SPP download

I bought the SPP down load and but I had to re-format my hard drive and I forgot to remove the SPP down load before wiping my hard drive. So its gone :frowning:

I wanted to try doing the 4x6x60m work out this indoors. But I cant remember if there was a plan like the vanc 04 download…

If anyone recalls please post!

Actually, Charlie doesn’t get into workout details (progression of rest periods) in the SPP download. The s-l graph for Vanc04 has this information (the full progression through the phase, including rest periods and accel limits), but the SE workout in Vanc04 is 3X4X60.

If you really want to do 4X6X60 rather than 3X4X60, you’d have to ask Charlie about the rest periods/progression. Keep in mind, that’s ~1500m HI in ONE workout.

3x4x60 is what you’re supposed to progress to if you went straight from the Vanc’04 Plan… I have it, but don’t believe it is kosher to e-mail without Rupert or Charlie’s permission.

4x6x60m… have fun with that :eek: I am not sure about your level, facilities, or fitness, but I would probably start around 3x4x60m around once a week (versus twice a week) if you are going on a track. I remember doing this and it was incredibly intense, even when you put in an intensity limit, and since I was not getting therapy at the time, could only handle that. I am now getting therapy twice a week and will aim to start with 4x4x60m this year on grass or grass-turf once SPP comes along (still not ready for that 4x6x60m death on the track).

Hey whats up? Hope your season is going well. I did some of the contrast stuff you were doing and saw improvement. Thanks for your posts!!!

I did hi volumes of 120s ( up to 2x6x120 @ a bit faster than int tempo) this outdoors and I got better in both the 1 and 2. I just wanted to keep a good thing going. I know I can do 2x6x60 at 90%. Its hard but I can finish it. I wanted to do some of longer stuff this indoors but I find that the turns mess with my achillies too much (I had achillies repair few years back) So I wanted to do a hi volume of runs on the straights. I’ve got a few reasons for looking into this for SPP.

1)time- i can only get to the track 2x/week. Im thinking to do a hi volume 1x/week and 1 speed session /week then do some of the basement tempo stuff at home…

  1. running on the turns is hard on my lower legs
    the indoor track by me is flat and tight.

I can go outside until november after that it starts getting brick outside and I hate running in the dark. I was going to do the 12 week SPP starting in october.

My idea is:
October - Mid November outside (Mid November- Jan) Indoors

4x6x60 the accel limit would start out @ 20m(progress to 4x60 w/40m accel limit over 12 weeks

tempo/fitness/bike etc

Speed as in the vanc 04



Spec End. (its still warm until november sat will eventually become a race day)


after Mid november

Keep SE 60m runs

basment stuff


Thurs (Will drop this if I race)


Race or tempo or Special endurance…

Just kicking some Ideas around…

Charlie is this progression wrong?


Speaking of the Vanc04 plan, I was looking it over and for the chart titled “Phase I speed progression - short to long”, there are no runs over 60m. I understand that the 60m runs on the special endurance day are with incomplete recovery.

However, I thought that some of the work moved out to 120m+ even in a short to long plan. Would this be in phase 2 of SPP? Also, does any of this change for a sprinter that is also looking at competing in the 200 as well as the 100?


That plan is designed for people who are limited to an indoor track and plan on focusing on the 60m indoors (which is what the plan is targeting). I think Charlie has said before that some work to 80m or so could be done if you have no facility or weather restrictions.

I have had several discussions with coaches on this forum about this topic, we have agreed that it would be helpful if the athlete performed 80-120m runs while using a 20-30 int limit.

If you follow the Vanc 04 SPP then take it out to 120 in SPP 2 (spring time) it should work. You could even do a SPP3 out to 150-200m (look at Ben’s 87 yearly plan)

Im going off of my own instincs not just Ben’s plan… I think I messed up this year doing only 120s I should have gone farther than 120s. Even though I improved 1 sec in the 200 I think I could have done more. After I PRd in training for the 120 I started to do only short stuff. After a few weeks of not doing the longer stuff I started to feel a bit more tired at the end of the 200. Even though I was well rested before the meets… So Im def going to try and go out to 200 after I have a nice 120 in place.

Sorry, but question:

How do you do 2x6x120 above int tempo pace (I assume 95% or so)? What are the rest periods like?

I think it has been mentioned by Charlie that a certain group with no access to an indoor facility (?) were using 3x3x90s vs. 60s (not 100% sure on the volume).

Niko, that was Sprint Capital and it was in Spp2 IIRC, not SPP1 which is what the Vanc04 plans discuss.

From what I heard those runs were done in GPP…

There’s an old thread about Sprint Capital/Gatlin in GPP from someone who was in the camp. It seems to have started with 4X10+4X20+4X30+4X60 3X/week, alternating with ext tempo of 200, 300, or 400, 3X/week roughly 1500m/session.

Later in GPP, they moved up to 3X3X90. Charlie ought to know: He wrote the workouts for Tim, remember.

I was pretty sure that was the case, as I remember Charlie replying to someone on the DVD by saying something like “they were doing 3x3x90s because they had to, because they were stuck outside”, adding that in this case you may have to shorten the recoveries, if weather conditions make you do so. So, neither SPP2 nor SPP1.

So what are you doing in SPP if you are doing split runs in GPP?

I ask this out of curiosity btw because Charlie has said that the plan provided is meant to be a lead into a series of indoor competitions over 60m?

No diff then what you are doing with the intensive tempo 3x4x80 in gpp…

Yes, but what I am doing is intensive tempo, not split runs :stuck_out_tongue:

How you know they didn’t call those runs int tempo, we don’t know how much rest they took btw runs and if they had a int limit etc.