Training for Tryouts

as would make sense for the type of rnner i am, mostly shorter stuff, my past journals are around on the site somewhere… haha. though i did fit in flys and such at some point, just i think the overkill i did on the weights inhibited that development

my set up for his month does look somewhat similar to your example setup, though i like james’s idea on adding some maxV devel

You need to make clear that your 30m time is handtime not FAT/touchpad which equals your 100m time.

it’s not handtime, i took hd video with a flipvideo camera and used a frame by frame timer starting from my first movement to when my chest crosses the 30m mark. it’s accurate to about the .03

Please post that vid it would help…

Forget about backside mechanics I suggest they are the result of frontside mechanics, the faster the leg moves the longer it will take to recock for next stride. If you watch the feet of some top 100m runners then 1000m runners and compare the cycle you should see what I am getting at. I will suggest your are popping up too early.

Are these “try outs” to make your college Track Team? Or football team?
I have never heard of Try Outs for college Track teams here in Aust. - NO such system bursting with people here! At least not where i have seen.

ill be doing testing on thursday and will be taking video, i’ll try to get something up then. i believe my best was a 4.08 and my worst was almost 4.3, which that variation isnt too strange considering my 100 ranged from 11.3-12.1 and my 200 from 22.8 to in the 24’s

hopefully i wont be too sore from the new program to run a good time, haha

i guess the problem with my backside stuff is more when i end up with anterior hip tilt so my heels get way up behind me like around my butt

i was actually thinking the contrary with the popping up, i tend to exit the blocks at a decent angle (see the pro pic) but then dont get much more upright through at least 40. i was thinking maybe upright earlier would prevent overstriding or at least get my hips in a better position

the “tryouts” are for track, but that’s really just what the coach calls them. essentially, for fall training he allows potential walk-ons to train with the team and cuts them as he sees necessary until the proper roster size is reached. approx. 10-20 people of the fall roster of about 90 will need to be cut

tues july 19

-functional warm up
-1 mi run

-jump rope
-circuits A
-weights tues
-static stretching

-quads are pretty sore, couldn’t do full range one legged squat. minor doms in lower glutes and triceps, lower back a bit sore too
-work tends to have a higher volume of LI stuff and a lower volume of HI stuff than i’ve been used to so I’m feeling more muscle and cardio exhaustion than that burnt out feeling I’ve come to know, haha. I’m sore but don’t feel overtrained
-day off tomorrow, hopefully i can shake off the soreness so i can do my testing thursday somewhat fresh (i plan to do 3x30m 3 pt, 3x30m fly 15m build up, 10xstanding vertical, 1x500m standing). i will do taping and try to get times/measurements for at least half)

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I’m sorry, but that is crazy! 90 poeple is too much for one guy, but, at collage, what about setting up an Apprenticeship system with the “human movement” or similar study field. And train everybody. Crazy!

Sorry I cannot find the pro pic in either this or the last journal.

hmm, check my profile? i have it uploaded as my profile picture ->

that is cool, maybe ill look into it for next summer!

i believe the final roster is about 70, but that includes all event people and 20 or so distance kids from xc. and there are several coaches along with the head coach that are more specialized: a sprint and hurdle coach, a jumping coach, a throwing coach, a distance coach yadda yadda.

Nope can’t see any pics

Top left hand corner of the screen when you follow that link. IT’s only a tiny pic. It’s just under his Name.
He is coming out of the blocks.

I had to log in on the profile page to see it, a conventinal start. I will wait for the vid.

i’m actually kind of confused to why my profile picture doesn’t show up on my posts, haha. i don’t know why it doesn’t. in the video i will be going out of a 3 pt stance because i don’t own any blocks, though if i dig around i can probably find older videos of me exiting the blocks