I think this is my 4th or 5th journal here. Every journal ends with injuries and frustration after continuous weeks of training obsessions and enthusiasm for reaching some kind of potential - whatever that may be. So I hope this one goes on the right track and brings satisfaction in the end.

I don’t plan to train myself through another year, as I really am the least qualified person to take such responsibility. I need some kind of in person “support”. Besides, I have tried the self-training option, but it only adds to the already existent loneliness that describes track.
So my goal is to get well, and then find a coach. I have a couple of options, it’s just a matter of time, and knowing where I’ll be when that times comes. It’s a transitional phase in my life, and quite interesting, I must add. While all these transitions (moving countries, meeting new people, getting new jobs, having daily culture shocks, failing to adjust, etc etc) add to my psychosomatic disorders, I inconveniently hope my whole life is in transition phase; afterall, it’s the phase in which we learn the most, and our minds grow.

Back to my initial point… I’m one of the “pile of messed up athletes” that collegiate programs produce, with the only difference that I haven’t had enough of running, and don’t feel like stopping, one bit. In fact, I have no idea what it feels like to train through one single season uninjured.
I don’t want to go through my past injuries, as they’re in the past; re-thinking about them is useless, plus only healthy thoughts will bring a healthy body :wink: (the law of attraction… :rolleyes: )

So this summer is all about recovery (which has been going on since January 2008), and since I’m on my own on this, I decided to post another journal for “support” and sharing :slight_smile: By the end of August I’ll be able to roll again. Or even by tomorrow. I don’t care when; as long as I concentate on healing at this moment, all should go well.

I might take up yoga afterall.

I’ve been doing long isometric holds since Febrary. That’s pretty much it. I abandoned weights before 2008. I actually feel stronger now after all these isos, than when I used to squat 240lbs… I’m being told I look stronger too. Whatever.
They work for me. Don’t attack me when you read about 1-hour iso holds. :o

About a week ago, I added some light jogging to see where my knee is at. Although I can jog, and do A skips, B skips, and running A’s with no problem, I have irritation if I start to stride, and going faster than a stride is still a scary thought for me (I fractured my kneecap while sprinting 10m and heard a crack. Doc said I was this close to having a chunk come out; that would require surgery). I’m aware that fear has to go away, otherwise I’ll always be vulnerable. It’s just another step I have to take for bettering myself.

I’m not gonna sit down and write a plan. I’m telling you from now that I’m either gonna be doing isometrics and drills on the track for strength and speed, or swimming tempo in the pool for conditioning, as recovery days. I might add some MB later on.

It’s harder to motivate myself than 2 years back. The truth is, I’m mentally tired. So this journal is about finding mental strength and translating it into training. And life.

Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Best wishes.

I have long been curious – is that a portrait of you? a portrait by you? both?

How can running be fun again? How can you let running put something back in instead of taking it out of you?

Good luck!

Both ! Thanks for the wishes and all the good lucks :slight_smile:

Juggler what do you mean? Running is always fun, nomatter what. It’s just not fun when I’m not running, because I’m hurt.
Anyway, you know when you want something. It’s instinct, and it feels right.

I’ve been in the pool many times in the past for rehabilitation purposes, and I got sick of it so easily, each time I swore than I’d never have to end up in there again.
But I really don’t care any more! We are each single moment that we experience in this lifetime, so why not take pleasure out of them?? (bear with my philosophizing every once in a while… :rolleyes: )
So pool feels nice now.

Yesterday(June 18) I was in the pool as well, for the first time this year.

  • About 400m of freestyle and backstroke (I’m not a good swimmer at all, even though I’ve been swimming since I was 4). I still can’t figure out how people freestlye and breathe rhythmically in the water for so long. I “suffocate” at 25meteres and then switch to backstroke. :rolleyes:

  • 10 x 50m kickboards

  • 2 x (5 x 1min runs), 30sec breaks.

  • 200m cool down.

  • total 1hr biking around the city, because it’s my means of transportation.

    (June 19)pool again. Then starting tomorrow I’ll start another iso cycle and use pool as recoveries, maintaining similar workouts, and perhaps more challenging. (maybe I’ll know how to breathe correctly by July).

  • About 600m freestyle+backstroke. Tiring tiring… Running is easier.

  • 300m kickboard

  • 2 x (6 x 1min runs), 30sec breaks

  • 100m cool down.

p.s. my city is such a slow place, it’s driving me impatient. People assume they have 100 more years to live, when I want to do everything TODAY…
I’ve been waiting for this second interview forever… (for a college department position). I also work with children’s books editors (I illustrate), and it’s the slowest job I’ve had in life so far. I get my job done in a week, and they take 5 months to pay. Sad thing, it happens everywhere. No the editor can’t decide if he wants to start on this next book; for two weeks now: “let me ask my dad” … :confused: :confused: :confused:

On the other hand, I might still be interested in PhD next year, so today I registered for my GRE exam. I took it 3 years ago for masters, I forgot what it’s like. Any tips? How on earth do you prepare for the vocab section?

Thanks for reading.

June 20I think I had said that today I’d start isos again (I think I had a week’s break from them), but my knee felt a lot better after two days of just pool, so I decided to add a third one:


  • About 600m freestyle and backstroke, I dont know, I wasn’t keeping track. I almost drowned today. I like the land better.
  • Oh, I tried some breastroke today. Breathing is easier with this one.
  • 1000000000m kickboarding. (Wasn’t keeping track here either, but I was kicking for quite a long time…
  • 4 x 1min runs.
  • More kickboarding.
    Total an hour and 20min or so.

