Training for Tryouts

sat july 23

dynamic warm-up w/ backflip and human flag added
5x28" hill runs r:6’
circuits c
static stretch


-minor hamstring soreness, pecs and biceps still tender
-practiced stepping down (i think that’s the key to my hip height issue), keeping my arms closer to 90* and exiting at a lower angle during my warm up accels

sun july 24

weigh in -> 146

static stretch


hot tub

mon july 25

dynamic warm up w/ flip and human flag added
technique work (starts, hills and flys)

jump rope
75 contacts plyos

functonal warm up
mon weights
static stretch

-didn’t really keep track of volume today but worked on transfering running a form to top speed mechanics and exiting lower and getting my hips more through at the start
-i know stopwatches arent great, but i set up a 30 and ran it 2pt and did the stopwatch myself (clicked it on first movement and when my chest went by the 30) and got a 3.91. all i did was exit a bit lower and tried to accel through the 30. we’ll see if that mentality really workes when i get video time on thursday

tues july 26

functional warm up
18’ run

jump rope
circuits a
tues weights
static stretch

-soreness getting less significant as im adjusting to a heavier workload again. still felt it a bit in quads, glute, obliques, triceps and abs
-in warming up i did a couple a runs into a fly and a 3pt start trying to exit with more force directed horizontally as opposed to vertically and it felt good, cant wait to try out these adjustments on thursday

You won’t be disappointed, I was a starter for 10 years before I started to coach the start. It gets more involved but that should be enough to get you where you want to be.

thanks for the support! i’m not quite sure of what your last sentence means tho…

wed july 27

weigh in -> 149

elliptical warm up
static stretching

thurs july 28

dynamic warm up w/ backflip and human flag added
spike build accel
3x30m full recovery 4.10, 4.07, 4.10
3x30m fly full recovery (30m build, 30m build, 40m build) 3.40,3.17,~2.9 (1.00 for last 10m)
3x standing vertical (all around 32")
1x500m 1:27

functional warm-up
thurs lifting

circuits c
static stretch


-pr’s all around today. wind was pretty negligable and was a headwind if blowing at all yet i managed to run bests in all three tests. vertical wasnt as great as its been but i guess thats to be expected after a better than normal running session
-all times are from video frames
-in the 30m i tried to keep lower longer and it seems to have worked as with no tailwind i still ran my best. i liked the fly much better with a larger run-in, one can see my time improved a lot. i just kept running a’s in my head and my hip height, rom and such looks much better


3 pt start from today, exited lower. i overstride a tiny bit but i have more force being applied backwards instead of down which are pluses


vertical jump from today, bit lower than usual (i can get rim most of the time) im trying to reduce my angle before jumping bc its kinda deep. produce force more quickly is the goal


last 10+m of a flying 30. looking and feeling better already

you have to show the coach you have sub 11 potential to be on a track team is where you want to be. Running fast:-controlling your cog in a forward plane and having a training plan is not the whole equation.

Shift the butt forward in front of footplant don’t shorten the stride length

You are taking off flat footed with knees forward. Try transferring weight backward by having the knees back, heel up and toes dorsiflexed. The goal is to make the jump more quad dominant with less ground contact.

yes yes, of course

as in less unfolding of the leg and more hip rotation to compensate?

so closer to a right angle for my foot and shin, knees more in a squat position which would mean more of a forward angle for my back to keep balance i assume. i notice many of the better nfl combine jumpers do those

fri july 29

functional warm up
1600m grass tempo
(2, 5x1, 1, 5x1, 2)

jump rope
fri lifting
static stretch

-i think i will restructure my weekly schedule for the week and a half before i leave for college orientation i also need to talk to the coach abut access to training facilities for the week before practice starts
-lower quad soreness, minor pectoral soreness

I don’t get “less unfolding of the leg”.

will do for starters