GPP and next season planning

Good point about the lifting RB34.

I’m 37, and have been training with my Pfaff guy all summer, and haven’t lifted a stitch, have just been throwing the medball with good results.

It’s amazing how much I now feel that I was overdoing the lifting last outdoor season. Once the distances available get longer when you get outdoors, I think masters guys especially may really have to watch the lifting volumes.

It have to do with absolute performance too. When I was a 300pd dealifter I was able to do one time a week with no harm, but as I increased strength, It smashed my nervous system for two weeks…didn’t like It at all. Since then my lower body lifting is very low volume.

something like

squat 2x6-8, 201
UNI hips thrust 3x8, 311
UNI leg curl 3x8, 311

and only one time a week on friday


Lower body weights twice per week after speed sessions? Squat once deadlift another? Or still too much?

try It, notice how It infuence sprint performance, If It decrease then cut volume by half one week and try again.

Many do It that way and can recover quite well

Hi RB34,

So you are saying that it’s okay to do sp-wts-tempo-sp-wts-tempo-rest if the weights are kept simple and not crazy. so basically slightly lower intensity and vol than if they were placed on speed days correct?

What if I do the weights a day after a speed day which consists accel and EFE runs but I keep the intensity (75-85%) and vol just as high if they were on the same day?
After 2-3 weeks of that and a deload week I will incorporate max velocity work and ease off on the weights a bit as well as incorporate weights on the same day as speed.

My other question is would the sp-wts-tempo set up allow for more natural testosterone + GH release? Then I would be able to have a strong accel phase + stronger strength levels heading into max velocity work? And by decreasing the wts intensity I would use more of my CNS cup to work on top speed?

What do you think?

I’m doing a very hurried speed program to help my 40 yd dash for fun which basically consisted of 4 weeks of hills which I could consider as GPP. Now I’m moving onto the track to work on a few weeks of accels and a few weeks of max vel afterwards.


Yes, I tried the sp-wts-tempo template - you must be careful because you are fresher on the weight days so don’t go crazy. I like the template because each session is 60-90mins long which is nice if you work a ton of hours. I don’t think the weights has to be much different, the point I was trying to make is not to do 10 different etc.

RB34 ?

Would you put no tempo for the block #3 & 4 to increase recovery or still maintain It CFTS style to act as an active recovery?

Also I like the idea of putting maxVelocity my Itself, but If I want to work on the drive phase and I work 0-30 one side and Flying 40-60 the other, when would you put drive phase work? In the maxV day? like 3x60m?

Tempo is still done - one day on grass and another day on the bike/gs circuits.

Also I like the idea of putting maxVelocity my Itself, but If I want to work on the drive phase and I work 0-30 one side and Flying 40-60 the other, when would you put drive phase work? In the maxV day? like 3x60m?

Not sure what you are asking?

ok mmm If I only do start as bend-over as I can 0-30m

and the other day only Flying 20 - 40m fully stand up

Is there a time to practice smooth transition between the two element accelation and top speed?

I’m sure you could do flys+1-2x60’s since the flys would be submax OR:

Mon: Flys
Wed: Starts
Fri: 60’s

Flyes are submax? what about 20E/20F/20E

Yes, focus on tech aspects - if you look at CFTS graphs 2 out of the 3 weeks the flys were submax if you look at the int limit

I’ll check this thanks

100m 12,55s (down 0,30s) 1 month after + 1 hamstring injury that shut me down 2 weeks

Last training of the season

20m 2,81
60m 7,49 (45F/15E)

Du to financial reasons, I am considering about doing a very long GPP (3 month) OCT-NOV-DEC and after pay for the indoor track JAN-FEB-MAR-APR (200m) and then going outdoor.

plyo emphasis stride rate*

13 weeks - (oct + nov + dec) Focus 0-30m
med ball throws + ub bw work for strength
uphill accel work on concrete
Light plyo from weeks 5 to 12 (on box jumps + fast skips + quick feet drills)
Bw circuit & tempo work on a uphill concrete

17 weeks (jan + feb + march + april) Focus 30-60m
med ball throws +ub weight work
spikes accel work on track + top speed drill (20E/20F/20E) + Flying 30-40
Mid intensity plyo (two legs bounds + fast skips)
Tempo work on track and/or Bw circuit

2 weeks transition - off ( 2 first weeks of may)

15 weeks (2 last of may + june + july + august) Focus 60-100m
med ball throws +ub weight work
emphasis speed 60-70m, speed endurance 80-100-120m
Low intensity plyo (fast skips)
Tempo work on track and/or Bw circuit

5 weeks transition - off (september)

For the 12 weeks max to work speed, does that apply to 0-30m as well? Since I will not compete next season, the low week to cut the longer periods of speed training would be accel only or tempo only, sub-max?

here are the results so far from the gpp

2x5x25m uphill past pb 3,68s today 3,68 + 3,63 + 3,62 (-0,25s in 2 months)

3x120m uphill past pb 13,20s today 13,04s + 13,08s (-0,70s in 2 months)

Thursday new pb 30m with spikes 3.97s / 3.96s

this week 30m new pb 3,86

60m 7,26