Marathon Plan

20 deg C less! WOW!

what time are you training?

What sort of knee pain? My R MCL has been giving me issues. :frowning:

We had a pretty savage Heat Wave the start of this week - not very nice. So temps back to normal - 6-7am for this mornings training, was around 19-20deg C. V’s wed arvo where it was nearly 40deg C.

Knee pain, nothing really - just tight lower quarter thigh muscles pulling on the tendons around the knee - after foamrolling the thighs and massage and stretching the pain goes away :slight_smile:

Ligament issues - ya better be careful there. Is there underlying tightness in hammies and or quads?

Same issue down south. We had 36 last week, and 14 yesterday…

Actually the Cadbury Marathon in Hobart was last Sunday and when the last runner finished it was 27 degree (at 1pm).

yeah keeping an eye on it, tightness mainly in hammies. Doing LOTS of foam rolling.

DMA - A summer time marathon!! Crazy
John - Best piece of foam i like for hammies is actually a 2.5 or 5kg weight disk attached to a bar. It gets into them hammies and loosens them up like nobodys business

2 hr run. Best time of day is from 5-7pm. The sun is out of sight by 6pm and it’s not dark till just after 7pm. Sooo much cooler. And it was overcast so shade for all the run :slight_smile:
Was doing well until i got to my previous longest run mark (1hr 40min) and started to need Water, and legs got heavy. Found a park with a water tap with 15min to go, so that was fantastic.
No issues with dehydration, was back to normal weight once i got home and drank 1ltr of Electrolytic drink and had some food.

Typically Nutrition wise this week has been ok, with the occasional meal of too many carbs (got to eat something if all the protein foods have been consumed…)
Pink salt has been a life saver this summer. Love it.

Total weekly time, 6hrs 20min - Still got Sunday to rack up an extra Hr

Thanks re that, I had been trying EMS but think that just aggravates it.

This is what I don’t get about there, dark just after 7pm, here it will be about 9.15 and on longest day about 9.45.

You are further south John. Hobart is similar to you.

Good job Bold

sorry, I meant that I can’t figure why they don’t have daylight saving there. I remember going to the Beach at Surfers when I was at Charlie’s seminar at 7am and the place was packed.

And shows how attentive I am :rolleyes: it didn’t get dark last night till just after 10pm.

Cheers guys
10pm!!! How are you supposed to get your kids off to sleep when it’s not even dark? Or yourself if you have to be up by 5am. I’m normally in bed by 8;30-9pm.

Feeling the effects from Saturdays long run, but not too much.
Plan was for at least 40min (to bring weekly total to 7hrs flat) and max 1hr
Ended up with 52min
1st 1km was pretty stiff, and next 4-5km was pretty average.
After that, the extra blood flow removed all crap from the body and i felt light and fast with no extra effort.

Total weekly - 7hrs 12min

After run - a self massage on all aspects of the legs

Monday, planned on an easy session however ended up time poor and missed my workout. Got about 20min of foamroll happening though.

Tuesday. Foamroll Hammies n calfs, ouch, few nasty areas.
Then did 45min circuit “mostly in the rain” then followed by a super busy 11hr work day.

Wed - Very humid day, must have been about 1million percent humidity… it boarded on insanity
65min of Circuit running and Tempo runs.
Felt very heavy and weak during the circuit, but as the Tempo progressed and removed training singlet, I started to cool off and become lighter.

Week to date 1Hr 50min. - So a bit behind schedule, what with missing Monday - and Thursday isn’t looking good for a big session, lack of time.
Might have to do a 1.5hr session on Fri, then 1hr Sat, then 2hrs 15min on Sunday (working up to 2.5hrs)

Thursday - Zero.
But - i did manage to get some much needed foamrolling done. Calfs and hammies seemed ok, but thighs, hip flexors and piriformis were nasty. Legs felt fantastic afterwards.

Friday - 1hr 20min - 30min run, 1st 10min were awful, but came good. Next 50min was running circuit. By this time, the sun came up and the humidity went through the roof… again… Lost about 2L of fluids, still trying to suck it all down ATM
A much more relaxed day today - If time permits, I’ll try to do 20min of water running in the afternoon. Be a good recovery workout for the legs.

