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Sister filmed these. Noting that I am feelnig bad today (fighting a small virus), in addition to shin splints (hadn’t had these in a long time - to such bothersome degree - , time to EMS some calves today).
I’m just writing this to say that I was feeling HEAVY. But of course, we may comment all we want :slight_smile:






What is the emphasis on the low skips? Toe up and ?

No A skips?

More arm action in B’s.

LLRR looking good, how far was that? Looked a damn long way :stuck_out_tongue:

Strides, arms down not back.

Do you have and ?

Hi John!

Emphasis on low skips is toes up, and that’s all that was said :slight_smile:

I do the A skips; I didn’t tape everything; next time!

Good comment about arm action… it’s always an issue…

Not sure about distance on RRLL… 60m or so.

Strides… got it :slight_smile:

I don’t have either. Do you recommend?

Thank you for the comments :cool:

yes I do, maybe for Christmas?

agreed - Esp arm action.
60m for LLRR plyro seems way too far right now - I would do similar progression as the Mediball squat jump dives, then jump jump dive, then jump jump jump dive ect.

so, LR stop, Then LLR stop
Then LLRR stop ect. Progress only till you have mastered each effort.

I would say you Felt HEAVY due to your hip posture - appears tight hip flexors?? Amongst im sure other issues

Great video angles too - short and to the point and clear. Sweet

Looking good :slight_smile:

Do you feel those on your ant. tibialis? Or calves only?

Thanks =)
Are you referring to the shin splints? Anterior tibialis, yes. Calves are just tight very often.

For RRLL, landings could be flatter (heel lead, flat contact). Landing with a bit too much “toeing down” here.

Today was hill training (10 x 100m, 5 x 60m ), and some were videotaped. Feel free to comment.
On the longer ones (100m), where we are using the turn, the reason I am slowing down so much is because it was very slippery with mud there, and I’ve slipped and fallen there in the past, hurting my knees with bumps and bruises.


How long is it if you start just after the turn?

I like how the other videos next to some of yours are completely irrelevant! :smiley:

I guess we start down there because our coach has numbered it up to 120m from the down starting point, and it also gets much flatter if you want to do 100m and start from after the turn.

hello hello?? :slight_smile:

From Thursday’s 150s (you may also refer to my journal for details ).

here’s another where I look like i’m running in place after 50m =P (same day as above)

(and the third one)

I hope this link works:

400m race: first video (the one that’s 54:06min long), my race @minute 12:30 (I’m lane 3 - grey short spandex, blue top, blue spikes). Very strong wind at last 100m.
200m race: third video (the one that’s 33:18min long), my race @ minute 20:36. Lane 6, (5th girl from the inside) (Same outfit as above.) << I would say this race felt quite bad, in 41 degrees and morning.