GPP and next season planning

GPP 8 weeks (3+1 / 3+1) 3 weeks hard / 1 easy

UB general strength + Light cardio

Tempo (2000m) + abs circuit

Accel uphill (0-30m) + Med.Ball throws (maybe 3x10 throws low volume)

UB general strength + Light cardio

Tempo (2000m) + abs circuit

Accel uphill (0-30m) + LB gen. strength

Therapy day

critics are welcome

manual timing from 3 stances except for the 10m done in blocks
10m 1,56
20m 2,87
30m 3,99
40m 5,02
60m 7,32 (shutting down at 50m hamstring tight)
100m 12,85 awful time I know…only did twice this summer up to now

Did concentrate more on shorter distance in the last year as you can see my 100m is bad.

Do you see any validity in puting some SE in SPP training for the indoor If only the 60m are done? I found them to be helpful, since It’s a huge weakness for me.

This is what I have planned for my SPP.

SPP #1 12 weeks (2+1 / 2+1 / 2+1 / 2+1)

UB max strength

Tempo (1200m) + abs

Intensive tempo to SE (90-150m) no curve on a slight uphill flat ground + abs

UB general strength

Tempo (800m) + abs

Accel (0-30m) + top speed (30-60m) + LB

Therapy day

ultimate goals: 6.90s in comp 60m / 10.40s in comp 100m

How old are you? How tall are you? What is your body type? What is your training age?

Your 60 looks to be around 7.95 electric , and if you were shutting down, then I guess you have more in the tank.

There are some very interesting ways you can get some lactic work into your SPP, you might want to talk to KitKat or ESTI about that.

30 years old, 6 feet tall, 210pounds bw, train sprint since 2005 but I had a big injury that shut me down 2008-2009

btw my electric tim is about 7,60 in comp


Just wondering where you got the goals of 6.90s for the 60m and then a goal of 10.40s for the 100m. Curious as a 6.90s to 60m means you would be lucky to be hitting 10.5-10.7m/s. So to then run a 10.40s you would have to split 3.50s through the last 40m which is approximately an average of 11.4-11.5m/s. Its not likely you would continue to accelerate beyond that 60m point at a rate that would allow the 10.4 to be run off 6.90s 60m speed.

On the other note of adding SE in your SPP program I would keep it simple…that is speed endurance doesn’t seem to be your weakness based on your current best times, its pure MV that needs to be developed based on your previous PBs. So a simple plan of speed, tempo, speed, tempo, speed, tempo could be a simple and great start to start as you would be able to get in sufficient amounts of speed to develop that aspect which requires work. Remember you aim is to endure speed and at the moment you need to develop that speed that will help you hit those target times you wish to do so in the future. then you can worry about enduring speed.

All the best

I would ditch the intensive tempo in SPP.

Could you put the speed elements after the easier session or therapy session?

thank you for your imput, I need more max velocity work for sure!

my 60m and 100m times were not linked each other, they were only significant times I would like to hit, like a 315pounds bench press and 225pounds military press, for example.

so, If I understand u, not SE until maxV goals are reached, have u an objectif mark to set this or would It simply better to continue until I reach a plateau.

Ditch the intensive tempo because It’s submaximal speed?

I don’t undertand your last sentence since my speed sessions are always after a day of easy tempo


Maybe swap the first session tto the second session

Accel uphill (0-30m) + Med.Ball throws (maybe 3x10 throws low volume)

UB general strength + Light cardio

no access to the track on weekends + It takes me 72h after deep therapy to recover.

It’s not that cut and dry, you must look at your training calendar. You may only have 8-10 weeks then you must move on to SE if you have hopes on running a decent time. Very similar to the LSU setup and many other college programs - with a shorten season you will have to move on at times.

LSU aren’t they doing long to short pattern? If not please tell me some details.

I start my GPP from october and would go about 6 weeks to mid november. It leaves me around 8 weeks to the first comp and 12 weeks before the end (provincial final).

october 4 weeks gpp
november 2 weeks gpp / 2 weeks spp 1
december 4 weeks spp 1
january 4 weeks spp 1
february 2 weeks spp 2 / 2 weeks comp.

the curves in the 200m indoor are absolutely deadly and to be honest I don’t find 60m with submaximal rest to be that helpful.

Is the 200 your primary event? Do you have 2 or 3 hi days?

100m primary event, 2 high intensity day

Any reason behind the 2 high days - work/school etc?

Why does it take you that long to recover from the deep therapy? What is your injury status like?

I found when I hit 30, I had to become more careful in training and in essenced reduced the high intensity session by 10 - 20% and increased recovery sessions by 50% to maintain my training ability.

If you wanna include int tempo - I’ll probably lean towards the format below:

Block 1: 4 weeks
Mon/Thur: short hills
Tue/Fri: tempo
Wed: Gs circuits

Block 2: 4 weeks
Mon/Fri: short hills
Wed: long hills ex 4-6x200m
T/Th: tempo

Block 3:
Mon: Speed ex FEF/EFE (300m tv)
Wed: Spec Ed ex 2x250
Fri: Contrast Accel ex 4x30 sled+3x30 flat (200-240 tv)

Block 4:
Mon: Speed ex Flys/60’s
Wed Se 200-180-150
Fri: Accel

Hope this helps…

Really like the way things are done in your plan. The only reason I did two high intensity days were that I need some time to recover after high intensity, but the way you spread thing around, that might work pretty well.

this helped a lot!!

I have been training with the university but with two plan I hated:

FB weight
FB weight

FB weight+tempo+abs
FB weight + tempo+abs
speed end.
FB weight+tempo+abs

the two patterns always left me sore and exausted since I am really an intense person I give my best. I was thinking they knew better than me at that time.

the last year I traine that way and It was much better, but something were missing…

speed+ weights

simply had better experience with that pattern:


maybe more like 48h, but still sometimes It take me 72h…

for now I am in my best maybe since 2004 when I started sprint health wise. i had many injuries that was caused by false technique and maybe pushing/driving too hard.

The plans you listed can work esp if the wts aren’t crazy:

Keep the weights simple if you were to do sp-wts-tempo:

Squats 3x6
Bench 4x3
Rows 3x6

just to make you laugh I’ll show you what the weight was

  1. Snatch 8-6-4-2 (+5kg, +5kg, +5kg)
  2. Squat 8-6-4-2 (+10kg, +10kg, +5kg)
  3. Bench press 8-6-4-2 (+5kg, +5kg, +5kg)
  4. Seated rowing 3x8
  5. Seated dumbell press 3x8
  6. Leg Curl 3x10, same weight
  7. Calves 3x10, same weight dynamic execution
  8. Vertical leg elevations 4x15
  9. Oblique seated crunch 2x50

First week( serve as a week of anatomic adaptation followed by maybe 8 weeks of maximal strength)

8-6-6-4 (#1-2-3)
3x10 (#4-5-6)
3x15 (#7)
idem (8,9)