Relays composition

Today 4x100 heats…anyone has links with different nation’s formations?
Interesting to see Jamaica team…no Bolt, No Powell, no Blake maybe…
With Gay in and Powell out, Usa team is not condemned before even beginning…

You guys see Lemaitre’s 4x100m leg, very fast.

Is it going to be fast enough to get the lower case q?

Jesus Christ, how big is GB’s anchor???

Italy is obviously going to win the final in 36.9

Is it Tyrone Edgar?

Harry A-A
even bigger

Always incredibly dangerous to have two spares going;
1: Germany might have put Jamaica out if they hadn’t dropped the stick
2: What lane will they end up with now? I don’t know how it is decided. Do the small qs get the inner two lanes or is it drawn as in other events. Top 4 draw from 3456 and others 1278??
Would be awful if they end up in 1.

T&FN Message boards are saying the chances for Jamaica to get 1, 2, 7, 8 are about equal

Awful Jamaica…if Powell is out…so are gold hopes…Understand they were controllling but…How fast is Lemaitre???gained ground to Thompson easily…but not usual frech baton handling…pretty poor in my opinion as a whole…

I wonder how much the IAAF will get involved. If they did, Jamaica would magically get lane 7.

I hope they do not get 1…a shame the rules of 4x100 demands 4 guys…could be 2x100+ bolt x200…:slight_smile: and game over!

It’s from the specific lifting my friend. :slight_smile:

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when the lanes are drawn. They aren’t up yet on the IAAF meet site



If Germany had run to form, Jamaica and Canada would be split by reading the photo finish to the thousanths to see who went through! It wasn’t that tough a heat but the hurdler the Jamaicans had on first leg got killed.

Now the US is out…

The part in bold above happened today in the women’s 200 m final -the two ‘q’ were in lanes 1 and 2 (and with the 8th and 7th time, respectively, if I remember correctly).

There has been a British protest against the USA in the relay for passing EARLY.
This is very strange indeed. They obviously set up conservative passes to not go out but this should never happen because the outgoing runner shouldn’t put the hand back till he’s into the beginning of the zone. Contact was made before the zone but the pass inside.
So now two controversies for the IAAF to deal with, if, in fact they can, to preserve a major attraction for the games:
1: What lane for Jamaica?
2: Can they keep the USA in?
Since Asafa is extremely doubtful for the final and it’s looking like a record by Jamaica isn’t possible, will the IAAF try to do anything or just lets the chips fall where they may.

That would be huge for Jamaica.

That’s what Patton said they did, indeed!

Re: my previous comment, I don’t know the rule, but that’s what happened in 200 m W final… (they actually had the exact same time of 22.64, but Freeman was given a spot ahead of Artymata on the photofinish and therefore (?) lane 2 to her and lane 1 to the Cypriot). We’ll see…