Intensive Tempo

So the question now is do you have a problem with this “controlled speed work” in GPP if it replaces a speed day?

I don’t see why there is one when there is recovery in between sessions as there would be when you replace a speed session. Maybe you prefer this when you plan on a longer GPP?

I will be doing a mod version of your gpp graphs follow by a mod version of the spp graphs. GPP will only be 7 weeks, I’m wondering would it be beneficial to have 2 speed/1 controlled speed day vs 3 speed days since I am a lower level sprinter (10.6-10.7) and will spend all winter indoors? My controlled speed days may look something like this: 6x200 rest 4mins, 6x180 rest 4mins, or 300-250-2x200 etc.

No reason why you couldn’t adopt a plan like that. You need to adjust to what’s best for you specifically.

Not sure if you answered this question before, but did your training group do any of this controlled speed work in gpp or did you prefer to keep things short speed and ext tempo since there gpp was only 3-4 weeks?

just curious, what do the >'s mean?

i think he means a progression (with a shorting of distances)

over a period of weeks or in one workout?

The 6x___ is the day’s workout. The different distances are not used all in one day as the volume would be criminally high.

yeah, thats what i was thinking, thank you for explaining:cool:

I like this approach. It seems like in week 8 you are introducing speed endurance, or at least beginning to bridge towards it, yet in week 12 that quality doesn’t seem to have progressed. That said, you haven’t listed all your recoveries. How is speed endurance developed as you go on? (If you can remember, I appreciate this is a 4 year old post!)

I don’t know why the rules get so confusing but they do and I am finding that people get lost with how they are supposed to train or they never knew in the first place? Which is it?

First and foremost you need to address the individual in such a way that the rules are used but they don’t take priority over what works for the athletes.