Ok !!

Yes exactly =))
And sometimes with these guys it’s not like I don’t WANT to do their 600 reps with 2’ rests… I just CAN’T :o (I used to, but now I train differently). They are very cool about it, to my delight. Most of it comes from respecting each other :cool:
I’ve also experienced being in a different group here in the same city, and I know what that “look” feels like, that you are talking about.

I guess it builds character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thursday, Dec. 23rd, 2010.

Things hurt today (body in general from a virus, shin splints from sudden change of surfaces … ) I took it very easy >>

  • 5 laps with sister (on track)
  • few dynamic stretching
  • 3 x 20m A skips
  • 1 x 20m running A skips
  • 3 x 20m low skips
  • 2 x 20m B skips
  • 3 x 60m RRLL plyos
  • 1 x 70m stride (or so)


  • 20min active recovery on hamstrings
  • 2 x 20min relaxing massage on calves

That is awesome that they’re cool about it. I still catch quite of a bit of junk for my speed-focused approach to training for the 400. The head of our club is extremely old school, and most of the runners have come from that type of training in college. I came back to track at age 25 (now 27) to break 50 seconds in the 400 for the first time. I was at 50.8 or so in high school and have gotten my time down to 50.22 last year. So I’m getting close! But of course, our club’s top 400 runner (48.8) throws his jabs in here and there with comments like, “Maybe if you’d stop being such a Sally and run some intervals with us, you could finally break 50.”

Alright, I’ll stop thread-hijacking. :slight_smile:

No problem! I enjoy hijacking…
Best of luck with your training along the way =))

Strange last days… sister’s wedding and preparations for it, personal drama, and generally, off-schedule.

Friday, Dec. 24th, 2010

15min run (wow)

Saturday, Dec. 25th, 2010

  • 20min warm up

  • 7 x 100stairs (doubles)

Sunday, Dec. 26th, 2010

sister’s wedding (> dancing)

Monday, Dec. 27th, 2010

wedding recovery and sleeping

Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 2010

  • 5 laps warm up, quick stretching

  • 5 x 100stairs (doubles-doubles-doubles-singles-doubles)

  • 5 x 100m hill (walk back recoveries)

Dear god…

Tomorrow may be normal again

Wednesday, Dec. 29th, 2010

(all indoors) > cold out

  • 15min warm up

  • static/dynamic stretching

  • long circuit (kind of fast with slightly longer rests)


  • numerous abs
  • 2 x 10 leg curls
  • 2 x 15 slow hamstring drops (where you sit on your knees - on a matt - with feet locked, and slowly drop forward into a push up hand position, then slowly back up)
  • 3 x 8 back squats
  • 3 x 8 deadlifts

is that the order? Why curls and natural Glute Ham Raises before squats and deads? :confused:

How was your sisters wedding?

I was going to ask “how come the weights?” But I won’t… :stuck_out_tongue:

Purely due to bar availability… Room was packed when I got there.

Sister’s wedding was a day and night of joy. My favorite part was seeing all of our friends and relatives in one big room and drinking sips of wine on each table while chatting with them :stuck_out_tongue:
(John there’s an album on fb… you got my account!)

But since you did… :stuck_out_tongue: : I found myself training in a building with a weight room, once again :o

But I must say… perhaps back squats and deads are no longer suitable for me… my lower back bothers me when I do them, and the last thing I want is that horrid paid I had last summer when I went to see Jamirok…

But I do need a glute-alternative of such intensity that those exercises create… Open to suggestions.

I wonder if it is actually more a case of not doing squats or deads for ages (couldn’t see any for a while) and then doing them both in the same session and after the other stuff you did. That would knock anyone around, even SuperStef :stuck_out_tongue: .

Excuse the pics but check out

I alternate between GM & RDL for 4 weeks and on the other day Glute Bridge & Hip Thrust.

Checked out the pics, looks like a fun time all round :cool:

Thanks John !! :slight_smile:

Also, check this out
Nick had sent this to me about a year ago, (he reminded me), and I searched for it today and it’s a really great article.

Perhaps you are right about the lack of squats/deads, but when it bothers even with warm up bar-weight, I’m really hesitant… (when pain hits sharply, I can’t even walk properly, so I really don’t want that back… :eek:)

Thursday, Dec. 30th, 2010

(2 degrees out !!)


