speed end + spec. end on same day or seperate

Would it be best to combine speed end. and spec. end on the same day, or do them seperately.

So if you have 4x120m on one session, and 2x200m on another, good idea to make it 3x120m + 1x200m? or anything similar, like 1x100m,1x150m,1x300m.

Doesn’t matter much for an 11.6 runner, but those volumes seem quite high for someone in-season and doing those workouts on a hard track. I’d focus on being fresh for your meets (and running fast in them) and doing tempo or CSW + starts the rest of the time.

It depends on how far an important competition is from the training day. If the competition is close, be careful of too much volume.

I combine speed endurance and special endurance with success - 250m, 150m, 110m, 80m. OR (Kitkat’s example) for a 400m athlete -300m, 250m, 180m, 150m, 120m. (Sometimes it was 260m, 180m, 160, 140, 120).

Furthermore - if your focus is SPEED endurance, I would do it the other way round … e.g. 80, 120, 180, 260.

Good luck with the coaching/training!

Compete every other week only till close to end of may, then its every week.

I figure if im not going to get to run the 200m much till the 3 important meets, it’s best to do it in practice then?

sorry, but whats “CSW”?

Controlled Speed Work

Usually consists of longer reps, where the speed is fast but controlled thus being closer to around 85-95% which can be called intensive tempo but the big difference in tempo is with incomplete recoveries and csw is with full recovery

CSW can be at any distance…

i said usually*, yes it can be at any distance but mostly ive seen it talked about in terms of speed and special endurance vs. pure speed and accel work, hence why i said usually, but ya any distance is true

He’s not a 400m athlete.

Compete in the 100/200 when you can, if you don’t have a meet just increase the vol/intensity slightly. For example:

Meet Week:
2x150 @ 90% relaxed

12x100 grass

4x15 blks
3x20 blks
2x25 blks

mb circuits

Fri: rest

Sat: 100/200/4x100

Off week:


3x150 95-100%



I like the look of both training week templates. Is 9 block starts necessary 3 days out from a meet however? I see the velocities won’t be that great in the bulk of those reps, but that still could be quite a demanding session.