Chris6878's journal.

Both, I was thinking 11.0-.1 and 23.2…

lol When I say I jogged that 200 I mean I jogged. I ran 22.5 at practice on wednesday. The 100 to tell you the truth I always open at about that, but I think im a lil faster know because of the gpp I had this season. But we will see.

That’s fine but did you jog because the 200 was easy (bolt style) or because you were tired?

I was tired before I even ran the 60. Just was a weird day. One of those days when it seems you cant get enough oxygen. I just didnt have it that day.

bp-4,2,2 225,245,245 2sets of 135 and 185 for warmup
pull down, row 3x8 pushups in between sets

5x100,5x200 on grass.

spec end
planned workout
3x10 3x20 bs
2x200 bs

I felt good during the 10s and 20s.
I ran the first 200 in 22.9. I didnt get into my relaxation like I wanted, but it felt easy. I was ready to put one down on the second rep. I made the mistake of talkin instead of putting my clothes back on. Next rep 15 mins later I caught a cramp in each calf on the curve coming out of the blocks. Damn I was ready to roll. The 200m fear is now gone. I tried to wait another 10 mins to try and run but I still felt the cramps.

Med ball
10x over head.

Weight room- only had time for cleans
pcleans-3,3,2,1,1,1 135,185,225,225,225,245

I wanted to do 3,3,2,2,2 but the damn bar I had was fuckin up my wrists. When I got to 225 I couldnt roll the bar. So I switched to a better bar. The 225 was cake. I went to 245 just see if I still had it. Im felling good. I have gone from 178 last week to 172 this morning. No loss of strength yet. Im getting there!

You should come to Houston for the Victor Lopez meet then we could hit the streets after the meet. Tha Block is Hott!

lol And the plane ticket is steep. I do got a boy out there. Whats yall weather lookin like

High 70’s-low 80’s…

how the hell is texas hotter than us. damn it

Let’s make it hotter. I got clearance for the meet today, the coach said it’s not a fast track.

What u gonna run? What times you plan to run?

What times I’m gonna run? I’m not god… Open up with 10.8-10.9 and 22.5-22.6. BTW, I’m going to be in a heavy training phase during this time period.

I know you not god thats why I said what times you plan to run. But judging by the level of comp at that meet you shoudld be able to get a good time in.

No, you asked what times I’m gonna run… Plan and gonna is slightly different… lol

5x100. Cold and windy. Abs


5x100 warm up
HC 5,4,3,3 135,135,185,185
BP 8,5,3,3 135,185,225,225

Huh, 4x4 for squats?? Why the major increase in volume when you have a meet coming up next week?

My bad. I meant 2x4

Meet saturday. 4x1 100 and 200

Speed 2x30 3x50 bs
abs and massage
no weights

5x100 3x150
pull down-row.2x8
pushups 2x50

2x30 bs
1x100 relaxed 50 kinda hard on the curve
pclean- 2x2x225
stretch abs


Meet day.
Ran the 4x100 second leg. felt good. I thought I would have some time to recover but I was wrong. I thought I had 2 events before the I was wrong. it was 4x1 then 400 then 100. So I ended up cramping in the 100.Ran about 30meters and stopped. Plus the -6.0 wind didnt help.