Strength and Conditioning Unpaid Internship

Strength and Conditioning Unpaid Internship
The University of North Carolina - Football

Description: The University of North Carolina Department of Strength and Conditioning - Football is currently accepting applications for an unpaid internship position with no benefits starting May 10, 2011. The successful candidate will assist with the implementation of sport specific functional strength training programs. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Assisting the Strength and Conditioning Coaches with the design and implementation of sport specific speed, agility, conditioning, and prehabilitation programs.
• Tracking and assessing athlete’s body composition and nutritional status.
• Measuring power outputs on Tendo units and tracking individual athletic progress.
• Weight room supervision, daily upkeep and equipment maintenance.
• Any other duties assigned by the Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Required Qualifications:
• CSCS/ACSM certification required.
• CPR/AED certification required.
• Enduring work ethic, ability to think outside the box, strong management and interpersonal skills.
• Aspire to pursue a career as a Strength & Conditioning professional
• Proficient in Microsoft and excel.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Background in nutrition strongly preferred.
• Experience working in football strength and conditioning preferably at the collegiate Division 1A level.

Time Requirements: This is a year long position.

Compensation: Unpaid Internship. Individual will gain experience in a Division 1A College Strength and Conditioning Football setting as well as future recommendation.

Deadline: Applications must be received by April 10, 2011.

How to Apply: Contact me, through Charlie

The University of North Carolina is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Any young coach with any sense or ambition should apply for this asap.

I wish… Im in the middle of a career change. If you were in the North East I’d jump all over it… If you know of any thing close to NY/NJ definitely PM me.


Yeah, anyone who can somehow afford to work for a year without getting paid! :wink:

We had one last year and three on board for this year.

Yes, CFTS training methods are in place!!!

Mylo is the new head guy, right?

You should be paying for the opportunity


I agree 100%…


I wasn’t trying to ruffle feathers - in fact, I’d like to think I’m rather friendly with Tom. I was was simply observing that leaving my current paying job, wife, and three kids for a year without pay might not be the best life decision right now :slight_smile:

The post wasn’t for you, it’s for younger folks.

What if the person was older? Is age a factor for these intern spots?


Not at all…

I thought I was too old LOL…

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated…

No problem, I got 10 resumes in 30mins this morning.

Were most of the applicants grad students from other schools? How many of them had CSCS/ASCM?

We had spring break this week so I didn’t view most of them.