NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming and coaching

I was reading one book ‘Introduction to NLP’ before couple of years, and recently I was returned to the subject. It seems that the NLP is very interesting and especially applicable in coaching. Any thoughts on this…

This is a book I planned to get, so if anyone read it please let me know how it is, or if anyone knows another good and practical source of info please let me know

A good practicioner is probably best to speak with first.
It’s not the easiest thing to learn from a book.

I have read a few books on the subject now. I gave most away so cant remember the exact title name etc.

It can seem confusing to start off with - you really need to commit time to study n learn it - practice it daily, on yourself.

I know when as an athlete when i was running my best times, i was following NLP as a tool at the time. Helps to focus on the task if your suffering mentally.

Its interesting, if you do it right, you certainly notice an improvement. (unless your mental game is right up there as it is).

I took away from my NLP research and readings was to try to teach in the manner that best suits the individualt. The visual, the kinesthetic, and the auditory. It is easy to find someones most effective mode of learning. It isn’t always congruent with our preferred mode of teaching.

I would also suggest you check the literature on Constraints led approach. Here is the interview I did with one of the leaders in this field.

I know there is a circle of the guys who are into picking up girls in high volumes that are into NLP. There are videos and forums on the net about it. Look up Ross Jeffries.

Familiar :slight_smile: The beauty is that you can practice the techniques and get immediate feedback :slight_smile:

Yes sir!:smiley:

Thanks Duxx, going to read it now.

One of my athletes used this process and found it to balance his emotion at that time to give a greater focus on his set tasks. He felt that his reaction to the gun was improved and even though his form wasn’t spectacular he said that each time he raced after an NLP session there was nothing more he could have put down on the track due to his alertness and focus.

It is certainly something that would be good to follow up.

I think it is more to utilizing sound psychological skills and sound coaching philosophy than relying to couple of techniques such as NLP (although it provides good overall system).
I am currently interested into psychology of coaching and I am thinking about getting these:

Psychological Skills Training: Application to Elite Sport Performance

“It seems that NLP develops models which can’t be verified, from which it develops techniques which may have nothing to do with either the models or the sources of the models. NLP makes claims about thinking and perception which do not seem to be supported by neuroscience. This is not to say that the techniques won’t work. They may work and work quite well, but there is no way to know whether the claims behind their origin are valid. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. NLP itself proclaims that it is pragmatic in its approach: what matters is whether it works. However, how do you measure the claim “NLP works”? I don’t know and I don’t think NLPers know, either. Anecdotes and testimonials seem to be the main measuring devices. Unfortunately, such a measurement may reveal only how well the trainers teach their clients to persuade others to enroll in more training sessions.”