What does it mean if I can't keep my upper back straight ?

The running itself looks good in the block start - Feet placement seems good re-away from line, you do have really long legs, agreed about the Angle of the pads that Jason says and agree about “running out of the blocks” instead of Driving out of them. It wont take long to learn to drive the 1st few strides then Into running like you did here. You just have to learn to meld them together.

Tire pull - Look at your feet carefully, either the rope is pulling you sideways or your hips are out? Your Right foot, the sole is facing the camera (slightly) and your Left foot the sole of your foot is facing Away from the camera. This can easily happen when the rope is not dead set in alignment with your spine. Also, your arms, esp your left one, keeps driving even after 20m!

Otherwise, your upper back seems Heaps better as does your hip drive.

Jason, what do you mean by “Deep knee angles” ? Can you explain a little more about what you mean please? Cheers :slight_smile:

Damn, I guess sprinting is a science after reading this thread!!!

When can we start talking about spine engine theory?

Lol no worries I know how to filter out the science …
I adjusted my blocks forward like you guys said, and tried to think about driving out… this is the result:


Apply the fix or undo changes ?
I will take it easy this week, call it unloading… i’m beat up.

Look a little better, only if you could get some turnover. :wink:

Its going great.
Cant wait to see you in a fly 20 now. And a transition from Blocks into a Fly.

Looks like its going to be a good season :slight_smile:

My 20c worth.

Imagine you are on a pushbike in first gear, shut your eyes and get into it, next put the bike in 3rd gear and do the same.

Read Charlies article on the mechanics of running and work on the lower leg and foot first.

haha! Seems somebody disagrees that your going to have a good season Silencer! I got bad rep’d for the above, for giving praise. Whatever.
I still think your on your way to a good season. :cool:

P.s. i deff prefer the slow mo footage you put up - much easier to see.

Thanks bold !!! Sorry you got neg repped … You probably should have said " It is looking to be a hot winter " … Heh…

Yea I prefer slow motion too but when it’s dark you can’t see anything in slow motion mode… Need alot of light.

work continues:



and a feel set of bench with 110kg;
no my butt is not raised … :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to get a better “drive” like you guys said over the past few weeks.
I’m hoping its improving.
7 weeks to go till comp.

Same problems…

Looks the same. Just keep training.

When setting up move your shoulders forward slightly and then when called to set take a deep breath, hold that, lift your hips straight up and stay as still as possible. If you watch what you do you move forward to set and aren;t that still. Common errors. Especially noticeable in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IYeoVM4PZs

good tip ! thanks John !
Any more cues ? Just trying to find the right cue for me till I find something consistent that works.
I dont know where to focus, so one start I think back leg push, then I think lead arm flick, then rear arm extension, then I think jump out like BJ, and all kinds of things…

It’s inconsistent.

Same here:(
I can’t think about everything I should/must improve. But I do see that I’m getting better with each training session as I’ve, probably, started doing some things subconsciously.
Try to focus on one thing at a time and as you do it without much thinging move to another one.

I think you’re worrying too much about all of these little cues. Your start looks fine, just keep training. If you need something to think about in the blocks, I believe Charlie says to just “try and get the hell out of there.”

agree the advice I gave was more around set up. Silencer you may be getting close to paralis by analysis. if you really want to leanr more I suggest getting


John I wasn’t picking at your cues at all, mainly everything else actually. As this thread has grown everyone is saying different things and I think if you just run instead of think and worry you will be just fine.

Listen to John and phyton. Good advise.
agree that you just got to stop thinking, when the gun go off, your arm flicks up and before you know it, your Outa there! The more thinking, the slower you go.
Otherwise, your looking fine in that video.
Although, whats with the business suit when benching?

Silencer, do you have an update on your start or has there been a change of focus for the time being.