Bolt NOT SI's Sportsman OTY

Derek Jeter

Never ever heard of the guy! :rolleyes:

American journalists are ridiculous sometimes…Jeter is a great player…but…no comparison.

How ridiculous, Jeter is the media’s darling and although a great player, did not deserve this award, Bolt hands down. It just shows you that Track and Field is the Rodney Dangerfield of sports, gets no respect.

Really it should be Tiger Woods’ wife, as she definitely has a better swing than Jeter. The lacerations on Tiger’s face prove it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to go through a whole discussion with my wife on not to try to pull me out of an SUV via the back window. The driver’s side door would work perfectly.

Driver’s side door: Good.
Driver into the side door: Bad

No way in hell is a track guy winning an award given by a US magazine in a non-Olympic year.

Somehow Mary Decker Slaney won it in 1983, but SI since its founding has gotten a narrower and narrower focus. It’s pretty much football/basketball/baseball now.

SI probably presume that to the vast majority of their readers any American baseballer would help their sales more than any foreigner playing any minority sport. I suspect it was a cynical commercial decision. But what they should understand is that ultimately it belittles their award, their brand and therefore their sales too.

No one cares about track in the USA…including most of the kids who actually run track.

Or the kids who should be running but play football.

So true. At least in my backyard.:frowning:

I see what you mean…

Unless I missed somebody, the only non-US winners since 1973 were Koss (shared with an American), Gretzky (in the NHL, which practically makes him an honorary American to SI), and at least one member of Athletes Who Care (Keino), who shared it with numerous Americans. I imagine Koss got it because they wanted Blair to get it, and then they figured they had to honor Koss if they honored Blair.

For Bolt to have won it, as a foreigner, and a track athlete, in a non-Olympic year, he would have had to run the 100m in about 7.50 and set the world record in the shot put.