best nervous system booster

i have tried a lot of different supplements, but no one seems capable to “wake up” me when i feel tired, or syply when i look for some extra mental energy.

i have DMAE, l-tyrosine and caffeine. how can i mix this ingredients?

wich other supplements could help me?


The only things that’s been working for me is mixing 200mg of caffeine with 500ml of chocolate milk(never been able to replace this secret weapon. maybe casein+sugar is creating a powerful energy pool) pre-training.

All the other things, tyrosine included have never did anything I can notice.

The drawback I have found with this mix is that you are working with “borrowed” energy and you’ll have to pay the price later.

actually i am in an hypertrphy phase, a kind of heavy duty training.

i use this as preWO
20gr maltodex
5gr bcaa
5gr glutamine
5gr taurine
3gr creatine mixed with potassium and sodium bicarbonate.

this is intended to be an “energy” preWO, but sometime i even need to shock my NS

Heavy duty training.

Mike Mentzer style? are you an HIT jedi?

Caffeine 150-300mg depending on your tolerance.

Tyrosine 3-5g with the caffeine.

Not sure about the DMAE–probably not going to make as much of a difference as the caffeine+tyrosine combo.

Just make sure you take the caffeine and tyrosine together as in studies it isn’t very effective on its own and personal experience would agree with that, but it is synergistic when combined with caffeine.

So true…

not at all, just trying some different stuff.

3-5 gr? seems a lot to me…

Not a lot at all. Look at what the studies show to be effective.

Energy/Mental Booster Supplement are effective only with an almost fully recovered/not stressed CNS.

this is intresting but what do you think if no supplements has any effect on me?


Honestly… 8-9hrs sleep. :smiley:

Sorry I could not resist. I got a serious buzz off of Biotest Spiked… I felt great but it burned me out. After about 2hrs I felt beat.

Couldn’t have said it any better. I use Red Bull for racing (only), but I’ve done some tests with KellyB’s online reaction time thing.

Good sleep tops EVERYTHING.

BTW, I’ve done the same test with John Smith’s weights first for stimulus. The HSI approach makes my reaction slower.

And there is no substitute.

I’ve found earplugs, a totally dark room and background Brownian noise to be helpful.

Brown noise helps me get to sleep and not be bothered by other sounds that might occur.

In fact, if I don’t get enough sleep, no supps do me any good. The dose of caffine that gets me jacked up when I’ve slept well does very little when I haven’t.

Dosage and timing?

would things like this be taken directly before track work, or directly before lifting weights?

depends… what is the goal?

Just to note, it isn’t always the best idea to take a ton of stims before every workout. It can be good sometimes, but doing it too much and/or too often will hurt your recovery and dull some of the effects over time.

#1 goal is to get faster. 110, 300 hurdles.