  • 3 laps warm up

  • very few stretching (training partner got there earlier and I was trying to catch up :rolleyes:)

  • 2 x 70m strides w/ trainers

  • 2 x 70m strides w/ spikes

(partner was doing 500s, and I stood at his 200m mark and did the last 300 with him)

  • 300m (48secs) , 7’ rest
  • 300m (47secs) , 10’ rest
  • 300m (46secs)

(… ouch)

I think these were good, under the circumstances. I love training with company…

fair enough, pain with bar only isn’t good! While I recall you doing all those iso’s, sorry I can’t recall where the pain is. Lower back, knees or elsewhere? :confused:

To be that consistent I’m guessing they were fast relaxed (closer to 95%) than flat out?

Pain this week with the bar (I put weights later too) >> always low back. No issues with knees for a long time now =)
The only other niggle are shin splints, which I take care with EMS’ing calves and stretching, and my bunion pain, which goes away if I’m not on hard surfaces every day =) So things are going well for me, relatively speaking!!

300s were fast and relaxed, yes. I usually never drop times like that (historically, they increase by 1" each rep, with short rests like that), but my friend was ‘pulling’ me. (Although he claims I was pulling him, complaining about the pain I caused him by the end… :rolleyes: )

p.s. John, I’m not sure i’m capable yet of running a 300 ‘flat out’ (I always have to pace myself to make it). My ‘flat out’ would be at 95%, so this was at about 90, I suppose.

Friday, Dec. 31st, 2010

  • 2 laps warm up, quick stretch

  • incomplete long circuit (signs of shin splints)

  • abs/donkey kicks/fire hydrants

Well, Happy New Year !!! :slight_smile:
I’d ramble on and on now, but this thread is lucky I decided to curl my hair (what the heck) and then go wandering out with my sister, enjoying the city’s festivities and meeting up with friends :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!

I wonder if the glute guy would consider EMS as an option. I find that after using EMS it feel like I am activating my glutes better. I feel a stronger contraction when doing quadrapeds…

No problem!
After EMS’ing your glutes specifically? Or anything in general?

Saturday, Jan. 1st, 2011

  • 4 laps warm up

  • stretching

  • 6 x 100 stairs (double-double-single-double-double-single)

  • 2 x 100m hill

Sunday, Jan. 2nd, 2011

active OFF (1.5hr walking)

Glutes specifically. I think that you could get some decent activation using ems on the glutes as compared to the exercises on the tnation link. I improved my standing broad jump by 4-6 inches. My med ball feels stronger too. My form is a little off but i feel it’s stronger since I have been stimming more often.

Here’s a quick vid from yesterday. My form is off but PJ gave me a few pointers on how to fix it.

Agreed, but I still think deadlifts and squats are soooo effective, comparatively speaking… (p.s. I did deadlifts again today, and realized that the gradual putting down part bothered my back, so I took freedom in dropping them :p)

p.s.2 nycjay: are you sure that MB throw doesn’t hurt when you hit the matt?? :o Rough matt!!

(sooo cold today)

Indoor track:

  • 15min jogging

  • 15min stretching

  • 2 x 30m A skips

  • 2 x 30m running A skips

  • 3 x 30m B skips

  • 1 x 50m scissor kicks

  • 2 x 80m strides w/ trainers

  • 2 x 80m strides w/ spikes

  • 3 x 80m sprints, slow walk back recoveries.


  • 2 x 40m running A skips

  • 1 x 80m sprint

weight room:

  • deadlifts: 10x(60kg) I forgot how much the bar weights… it’s a typical bar

  • deadlifts: 5 x (70kg)

  • deadlifts: 7 x (70kg)

  • leg curls: 1 set of 15

  • leg curls: 1 set of 8 (more weight)

  • many abs/ back exercises

glute exercises: (most from article)

  • 35 each lying abduction

  • 3 x 25 each donkey kicks

  • 3 x 25 each fire hydrants (funny name…)

  • 3 x 25 each donkey kicks (again)

  • 2 x 25 each fire hydrants (again)

  • 1 x 15 lateral pull downs

  • 2 x 15 push ups

  • 2 x 6 each single leg hip raises w/ swiss ball

  • 2 x 15 both legs hip raises w/ swill ball

Nice. Sometimes you have to make a little noise when you lift :slight_smile:

The pad is stiff but it’s the only one available. I gave my vid to PJ and he said the reason I am landing so arched is because I roll into the throw instead of just one big jump. I will give it a try

BTW why the do you run outside if you have an indoor track?

Plenty of energy, I see! :slight_smile: