Tebow has talent around him - his starting WR had over 1400yds. Tebow is not a QB - his natural position is H-back, his arm is not even close to Vick or Young and he’s not even half the athlete of those two guys.

Depends on the level and other factors.

What’s the word on the mule newton?

His arm looks better than Tebow, Vick and Young. Certainly not any dumber and as good of an athlete as Vick.

He’s great and very smart. You think all black qb’s are dumb.

Yeah that’s it…

By the way I’m with you on Tebow, would love to see him be a great but he seems to be a long way away from being a game to game starter.

You can tell Newton’s pretty bright. Probably runs in the genes, his dad has so far pulled off getting paid and not getting caught. He’s smarter than the barner casino owner and banker.

25 cent for 15k. lol

Playing with the first-team defense against a second unit led by Tebow, Dumervil rushed around the edge with abandon, chasing Tebow out of the pocket and twice prompting the officials to blow their whistles to signify a dead ball before there was contact.

Rookie Von Miller added a third sack of Tebow, who could only muster three pass attempts, completing one. He ran for 5 yards in his time against the first-team defense, which didn’t allow a point in the scrimmage at Invesco Field at Mile High.

“It felt good to come out and contribute to the team,” Dumervil said as he signed autographs following the scrimmage. “That’s what you miss most of all: coming out here in front of the fans, back here at Invesco. It’s a magic place and it’s exciting. It was a good feeling being back on the field.”

Forgive Tebow if he wasn’t celebrating the same way.

“Elvis made things interesting, actually,” he said with a smile, adding, “I told him if we’d been going to the ground it might have been a little different. We were having fun with it. But he was making things difficult, that’s for sure. He’s a great player.”

Miller’s sack showed the type of two-sided pressure the Broncos envision this season in their pass rush. They had just 23 sacks last season, finishing last in the league in total yards allowed.

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“We just want to keep doing it. It’s just a start,” Miller said. “We want to keep it going. Hopefully it will carry over to the preseason and we’ll take it from there.”

Starting quarterback Kyle Orton, facing the second-string defense, went 4-for-7 passing for 84 yards in leading the offense to two field goals.

Two dropped passes and Eric Decker just missing a touchdown because he didn’t get two feet down in the end zone marred what might have been perfect completion

Sounds like the second team offensive line sucks ass.

Those 2 players on defense are studs.