Sanya Richards Working Out!

Another personal trainer training a high level athlete, hack squats with a ball between her legs - makes me want to vomit.

Leg press is the key to 400m gold.

Don’t forget pawing the ground with resistance.

That’s how Dr. Yessis produces all those beasts.

This is why Track coaches need to brush up on lifting.

Including all those peeps he had in the photos of his book. Like that sprinter who looked like he was doing the triple jump with straight arms, whilst apparently sprinting with ‘good technique.’

The ‘critique’.

I bet you guys were gettin’ a rock on really.

Split high pulls? :confused:

I thought only overhead lifts would need a split?

Look like she’s doing db split snatch - leg press = hack squat etc.

does anyone else notice a trend toward eccentric work with the top sprinters these days…

all these machine squats (smith, hack, even leg press) means the athletes are controling the eccentric alot more than they would on a regular squat. looking at bolt, powel and even gay, machine seems to play a part and now with Sanya

…just a thought

The only real trend I’ve noticed is top athletes and/or their event coaches being increasingly duped by un-qualified, poorly trained strength coaches. People who don’t even deserve the title of strength coach-imo.

Are you joking? I hope you are.

What a boring and uninspiring video…

What is the point in this video…? the trainning is crap, and she has nothing of any interest to say.

This Blog or whatever she is doing, has nothing on HSI.

Totally pointless trainning video, from a boring athlete.

Okay Pioneer… that was funny. I’m still laughing at that brilliant response.

Apparently, everone needs a personal trainer these days…

Powell doesn’t do many if any machines, that has been confirmed numerous times by numerous sources.

Besides that one article that I am not sure is actually real, I have never read or heard that Bolt does machines much. Do you have a link?

2 questions. why is she doin a hack squat with a medicine ball between her legs and why is she doing 1-legged cycles in the gym when she is about to run with clyde hart?

The ball keeps the knees from bowing inwards, typical personal trainer tool. What happen to teaching the athlete proper tech or maybe using another movement.

The guy she is currently with has a really, really big head! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, it sucks to see such nonsense, but my take is that certain athleates are just gifted to where it does not matter what they do because they will always be good. Such is probably the case for Sayna.

I can bare witness to 9.9/20.5 athleates doing little, or hardly any gym work compared to CFTS/HSI. These athleates also ran impressve times under horrible handing of their coaches and respective staff.

But you think this is something… I once went to a training studio/“gym” in Los Angeles (around Santa Monica) where Allyson Felix trained in the off season around 2004 and the owner of the gym told me that he would have her use 5lbs weights for super high reps for 1-2 months for strict form then progress. I’m quite serious. The crazy thing is, this place did not seem to be going out of business anytime soon.