Thursday, Dec. 30th, 2010

(2 degrees out !!)


  • 3 laps warm up

  • very few stretching (training partner got there earlier and I was trying to catch up :rolleyes:)

  • 2 x 70m strides w/ trainers

  • 2 x 70m strides w/ spikes

(partner was doing 500s, and I stood at his 200m mark and did the last 300 with him)

  • 300m (48secs) , 7’ rest
  • 300m (47secs) , 10’ rest
  • 300m (46secs)

(… ouch)

I think these were good, under the circumstances. I love training with company…

fair enough, pain with bar only isn’t good! While I recall you doing all those iso’s, sorry I can’t recall where the pain is. Lower back, knees or elsewhere? :confused:

To be that consistent I’m guessing they were fast relaxed (closer to 95%) than flat out?

Pain this week with the bar (I put weights later too) >> always low back. No issues with knees for a long time now =)
The only other niggle are shin splints, which I take care with EMS’ing calves and stretching, and my bunion pain, which goes away if I’m not on hard surfaces every day =) So things are going well for me, relatively speaking!!

300s were fast and relaxed, yes. I usually never drop times like that (historically, they increase by 1" each rep, with short rests like that), but my friend was ‘pulling’ me. (Although he claims I was pulling him, complaining about the pain I caused him by the end… :rolleyes: )

p.s. John, I’m not sure i’m capable yet of running a 300 ‘flat out’ (I always have to pace myself to make it). My ‘flat out’ would be at 95%, so this was at about 90, I suppose.

Friday, Dec. 31st, 2010

  • 2 laps warm up, quick stretch

  • incomplete long circuit (signs of shin splints)

  • abs/donkey kicks/fire hydrants

Well, Happy New Year !!! :slight_smile:
I’d ramble on and on now, but this thread is lucky I decided to curl my hair (what the heck) and then go wandering out with my sister, enjoying the city’s festivities and meeting up with friends :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!

I wonder if the glute guy would consider EMS as an option. I find that after using EMS it feel like I am activating my glutes better. I feel a stronger contraction when doing quadrapeds…

No problem!
After EMS’ing your glutes specifically? Or anything in general?

Saturday, Jan. 1st, 2011

  • 4 laps warm up

  • stretching

  • 6 x 100 stairs (double-double-single-double-double-single)

  • 2 x 100m hill

Sunday, Jan. 2nd, 2011

active OFF (1.5hr walking)

Glutes specifically. I think that you could get some decent activation using ems on the glutes as compared to the exercises on the tnation link. I improved my standing broad jump by 4-6 inches. My med ball feels stronger too. My form is a little off but i feel it’s stronger since I have been stimming more often.

Here’s a quick vid from yesterday. My form is off but PJ gave me a few pointers on how to fix it.

Agreed, but I still think deadlifts and squats are soooo effective, comparatively speaking… (p.s. I did deadlifts again today, and realized that the gradual putting down part bothered my back, so I took freedom in dropping them :p)

p.s.2 nycjay: are you sure that MB throw doesn’t hurt when you hit the matt?? :o Rough matt!!

(sooo cold today)

Indoor track:

  • 15min jogging

  • 15min stretching

  • 2 x 30m A skips

  • 2 x 30m running A skips

  • 3 x 30m B skips

  • 1 x 50m scissor kicks

  • 2 x 80m strides w/ trainers

  • 2 x 80m strides w/ spikes

  • 3 x 80m sprints, slow walk back recoveries.


  • 2 x 40m running A skips

  • 1 x 80m sprint

weight room:

  • deadlifts: 10x(60kg) I forgot how much the bar weights… it’s a typical bar

  • deadlifts: 5 x (70kg)

  • deadlifts: 7 x (70kg)

  • leg curls: 1 set of 15

  • leg curls: 1 set of 8 (more weight)

  • many abs/ back exercises

glute exercises: (most from article)

  • 35 each lying abduction

  • 3 x 25 each donkey kicks

  • 3 x 25 each fire hydrants (funny name…)

  • 3 x 25 each donkey kicks (again)

  • 2 x 25 each fire hydrants (again)

  • 1 x 15 lateral pull downs

  • 2 x 15 push ups

  • 2 x 6 each single leg hip raises w/ swiss ball

  • 2 x 15 both legs hip raises w/ swill ball

Nice. Sometimes you have to make a little noise when you lift :slight_smile:

The pad is stiff but it’s the only one available. I gave my vid to PJ and he said the reason I am landing so arched is because I roll into the throw instead of just one big jump. I will give it a try

BTW why the do you run outside if you have an indoor track?

Plenty of energy, I see! :slight_smile:

Hey! The indoor track is only 100m long =) And I only have it when I’m in Thessaloniki.
(Ι’m also in Milan and Athens during the year - Athens also has some, but they’re harder to access).

Haha Nick, yes, part of it is the joy of being inside =)

Ah ok… Dont worry training in the cold makes you tougher :slight_smile: When the weather is crappy and you have a meet youre going to be business as usual while everyone else is complaining :slight_smile:

Tuesday, Jan.4th, 2011.

Traumatic lactic acid experience today, at 2 degree weather :eek: I’ve felt the lactic feeling before, of course, but not so intense, and never with such increasing intensity as time went on, once stopped running :eek: !
I think it was too cold, and normally today should have been tempo, but Monday-Tuesday is always like this for my training partner, and I wanted to join along.

15min warm up
dynamic stretching

  • 2 x 20m A skips

  • 2 x 20m B skips

  • 2 x 80m strides (grass) trainers

  • 2 x 80m strides (track) spikes

  • 300m @48", rest 8’

  • 300m @47.5", rest 9’

  • 300m @49.5" >> very very bad feeling; took 25’ to recover from pain; I felt pretty worthless (well, almost), as my training partner looked much more comfortable, and he also did a 4th one (@39-40")

p.s. 3 hrs later (ouch)


  • 25min hamstrings active recovery
  • 25min calves active recovery

Wednesday, Jan. 5th, 2011

  • 20min warm up run

  • long stretch

  • 3 x 30m A skips

  • 3 x 30m running A’s

  • 3 x 30m scissor kicks

short tempo (indoors)

  • 10 x 100m (rather fast, with a bit longer rests than 50m walk)


  • 2 x 10 lateral pull downs
  • 2 x 10 chin downs
  • 3 x 12 dips
  • 3 x 15 hip raises with swiss ball
  • abs in between and after

impressive! :cool: what period was that over? :confused:

we have those same HJ pads at my club, not the most comfortable for front landing :o

would appreciate your thoughts re EMS options at

how is the breathing issue now?

Hi John!
I haven’t had any problems breathing here. I think it’s generally colder in Milan, or I do more longer runs there and feelt it more.

About the EMS, the three things I can offer are:

  • make sure you can cover both legs/arms with each session, otherwise you will soon get tired of the time consumption (just guessing)
  • make sure the intensity goes high enough (mA); I think the ideal is 120-150mA? Correct me if I’m wrong (for strengthening purposes)
  • make sure you can create a manual program for the ideal protocol that Charlie suggests (my Compex Performance doesn’t have this)

Silencer is good with choosing these things… I would pm him.

Thursday, Jan. 6th, 2011

  • 20min easy run

  • 8 x 100 stairs (single-double-single-double-etc)

Here are my stairs :):

Uploaded with

do you try 3 steps

I’ve tried, but then I’m stepping up front rather than underneath the body, and knee lift becomes too exaggerated, so not a good idea.

I’ve only started to read your journal and it makes great reading. I like the way you express your emotions and the way certain songs inspire you. Ive found your EMS posts very helpful.Keep up the good work.

Τhanks! This is a good reminder to get back to my EMS again, because I’ve noticed that without it these past 2 weeks, I feel a bit ‘flat’. Or maybe I’m tired. Who knows =)