lower back underdeveloped

Maybe its normal but it doesn’t look like it. My lower back has this big dip in it. Its kinda funny looking to me cuz its a tuft of hair growing in it like a garden crater. Anyways I am not sure why its so stubborn. THe reason I think that I am not hitting it well enough is compounded by the fact it has this “stingray” appearance from behind (flat with love handles):o

I’m 38; 5’10; and about 178lbs.
Perhaps the love handles are making it look worse but I laugh at myself when I see it.
ANy suggestions?
For the record, I don’t have problems developing my glutes with deads, squats, and leg press work. BUt the back crater makes the small belly flat in the front and the sides standout even more. HAHAHA

Do you squat & deadlift regularly and heavy? If not, you should be challenging yourself regularly with 5 and 3 rep maxes.
You could also try reverse hypers for 3x8-10 reps after you’ve finished your main exercises. Another exercise I’ve seen specifically for the spinal erectors is this:

try seated good mornings!!

also, when i was having lower back problems, i did these seated decline sit up things… kind of hard to explain… get into a decline bench and put your feet into the leg holders (make sure your shins are straight up and down) then lower your body as if you were doing a static ab hold … and then just arch your back and release 10-20 times.

It made my back feel great and strengthened my abs at the same time. I think my back rounded slightly at the bottom of my squat, and doing that exercise instantly helped that too by strengthening my posture.

first of all, thanks to both of you. I do know which exercise you refer to by the way. Hadn’t thought of it.
What about the sides (handles). Is that just stubborn due to age?

Sounds like tight hip flexors pulling at your lower back?

Would also see about getting your body fat tested. 7x site using calipers vs the electronics scales. Sounds like fat on your obliques?

Sounds like tight hip flexors pulling at your lower back?

Would also see about getting your body fat tested. 7x site using calipers vs the electronics scales. Sounds like fat on your obliques?

read about the spot reduction myth. thats just a sign that you have some excess bodyfat. everyones body has a “program” for where it stores fat, and where it depletes it from. with some dieting, the handles will go away

Nope not age related. At 37 I got down to pretty low body fat. Not sure how much but I had some decent vascularity on my stomach and rib cage… It CAN BE DONE. You need to eat right every day. Do tempo work until you hate it… I did pretty intense weight training 4-5x per week for 30-45 min. I think cutting the junk food out helped me alot. I ate the same thing every day I got tired of it but it worked… Check out Clarance Bass’ “ripped” on amazon. Some good tips on his book.

yes - and “typically” it’s -
males = belly
and females = thighs and arms

I get everything that is being suggested and it makes sense. Except for Bold’s statement. How does tight hip flexors correlate to what I described initially?

I guess it depends on what you mean by “a big dip in it”
I have seen people with a Dip in their Lower back - one of the hip flexors originate from the Lower back - tightness in it, causes the lower back to be pulled forward, also for the Hip alignment to pull the front of the hips Down, and the back of the Hips Up - thus causing a Funny Shape in the lower back - and also if left for a long time, an underdeveloped lower back due to the back muscles not being in good range of motion to be used effectively.

Tis only a guess though. But i do see it daily

I guess, he means excessive anterior tilt. If this is the case, other areas to pay attention to are hamstrings and abdominal muscles and hip’s external rotation muscles, since they start providing more pelvic stability than they are supposed to (e.g., abducted angle gait).

Correct - but say that to somebody who has never heard the term before = Blank stare back at you :eek:

took a bit of a vacation. Happy to all that this applies to.
If I were to see a PT how would I describe this problem or help guide their assessment of my issue. Its quite interesting that you bring up hip flexors. I have begun having some serious locking up in my right hip flexor. Not certain if this has anything to do with anything at all.

A good PT will find out anyway.
Ask for a Postural assessment from a PT who performs them regularly (ask around for PT)
He should then be able to find out the cause and help fix the issue through Exercise and maybe some Foam rolling.

thanks Bold and everyone else.

I thought it was speed of bar not load.