Weekly total - 3hrs 10min

Sat and Sun - Off - Time to call this week a de-load.
Had some nasty hip flexor issues that needed massaging out and took all wkend to come good - i think i over did things in my speed work on Fri. (did some hill sprints)

Felt 100% better by Monday morning, feeling great everywhere.

Massive rain day today (monday)
Planned on a 1hr run or 14km - ended up doing 13.5km then doing 5 or so minutes of water running
Must have been the rain, but the water was FREEZING today - which was fantastic.
The rain made the joggers about double the weight also.

Ran the 1st 10km in 40min, or 4min per 1km pace. Then the next 3km in 3min 40pace average. Even in the rain. Didnt feel like i was hitting Lactatic threshold, maybe just under it. Normally i can feel it in my shoulders and tri’s before anywhere.

Being in the rain, i wore older shoes, so, had to Foamroll out the calfs once back. They seemed to recover pretty quick.

So - 1hr all up today including the water running.

30min road run, then 50min of running circuit

Feeling good, except for massive humidity and also how hot it makes you, and also how much harder it is to breath. Otherwise all good.
Done a good 1hr of foamrolling and self massage.

Total 1hr 20min,
Weekly total, 2hrs 20min

Flooded roads this morning from intense rain.
Lucky rain stopped by the afternoon and roads opened up. Made for some very humid training.
Ran just over 10km over a mostly up hill rolling hill course. Previous Aerobic pb is just under 41min one way and just over 39min the other way.
Today ran 40min flat, so a decent pb. Had an hrs rest whilst training some others. Then 10km run home. Was doing well till 30min then hunger got the best of me n just jogged home. I was on pace for 38min.
Felt good once I had a good feed.
Total 1hr 20min.
Weekly total 3hrs 40min.

Thursday - Horrid weather. I thought if i left training till just before dark, Around 6:30’ish then it might cool down - It didnt, plus i crashed and fell asleep soon after… No training = going to miss my weekly volume goal this week.

Fri - Missed the 1st 30min of a 1hr 20min session - Legs were heavy and sore, so did some much needed foamrolling instead. Geez they were sore and tight. Mental note, do it daily…
So completed a 50min running circuit program (in the rain) It’s crazy hard to breath in such humidity, i think it would be easier with gills this morning.

Weekly total - 4hrs 30min.

here is something you may ‘enjoy’…

Thanks John, are you a member? (some people make you laugh hey with how they bitch back n forth about certain things)

Sat, Sun and Mon - had a stomach bug that prevented any meaningful training
Sat - off
Sun - planed long run, made it 30min… making the weekly total 4hr 10min
Mon - Lasted 20min

Tue morning, feeling much better, though perhaps a bit dehydrated
Ran 30min - roughly 7.5km - then did 50min of running circuit
Total 1hr 20min
Weekly total 1hr 40min.

On monday, purchased some Innersoles arch supports - gel version, so nice and soft to allow the feet muscles to keep working.
After watching the Jane Project and also reading an article from a Naturapath who deals with athletes, This looks like the way to go.
Too early to really tell, but so far, indications are that this is something i should have done Years ago.

Wednesday - 50min including in that some Tempo 200’s
Felt heavy and sluggish - seems everybody was having a hard time with the high humidity
Still adjusting to the new innersoles - got to look out for blisters also.

Thursday - off. Too hot when i had time, and working when it was cooler… such is life

" Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now".
Try the arch supports but don’t be afraid to gradually introduce them to your training over time.
Putting something inside your shoe all of a sudden might be fine day 1 and 2 etc… When you are doing large volumes of repetitions just be careful. I do not mean to discourage your attempt to improve your situation. I do want to caution you from self administering something I have been carefully monitored on.
I also do not want to make it sound as though everyone can or should be using foot inserts
Mike Forgraves is one of the top experts in the business and he lectures around the world and goes to the World Championships and Olympics as an advisor and consultant.
If you like I can inquire about a possible Skype session to advise. It might also be possible he knows the best person in your area or can find out.
I don’t mean to suggest you have not done due dilgence with your decsion tree of thinking either.
Continued success in this exciting pursuit and thank-you for sharing your training with us.