Merlene Ottey W50 11.67

Ottey sets another world record
Merlene Ottey.

Legendary sprinter Merlene Ottey set another world record for the Masters women 100 metres when she sped to 11.67 seconds in the Slovenian Athletics League.

Competing against athletes as much 29 years younger, Ottey clocked 11.67 to qualify for the 100 meter final where she then clocked 11.71 for second place.

Ottey, who turned 50 in May, was also entered for the 200 metres but did not compete.

No wind reading I could find. Before Merlene turned 50, the W50 record was something like 12.5.

That is simply astounding.

What are the fastest female 100m times (open) for Canada so far this year? I would think there are just a handful of women running faster than that in their prime.

Just checked…

1 11.52 1.1 POWER, ADRIENNE
2 11.64 1.0 GRIFFITHS, MIANA

Only two Canadian females have run faster than a 50 year old. Wonderful…

Haha yeah. Strong sprinting from us Canadians, though if I remember correctly Shai got pretty close in Moncton (11.71 I think).

wind reading for 11.67(rt 0.155) was +0.9 and for 11.71(rt 0.157) +0.4

Just hillarious…There was a funny looking Canadian chick that ran the 100 at the under 23 champs here in fla. She got beat to death. Her and her mom had terrible weaves!

Event 17 Women 100 Meter Dash

   NACAC: @ 10.49  7/16/1988   Florence Griffith-Joyner, USA              
Name                    Year Team                   Semis     Finals  Wind

1 Tarmoh, Jeneba United States of 11.51 11.00 2.2
2 Henry, Samantha Jamaica 11.63 11.25 2.2
3 Wilson, Kenyanna United States of 11.75 11.32 2.2
4 Hackett, Semoy Trinidad and Tobago 11.65 11.33 2.2
5 Hawthorne, Tricia Ann Jamaica 11.77 11.53 2.2
6 Reece, Shakera Barbados 11.93 11.71 2.2
7 Griffiths, Miana Canada 11.83 11.73 2.2
8 Williams, Tameka St. Kitts & Nevis 11.85 12.78 2.2

We should convince Merlene to switch her citizenship to Canadian. At least she is a solid lock for the 4x100m team!

Her mom too? Awful. The potential for weaves is pretty high:

On the plus side for Canada, Sam ran a 10.06 to win.

Yea it was worse than that and she had a ton of makeup on. she looked like a tranny.

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Fool i live in miami remember. If you wanna survive you better be able to spot one. I guess you cant spot one. Damn I hope you didnt fall for the trick already :frowning:

The speed at which you two can go off topic is faster than you can run a 100m. :slight_smile:

Look who’s talking…??

Some Trannies can be gorgeous:p

…Getting back on topic… Does anyone have a video of Ottey’s race?

No, but here is a recent 11.95 +0.9m/s. She is very lean, as you can see by the camera following her around after the race.

The former W50 world record was 12.50 sec. set by American Phil Raschker in 1997.

I just uploaded the womens under 23 100 race. Thread and race cna be found here. I am currently uploading a better quality vid of the mens race.

OMG, she looks good. Wow!

She will run today at Slovenian nationals and she is also at the start list for 200m tomorow,

Even at nearly 50 years old, I bet she would be an amazing root! :cool: