Putting CF out of business

EvoSport may be putting CF out of business:


Hahaha. What the hell is going on at 3:55 ?

explosive jerk offs. duh

I thought they were explosive butt wipes.

What the hell is this track porn? Adn who the hell is nicole davis.

Chill out pervert, this is our forum member girlfirend she will soon be faster then you.


Shit my bad didnt know. still looks like porn. ill erase my post. oh and fuck you! untill you run an outdoor meet this season dont talk any shit!

LOL, I’ll open the whip ass on you next weekend. I’m staying downtown Miami…

lol well hit me up. I missed practice for the last two days. Just bought a new whip from ga. driving back with it now

I don’t care, still going to give you the business. I may beat you by 15meters.!! :slight_smile:

Then you will wake up from your dream. I doubt you will be in my heat. you will be like some of them other losers and send in a outrageous time.

Not like you Mr. 10.7… 10.85 and 22.40 are my seed times. Don’t you agree by looking at my workout times?

That is about all the loving she is going to get on this site. She ran 7.99. A bit away from that goal. I wonder what Evo-Sport would say.

ok you seem realistic. I dont send my times in. Well may be a chance for me to beat you back to texas. Ill regain my form against yo ugly ass!

She faster now…

Sorry Christopher you won’t beat me this year may you have better luck next year, you probably retire after I get done kicking that ass.

What has she run? The 7.99 was from this winter @ ETSU. Slower than she ran in college.

Evo-sport, who are these nimrods? Are these the Jay shroeder people?

What do you mean putting CF out of business.

What I saw was what I was doing 15+ years ago, with bad technique. The last time I felt I was watching a peep show was at a ATFCA conference, one of the presenters was awarded his level 5 for it.

They ain’t got right it yet.

Has anyone seen “Freak of Training”? Looked more like a parkour video that a training one. Lets jump as high as we can off a 4 foot box and land in a lunge position. Right before the jump a large warning sign is posted on the screen!!!:confused: