rogue leader...

the ridge, 30/12
100m: 12.21s w+0.7
200m: 25.77s w+0.9

pretty disappointed with this outcome. I’ve been training well and getting some good 60m times, but I buggered up the start of the 100 and it probably cost me a pb. I have another shot at it this wednesday…

the ridge, 6/1
100m: 12.17, +2.5
200m: 26.47, +1.8

when I first checked the computer at the track for my result I looked at the wrong time and thought I had run 12.4! I was pretty relieved 24 hours later when I saw th actual result online.

still, with that win I shoud have done better. I had a solid start, but I felt myself overstriding in the middle part of the race, reaching for a top speed tha I don’t have.
the 200 was rubbish, but I had been standing around in the cold for 20mins waiting for my race. didn’t really run hard, but my time will come later in the season for the 200…

Well, its been almost a year and a half. Time to update my journal, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

In athletics terms there’s not a heap to report. Baby number two and a new full time job have pretty much dominated the last year. I am only just starting to find the spare time and energy to get back in to things. I’ve lost a fair bit of weight during my periods of inactivity, and my general fitness and strength are rubbish, so I’m basically starting from scratch. I picked up a treadmill to use during winter and term time, and the mini tramp seems to work well as a sprinting substitute. I’ve recently started working on my upper back strength, hamstrings and squats, as well as general strength work. I’m just now starting to feel like I’m ready and able to start hitting the track again.

So hopefully this is where I pick up.

Wish me luck…

About two days after my last post I injured my back moving furniture and was a cripple for about a week. Since then I have gradually resumed my upper body strength work and have had two light running sessions. A lot of my energy has been going into gardening lately (digging up roots and pulling up grass) but I should be able to start some decently organised and structured training pretty soon as I am almost done…

no good re your back, will be interested to see how things go.

The back is just a temporary setback. What’s encouraging is how quickly and thoroughly I have recovered. No squats for another 10 days, then its full steam ahead…

Upper back and shoulder dumbell exercises

Hamstring raises, 5:5

my hammies have been an issue for me in the past, so I have been putting a fair bit of focus into strengthening them up before I start on my speed work. I’ve basically been doing those reverse hyper exercises, only I get my daughter to sit on the back of my knees and she sings songs about airoplane rides while I do it. I think she’s somewhere between 12-15kg.

track-wise, I’ve been able to locate a grass track about 10 minutes drive from home, which is a fair bit more convenient than the 45 minute drive I was putting up with when I first moved here. the best thing is that the long jump runway has recently been resurfaced, so I can do tempo runs on the grass and speed work on the long jump track. I think it’s only about 50m or so, but it’s the best thing in this area…

Kneeling leg extensions 3:20

Warm up 1x400m treadmill, 9kmh
Mini-tramp 2x20 steps, 95%
bent over tricep extension 1:30 (each arm) 2kg

Still easing my way into things, but starting to feel pretty decent. I devised a way to work out my quads which compliments the hamstring exercises I’ve been doing. Also decided to get started on a little bit of speed work today, although the pouring rain meant I had to rely on my indoor set up. The mini-tramp (who I have named ‘snooky’) work is more like top speed than acceleration, but it is certainly better than staring at the rain.

I’ve been using the tricep extension because it is really good for the upper back area where I am weak. I usually use heavier weight and lower reps, but tonight I stumbled upon my gf’s dinky little dumbell set, so I decided to take them for a spin…

dumbell press, 7.5kg, 3:30

warm up (10x10, 5x30 - 50-75%)
3pt accelerations, 5x10m

the long jump runway is a touch over 30m long, so I can fix my blocks to one end and run myself into the sand. feels beautiful to run on, as well. I reckon I got pretty lucky there.

feeling good. getting some momentum…

I reckon you got pretty lucky too. Good to see things progressing.

Warm up - 30min lawn mowing. :wink:
Squats - 2:5, 50kg

Still feeling my way a bit in terms of my back. Just baby steps today…

reverse hypers, 1:20 + 2:10 15kg
kneeling leg ext, 1:20 + 2:20 15kg

warm up, 400m @ 9kmh
tramp sprints, 3x20 steps

I was planning to do speed yesterday and tempo today, but it’s the first week of school and I haven’t been sleeping well, so I was pretty wiped yesterday. feeling much fresher today after a decent night of rest, for once. thanks, ladies… :wink:

db press, 3:30, 7.5kg

warm up (12x25m, 50->80%)
3pt start, 6x10m
squats, 3:5, 50kg

well, it looks like I’ve found a new training partner. when I went to the track today I took my daughter along and we lined up beside each other on parallel long jump tracks taking it in turns to ‘start’ each other and run up to the end…

cool :slight_smile: how old is she?

Coming up to 4 and a half…

Treadmill Tempo
1x400 (12kmh)
1x300 (12kmh)
1x200 (16kmh)

I think the pace was a little quick today. I’ll bring it back to around 10-14 next time…

reverse hyper - 1:20, 5:5 (15kg)
kneeling leg ext - 1:30, 3:20 (15kg)

Db bench - 3:30 (7.5kg)
rev hyper - 2:10 (15kg)
bent tri extension - 2:10 (7.5kg)

various Db exercises
shoulders, biceps, back, drop squats

treadmill - 400m @ 9kmh
mini-tramp sprints - 2x10stp, 3x20stp

It has been raining heaps around here, so I’ve had to resort to purely indoor training.

Seems like my posterior strength is improving. Gotta get those quads stronger, somehow…

various leg and back exercises that I didn’t keep track of.

rev hyper: 2:10 (~15kg)
warm up: 10x30m (50-75%)
speed: 3 pt starts 3x20m 95%+

it’s been raining and storming like crazy this month. the wettest summer I can remember.

tried something different yesterday. I did some hamstring exercises a few hours before I went to the track to see if activating the muscles prior to sprinting would help me (some ideas I got reading pavel’s training in this thread , as well as watching charlie’s video where he talks about the ripple effect of muscle stimulation). I wasn’t timing myself on these runs, but the first two especially felt really good. I think I’ll try this method again next week…

treadmill 400m @ 9kmh, 300m A 12kmh, 200m @ 16kmh, 300m @ 6kmh

olympic lifts - ~20kg

treadmill 400m @ 9kmh
mini tramp 20stp, 40stp, 50stp
rev hyper 1:30
kneeling extension 1:20

found a heavy keyboard at work that we don’t need, so I’m going to use that to do a bit of lifting before I go home, every now and then… :wink:

You must live near me?! Re- rain