Postural question for CF.

Charlie, what type of cues, if any, do you provide for your athletes to attain the “design posture” and high hips for getting into the sprint position?

On the same topic - I have TWO athletes in my group with exactly the same problem … they have a good starting technique and up to 60m (more or less) they are in the front group. BUT they are NOWHERE the last 40m.

Which cues can I give them? How can I train this … F/E/F? Anything else? For example - to open their hands, relax shoulders or something similar? Any postural changes?

Thanks for the assistance!

Tell them to concentrate on keeping the back straight and the shoulders down and relaxed. Make sure they are stepping down and not pushing back or they will loose control over the late stages of the race.

Charlie’s comments are right on. I learned from him very early on in my development as a sprint coach that you need to impart the concept of vertical action (not pushing or pulling horizontally) when executing stride mechanics.

Running in a “phone booth” (although there aren’t many around now that we are in the cell phone age) is what I tell my athletes. This is why the Marching, Skipping and Running “A” drills must be performed regularly to reinforce the vertical action of stepping down, and not out. I don’t use the “B” drills for this very reason.

Watch the GPP Essentials video again to see what Charlie develops early on in the training season.

Thank you SO much for the ‘speedy replies’!! I’ve started with your recommendations this afternoon and WOW …!!! what a difference! Will continue tomorrow when we do some speed endurance - will keep you updated.

what about when comments are made that you appear to going too much straight up rather than forward?

Prob goes back to the first point about the shoulders being up and the hips locked.

That’s great. Keep us posted but make sure you assess how they’re doing before tomorrow’s session. If they were going faster today, there may be residual fatigue even if they feel great leaving the days session. You may need to wait another day for the SE

can you tell from this vid? Slow mo face on starts at 38 sec


Looks ok from what I can see but really need a side on view

Thanks, I’ll see what I can arrange.

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Rupert, I can’t tell by looking at the store what is on sale and what is not? Can you refresh my memory, please?

Just checking again on what, exactly, is on sale-I don’t see anything specfically marked.

If you go to the online store, THEN click on something, say the Key Concepts Elite Version, the linked page gives you the sale price. And the GPP DVD IS on sale as Rupert says–but you have to look for that sale price.

Rupert, given that you have customers with various levels of experience on the site as well as on the track, I suspect you’ll get more business if you can give either the sale price or a menu button that says “Sale” on the top-level store page.

Good stuff by both you and Charlie on this topic. Simple, effective and to the point!

Thanks. I did finally pick up on how to see what was actually on sale.

One of my group has that problem, usually when under pressure. Its as if the legs are moving fast but nothing much happens. It looks like the sprint action is almost all up and down as if he was doing running A’s, its an exagerration but its the best way I can put it. Charlie would you reckon its most likely shoulder related ?