1hr fast biking to and from work, to pick up some exams to correct. Nice uphill on the way back…

Went to the track later with my sister, so I socially ran 10 laps with her. Remind me not to do that again. A) useless, B) knee not ready. (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being much pain, it’s under 2, but I want it 0 at all times at this point).

Realizations of the day:

  1. I’m very tight in water.
  2. I cannot swim in a straight line. Actually I can’t run in a straight line either. It’s good I have some kind of consistency in various sports !

Suggestion of the day:
After training, fill a bowl with yogurt, add cereal on top (I had Special K), then Greek honey (has to be Greek, best bees are here… :o ), and top it with cinammon. Delicious…

p.s. If Silencer happens to be reading my journal, you need to clear your inbox, it’s full. The answer is “I don’t mind”.

fist of all i wish you good luck for your come back.
i hope this will be the last one and that you don’t get injuried again.

why don’t you describe exactly how it is an iso session?
exercises, tempos, rest etc.

i’m very intrested in it. i know you been to see jamirok and i know he gave you some advices.

about the PhD, what do you study and exactly where do you want to go? if you remember i’ve asked some time ago few questions about it, 'cause i’m intrested too in leaving my country

2) I cannot swim in a straight line. Actually I can’t run in a straight line either. It’s good I have some kind of consistency in various sports !

i love you irony

Thankssss Baiolo. Any such wish means a lot at this point :slight_smile:

1hr of biking around the city doing “business”


  • 5 laps jogging with my sister, straight to:
  • 3 x 80m A skips w/ 100m “casual skipping” for rests, straight to:
  • 10x10m running A’s, at 50%
    10x10m running A’s, at 75%
    10x10m running A’s, at 100% (no breaks through all this > ideally I’d like to sprint these, and not do running A’s, but I have psychological trauma to get through :rolleyes: , as I cracked my knee when I was feeling fine and ran 10m at 100% and then it happened…).

No pain at all with these, btw. But there’s “something” in there (like if I try to stride)… If I could just make it disappear using my mind. (Then I’d be as famous as Jesus :o )

Also: didn’t get tired one bit.

I went home and did my 65minutes of iso holds .

For more than three months now, I’ve been solely doing variations of these, I do feel stronger, in a different way than just lifting weights in the past. I feel more jacked too, perhaps because there was no running involved. But muscles feel stretched (haven’t stretched since 2007…), and I’m pretty toned; isos are all i’ve been doing. And getting on the track again and jogging/skipping/even pool running etc, feels pretty effortless.

My field is Architecture. My PhD would be on Architectural Composition, and I’m looking at Europe’s best Architecture School > Milan Polytechnic. VERY competitive to get into, I actually want to ask your opinion on something, I’ll PM you later, if you don’t mind.
I think I will also apply to the States, but I’m not sure I want to go back there.

This could all change of though, becaue there’s a nice job offer on the horizon for me. But I do need remote adventures in my life.

Enough ranting…

Have you met Jamirok? Cool Napolitanian dude.

me too, i’ve no work offers at all, but i need to move away from this little city.

no problems, write me if you need some info, i’ll try to help you

June 22, Sunday:

Went to the beach. Swam in the Aegean and played beach tennis for about 30minutes, intensely (sister and I are good :slight_smile: ) .
I’m pretty pleased, because I played last time May 1st and my knee was bothering me, where today I had no problems at all.

I didn’t do my planned isos today :frowning: . Yet…
See… I’m so disciplined… I’m gonna do them now, and it’s 10:35pm.
While watching soccer Euro, Spain versus Italy :slight_smile:

Hehe, watching it too… my country still has a chance to win :slight_smile: greece not :slight_smile: unfortunately they dropped out…

What’s your country??
This game is pathetic, it made me bored watching! Penalties are on now though; that’s never boring :slight_smile:
No comment about Greece :rolleyes:

65 minute of holds

Probably SPAIN…argh…:smiley: :smiley:

Im still amazed that a fractured Knee cap is not put in a cast of some kind!!
Your knee has been playing up for some time now - surely 6wks of being in a cast and the fracture would have healed?? And it been somewhat longer than 6wks ago now since you found out that it was fractured.

And you cant swim straight just like your running!! sounds like you need to get a lot of things fixed structurally before you commit to another season of hard packed training. That could take upwards of a full year? Would be so worth it though.

Best of luck steff

The way Italy play is appalling; so negative, so boring. This Cup has been so positive and exciting, but I knew that Italy would ruin today’s game and they did. The TV announcer had it right when he said, midway through overtime, “Italy has never wavered from its game plan. I thought they might try to win, but they haven’t.”

Does Italy have special training camps to teach players to dive, to whine, to fake injuries? For a culture whose men and boys generally act so macho, how can their players act like such babies? Have they no pride (or balls) at all?

Any time Italy wins it is a setback for the sport.

:smiley: :smiley:

No not spain,

germany :slight_smile: I think we can make it to the final, and then… we will see :slight_smile:

I think so too! I think it’s gonna be you against Turkey. (I’ll be rooting for Turkey in that case, I like their team :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was thinking the same. It happens a lot in Greek soccer too, but not as much when they play internationally.
But watch how you talk though, you don’t want to start a fight with Jamirok :slight_smile: