Training for Tryouts

Hey guys, so I’m trying out for my college team this fall and have about a month to get some good training in.

the tryout process is if your awful youre cut the first week, then there is like 6 weeks of training with the team then testing (30m standing, 30m fly, vertical jump, 500m) before fall break where there’s another cut. finally, more training with the team then final cut before the winter season starts

the team gave us circuits to do, a general training set up and a weight lifting routine, but i’ll record what i’ve devised

i’ll need to show the coach i’ll have sub 11 potential if i want to make the team

here’s the general plan for now:

short to long for all aspects, unload on third week of 5 (will be on cruise so only cardio, some higher rep bodybuilding and maybe some plyos), overall increase of volume going into the first week of tryouts

sun->stretching, self-massage
mon->short hills, maxV work, plyos, lifting
tues->distance, circuits, lifting
wed->stretching, self-massage
thurs->testing, circuits, lifting
sat->long hills, circuits

as for supplements, pre workout I’ll take a small bit of creatine, an extra multivit and some arginine mon, tues, thurs and fri and postworkout a weight gainer shake. each morning I will take a multivit and each night zma. i train in the morning and wake up with some v8 and eggs. i have lunch immediately post workout

i haven’t picked out a specific volume for the running yet and plan to do it by feel now that i have a pretty good gauge of my work capacity

right now i’m 5’7" 149 lbs and predict my bench max to be about 210-215 and my parallel squat max to be about 325. my 30m from a 3 pt is 4.0x (from video off m first movement) and vertical is mid 30’s in. idk what my 500m or my flying 30 are

my goals for this month are to hammer down some mechanics and really up my general fitness. some numbers to hit (but i won’t be overly concentrated on) are sub 4 for the 30m, over 3 feet for the vertical, adding 5-10 lbs of muscle, bench back to 225, squat to 350 and flying 30m to 3 sec. no idea what ill run a 500m in but based off my 400m at least sub 1:30

any comments, qeustion or advice would be appreciated

past journal ->

sat july 16

-got back from track camp this past week, most work on ROM and dorsi-flexion. will start training tomorrow

How’s the track program?

Maybe the coach is the one who needs to go to a tryout. If you need to show sub 11.0 potential the fact that a 500m run is part of the evaluation is nebulous.

The conversion charts I have indicate that your 100m potential (obviously assuming that all relevant components are in place, MaxV, Speed Endurance, etcetera) range from 10.40 to 10.76 based upon 30m ranging from 4.00 to 4.09. Clearly, the closer the distance gets to 100m the higher the correlation; however, you still have some idea as to potential.

“If it’s ever 3rd & 300, just take me out of the game.” -Brian Cushing


d1, best 100m guy around 10.6x and the worst around 11.1x. it’s an ivy so while a couple guys go to the ncaa championships each year theres not much depth so guys like me can get on the team :-p haha

the coach i think is with the us virgin islands team right now so as far as rep goes his is pretty good. since he knows i’m a short sprinter the 500m wont read too much into whether i make the team or not. i think its just a team wide shj type of thing to see fitness

here’s the predictor i found online -> ironically one day in the same day I ran a 4.14 for 30m yet 6.40 for 50m :confused:

and my best 30m is closer to 4.09 but even my 55m was never very impressive (6.89) so i think its both maxV and SE that are issues. most of my training through the summer and fall was weights and plyos so i guess its no surprise what my strength in the race is

haha, i agree, but since its tryouts and i gotta make the best impression I at least gotta show I can survive it

sun july 17

weigh in -> 145

elliptical to warm up
static stretching
self-massage (hands for joints, rolling stick for muscles)

-no surprise I lost weight, at camp I ate less than usual, wasn’t able to lift and spent a lot of time moving about in the sun

As is typical from a weights and jumps heavy program. There you have it then, maxV and SE

Get bigger, stronger, while getting fitter and I promise you can milk that cow for the next 2 years at least. I have seen it many times!!!

If you were driving a car I would say you are going from 3rd gear to 5th gear. You are not reaching maxV.

haha, at least i know what i need to work on. unfortunately maxV is hard to improve and SE training isn’t supposed to be worked on specifically this early in the season (if I’m not mistaken) so I will have to hope mechanics work and conditioning will do its charm until I’m in season and get more specific

that’s the goal! though I was repping more than 2x my bw to parallel last fall and was probably a high 11 runner at that point so i’m not sure i need much more strength for how slow i am. I think my main problems are mental and mechanical but I’m sure I can still see huge gains with very general training

if I had more maxV I’d be ecstatic, what do you recommend for finding this 4th gear? my in-race problem seems to be excessive backside mechanics, but in training session once I get upright my stride rate just plummets, even if I’m not trying to extend my stride or anything :confused:

mon july 18

-dynamic warm up w/ backflip and 1 human flag each added
-static stretching
-10x20m grass hills 3pt w/ spikes r: 2’
-50 contacts plyos (~5 broad, 9 standing triple, 7 vertical, 5 single leg leaps, 5 depth jumps, 5 hurdle hops w/ post-accel, 15 llrr hops)

-jump rope
-monday lifting
-static stretching

-felt good to be working hard again. warm up was much more extensive than I was used to and the lifting used higher reps for legs than I’ve been doing lately. lifting four times a week again will take a little getting used to
-did reps of sprinting by feel, began to feel a bit burnt at 10 so I stopped. used the “z” cue from the camp by thinking about bringing my toe to my knee. felt great on several reps. made sure to hit triple ext. and to exhale at initial push off then hold breath

Keep this in mind, you must do what you must do.

There are no “absolutes” when it comes to when you can work on certain sprint abilities with the proviso that the prerequisite abilities are in place.

Obviously maxV must precede speed endurance when maxV isn’t high enough yet. So you are free to address the maxV work as early as you want specifically because you aren’t currently fast enough for it to be “risky”.

We’ve already established that your 30m ability is more than sufficient to go sub 11 when maxV and speed endurance are in place; which they are not. Thus, it is in your interest to address maxV in the short term and not wait until some arbitrary point in the season.

If you’re ready you’re ready.

Begin your sessions with some block starts and short accels to get the volume you need to compliment the volume you won’t get with maxV and don’t be afraid to insert some speed endurance in low volumes one session a week.

The lower your level of speed the sooner you can address abilities that a very fast runner will have to wait for due to their output levels.

More speed is almost always the key; the difference lies in what each individual must do in order to develop it.

What kind of running were you doing??? I know guys who have gotten bigger and stronger while doing nothing but hills-sleds-mod to high ext tempo and bb weights. Don’t make this harder then it is!!!

Mon: 2x4x30 sleds+lb wts
Tue: ext tempo 400’s+ub wts
Wed: 3x3x50 hills
Thur: active recovery
Fri: 2x4x30 sleds+lb wts
Sat:ext tempo 200’s+ub wts

You could do the above program for months and get great development for the lower level sprinter

i haven’t thought about it like this before. that makes a lot of sense. my long hils day hits se and shorter hills day is low enough volume i could definitely fit in some top speed work. on my testing day each week i wil be practicing 30m fly so thatll cover top speed (i’ll vary from a 15m to a 30m lead-in)