

The winning times in the 100 and 200 are pretty good, even with the wind.

Beyond good. THe 100 winner is only 19. I have never heard of him in my life! Check the vid


His college roster says he’s from Pedro Miguel, Panama. Looks like their recruiter did their homework and found a gem.

Thanks for the vid. I noticed G-force within 2 seconds without knowing he was in the race with those arms! :slight_smile: Not meant as a criticism.

What is it and everyone and these 400m races? It seems to be the hot trend right now. No one seems to have a straight forward answer as to why all of top guys are doing this. Not even Tyson Gay or Wallace Spearmon gave an acceptable answer during the flotrack interview. All they say is “its for my strength”…

Either they are just copying the Jamaican runners or there is a valid reason.

Well, you know what Bolt and MVP have been doing and what their results have been.

Carmelita Jeter:

I watched her–in her second 400 of the year–run down Lashinda Demus on the backstretch at UCLA in a time (53.08) that was almost fast enough to make the IAAF list for the event.

Two weeks later at Mt Sac, she ran a PR and the fastest time in the world (10.96).

Two weeks later, Kerron Stewart runs 10.92 in Jamaica.

So now Gay runs HIS second 400 of the year (the earlier one was 46-point), and we’ll see what he gets from that shortly.

They won’t do it if it doesn’t work.

I guess it just makes you feel like superman. I can run a 400 so the 100 is butter. lol My boy has been doing that 400m stuff before his 100. I havent seen anything that will make me wanna try it. Unless they are all just testing the endurance they got from…lol

Feel like superman eh?? Gee! That’s not what I remember about the 400!!

I’ve looked at Barton County’s roster and their athletes PR’s. How is a community college able to produce so many athletes that run such incredible times? If I’m not mistaken that is where Tyson Gay went before Arkansas.

Yea thats what the ones who do it tell me. If you can run a 4 you can run anything…right.

There are a few community college that priduce some stellar athletes. One in kansas, st augustine and a few others. Maybe I should have gone to a cc.

I just heard in an interview from Tellez his “taper” was a 400m fast and relaxed 7 days out before the 100m trials. I believe his time was 44-45 for this distance!

What I have from Carl’s training in 1988 was a 400m in 48 on 9/16 then practically nothing except rest and warmup until the first 100m heat on the 23rd.

In the past KK has posted about using a fast 400 to set up a race. In this case, we are talking about racing one or two 400s before the outdoor comp in the main event has really started. It’s a larger emphasis on endurance in the prep phase.

That seems to be what Tom said as well. He said Marsh had run in the 44s at times. He didn’t say what Carl could run it in, but I’m guessing that would be a relaxed but fast 400 for him.

I am curious what Ben could have ran the 400m in with his S-L setup.

40.7 :slight_smile: Wasnt that his time for his victory lap in 88?? :wink:

Sorry, full of jokes today :slight_smile:

the last sentence appears to be key, the 400’s by themselves aren’t crucial they are simply the most visible part of the plan.

I’m not aware of any actual race results for Carl in the 400, but Mike Marsh has a PB of 45.46.

We’ve had some discussions here, particularly with CF and PJ vis a vis Franno’s use of submax (relative to the athletes’ potential at the distance being run) overdistance and how much a 37 sec 300 does for a 9.7 guy. But clearly the Jamaicans are ending that phase with a couple of 400 race performances (Usain and Asafa are not running 45 second 400s below their potential) and John Smith is following suit–and remember that Gay is linked to HSI through Drummond, including things like John Smith’s weight program.

Whether you want to look at this as short-long where you have some 400-oriented training training early and build short-long on top of that (late), or whether you see simply an extension of what you’ve been doing with more conditioning emphasis (John Smith’s view), there is a bigger conditioning emphasis that can be seen in the faster times…and it’s not just Bolt and Gay.