Sore spot in ab....

I’m not injured, but for the past 4 months I have been noticing a small sore muscle spot deep within the top portion of my ab right under my pectoral muscle. I can’t even massage it because it’s around the ribcage.

I can sprint 100% with no pain, but I can feel it, say, when I’m getting up out the bed and I turn to the right. Other then that, I don’t feel it at all even when I bang out 800 reps of med balls or explosive med ball throws… It’ just won’t go away…:confused:

Any ideas?

Hernia or Broken rib?

beneath the rib cage? under the rib cage?

It seems to be so close I really can’t tell if it’s under or around my ribs. I notice the spot every once and a while… It does not hurt or restrict me from doing anything…

Hmmm, well for sure I have no broken rib… I don’t think it’s a hernia either.

I think my midsection is just still a little overwhelmed from the new way I train. I have always lifted wights, but I never did 400-800 reps of abs or sprint train 95%+ twice a week.

Thanks for the replys though guys… Just wanted to run it past somebody.

Could also be the rib cage stretching. There would be no lump though, but they can get sore. Have you been to a Doc?

if you think you have a broken rib, you don’t.

comprende? :slight_smile:

I can attest to that - having had 3 of them.

Might be an adhesion between the ribs that requires skilled soft-tissue work to alleviate.

Number two, I’m pretty sure you’re on the mark! I can’t explain it, but I just “feel” that’s the issue. Thanks… I have not had a hands on massage in months…:o Hopefully I can get a full body massage next month.

But in the mean time, like just what I did today, I got my medball and rolled around with it massaging my upper body and I could feel it breaking up something and my muscles are no longer calling out to me that they are aching.

Thanks guys!

!Si, señor!

No, it’s not even that kind of pain to see a doc. From 1-10 in the scale of pain it’s a 1.