Stronger my ass! Strength sports are dominated by white athletes, olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman etc. Faster, GENERALLY…yes, but definately not stronger.

makes me believe speed is not merely a black athlete attribute either. Perhaps they were given more opportunites as kids?

One thing I know, whenever you go to those open aau track meets, walk by the park and see a pick-up basketball game or whatever… its vastly outnumbered by blacks.

So, are they genetically advance? Im not sure, but they’re the ones putting in the extra time it seems. Coaches devote more time to more “talented” athletes, and the whites might be left behind… so the gap grows

Never seen a black gymnast, thrower or wlifter of great value btw…or a black phelps. or a black favre…proves nothing…

Now thats funny as shit. lmao!

Yes they are dominated, but is it because blacks are trying and not making the cut? All the strongest black athletes are doing what…playing football. Take those ogers who are playing football and teach them how to compete in those sports, what do you think will happen? Take Noel devine rb from wv and fl native. a power clean of 300 pounds, a 500-pound squat, a bench of 435 lbs at 175 pounds. I also saw a pic of him inclining 225 at 15 years old. What would happen if he got a great strength coach and dedicated himself to those sports. The sports blacks now dominate were once dominated by who…whites.

Well really what else do they have. It’s not like they are comming from good wealthy homes. Its a way out the ghetto.

remember Dominique Dawes? We have a few good throwers. As for swimming. again all inner city blacks know about is running, baseball and football. Oh and now speed skating:cool:

Dude, even if you are right about the genetics (I tend to agree overall with speed, but not strength), there is a give and take and it is clear that there are a lot of white skill position players that are shafted right now because of stereotypes. Other than Spiller, it is doubtful that ANY of the RBs in the draft this year are even remotely close to TG in what they accomplished, their skills, and most are not even close to his physical abilities (230lbs+ running 4.5), yet DEXTER MCCLUSTER, 5’8" 165lb situational guy, who ran a 4.5 and accomplished significantly less than TG, was taken earlier in the draft. Not to mention the many others.

I take the NFL draft with a grain of salt. Most of the players I end up liking arent even drafted high or even the first round. Thats why I dont really even watch the draft. Ofcourse you have a few that pan out to be something, but there are too many busts in the first round of the draft for me. Very rarely do you get a peyton manning highly touted and delivered.

So fucking sick of this “great white hope” shit, if you guys gonna brag about white athletes at least let them be studs.


Konz measured 6-3 and 234 pounds. He was timed in the 40-yard dash at 4.46 seconds. Asked to run a second one, he timed 4.38.

Konz also posted a 46-inch vertical jump and a broad jump of 10 feet, 8-1/4 inches.

All the strongest footballers are so far behind elite weightlifters it’s laughable. They put just as much emphasis on weights as some power lifters and still fall short. This Noel Devine guy would just be another very strong but ultimately average weightlifter at the elite stage. A 300lb power clean after training with weights since the age of 15 (maybe younger?), what more would a weightlifting coach get out of him?? But thats the difference between being strong and insanely strong.

Sports opportunities for all races are now at there highest, if black athletes were going to dominate strength sports they would have done so already.

So your saying that devine has had a great strength coach since highschool? And He will not get any stronger? You are also saying that if we took all these football players and made them dedicate to weightlifiting from young ages to now with the same strength coaches that powerlifters have they will still be behind? FB trains for different levels of strength. Powlifters and oly lifters arent out running around a field doing drills. they are just lifting correct.

The thread is turning into nonsense: everyone just has his opinion, and won’t change that since there are the same number of arguments pro or against.
Tebow will be special also in the next level.

Not correct. I don’t know about powerlifters but many elite weightlifters incorporate an extensive GPP that consists of sprinting, jumping throwing etc. There are videos on youtube of chinese weightlifters up at 5am to run 100m sprints, do acrobatics etc. Much of the russian literature outlines GPP that would suffice as a sprint program in itself. So if anything, all these drills that the football players are doing should create the optimal conditions to ENHANCE their strength.

This is a BS arguement, the proof is in the world records across every strength sport and strength related sport (Throws). Black athletes are not stronger than white athletes and they certainly do not have a general tendancy to be stronger. /discussion

Oh Boy, Tebow is taking sum heat. I’ll still take Vince Young anyday!!!

I’d pass on both, one is dumber than dirt and the other unfortunately overhyped.

He’s a winner and 2time pro bowler. Smart guys aren’t in the nfl they are doing what your doing.

Thanks for the compliment.

It’s true, they are our CEO’s etc… I’ll always learn towards the so called dumb athlete on the field/court, your smart guys will always be over thinking/analyzing shit.

Seriously though, I always liked Young but that drama queen meltdown he had after they benched him a few years ago, that would scare me off. He is a winner at times. Great last minute drive a few years back.

Even at QB you would?

I agree, that was a ho move that he pulled! He should have never pussed out like that on his team or coach. As for Tebow, I love how the critics keep saying he wont amount to Jack because of his religious beliefs, his throwing motion, etc etc etc. But whats funny is he has tons of commercials, fighting for a starting job an is showing potential

Some people will be very reluctant to give tebow any credit or praise. What criteria does he have to meet for him to have a successful NFL career?

-Make the pro bowl a few times
-Lead his team to the playoffs
-Win a super bowl
-Have a career of 8+ years or so

Remember, he’s playing against the likes of manning, brady, roethlissberger, flacco and others. Making the pro bowl is no small task. And lots of great ones never won any super bowls. Also, there was no steve young without jerry rice, no manning without harrison, no QB does it all on his own. The broncos were TERRIBLE last year!